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Oh Joy

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Finally, i've decided to get rid of my friendster account. I've been going back and forth deciding whether i should keep it or not. On one hand, there are still some really good and honest testimonials which i enjoy reading but then on the other hand, nobody uses friendster anymore. I barely check it anymore nowadays.

So as of today! it is gone. Bye. It's been good. Enjoyed all the profile stalking i did back in the days hehe...

have you still got your friendster?


  1. Blogger ★ whoaamello ★ said:

    Haha yeahhh, YOU KNOW ME.

    BTW, kudos to killing off Friendster. TOOK YOU LONG ENOUGH! =D

  1. Blogger deaf-knee said:

    see if only gregor had friendster :)

  1. Blogger ★ whoaamello ★ said:

    WHOO!! =D Thanks for the comment you wrote me. Does that mean...

    I'M BACK?!!? haha.

  1. Blogger Sms Heart said:

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  1. Blogger hanna said:

    I totally forgot about friendster!
    I just deleted a Tagged account though?

    lol daphne, if gregor had friendster, you would be in his list of 'people who viewed your page'!

  1. Blogger Sms Heart said:

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