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22 Years Young. Not Old. Remember That

Thursday, March 05, 2009

For normal people like you and i, last Sunday would have been just like any other sunday in the year. But not for Marks ( my housemate). It was his birthday. And when you have birthdays.. what do you get? CAKE! FREE CAKE!!

Mahan, one of his batchmate came over and brought a cake bought straight from secret recipe. Oreo cheesecake and it was delish!
22 years of age. That's how old we're all going to be this year. Time sure pass really quick. Just 3 years ago i came to kl for my studies and look where i am now! Getting close and closer to being a working man!Speaking of which, it's getting quite late and i'm hungry. Frankly speaking, i've been hungry since 5 pm just now. That's why i couldnt take my evening snack, i was just too hungry.

Today im just going to cook some sausages. Am just too lazy to cook something fancy. Plus i've been having this back ache for a week now. Been to the doctor twicem hopefully it's nothing serious.Feel so old. 22 only. how can. But i still feel young at heart. like a high schooler. How awesome it would be if i was given a chance to be back in high school for just one day. I'll definitely get myself to all sorts of trouble. What for study? im going to be an engineer d!


  1. Anonymous Anonymous said:

    yummy!!!sedapnyer cake.so gud of me :p hehe

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