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The Rearview Mirror Shows The Town We're Abandoning

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ever since i got my camera i've been taking pictures of everything almost non-stop. It practically follows me almost everywhere i go.
Some many weeks ago like i have mentioned, a bunch of went had a photography session near ipoh. We visited Kellie's Castle and an old abandoned tin dredge not too far away from each other
I've been busy with things and with exams but today i have finally been able to finish off with all the editing.
I'd like elaborate more on how the trip went but it'll bore you guys because we didn't do anything else besides taking mountain loads of pictures.
One thing for sure though, it was a pretty fun trip. We spent 3 hours at Kellie's Castle and i din even feel it. Time passed by so fast because i was having so much fun taking pictures and learning how to take better pictures.
You see, the true joy of taking pictures is not actually just randomly pressing the shutter buttons every now and then. It's the the time u spend composing and accessing your surroundings, checking out all the light sources and settings the shutter speed and aperture size and everything else and once you got a great picture, it'll be all worth it.
I thought i was pretty much well versed with my camera when i started this trip. I was wrong. The earlier pictures taken were either overexposed, underexposed or out of focused.

It seems like there is a dslr craze going around here. First it was chen who got a camera, then one of my batchmate. then another, then now Tan too has one. Pretty crazy
I'm done talking and blabbering now. I'll let the pictures do all the talking.

Anyways, for more pictures just visit my photoblog. jokeserv.fotopages.com . ok ok?

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Here's Proof

Thursday, October 23, 2008

To prove to you im not dead, here's another short post.

I am once again back in class and tomorrow's exam but here i am back to my usual self of procrastinating. Boo.

Life's been good. As a matter of fact it's been pretty good. Have been experiencing new things as of late which are all good experiences. Hope it lasts cos i am diggin them. woot.

need to go back to my studies to bye bye.


I Almost Forgot!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I know i haven't been updating much. In fact, i haven't been updating for almost two weeks and for those who actually bothers might have thought that im on another hiatus. You are far very wrong. I am just busy with studies and my fotoblog. yes my fotoblog got more stuff than here.

bye bye. will update this week. i need to study


Flashy Fun

Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's a freaking epidemic i tell you. I just found out there's two more friends of ours who have just gotten themselves DSLR cameras. Too bad for them theirs are Sony. Mine's a Nikon. The far better kind of course...

So last night chen and i decided to visit Roger who got himself a Sony alpha200 just a few days ago. I was pretty curious. I've been wondering whats the fuss with all the sony cameras. Apparently they're very famous here in malaysia and their marketing campaign is really good.

Its not bad although i feel nikon is still far more superior in its build and design but who am i to judge? i may be biased towards nikon since i only own a nikon! lol

Later on that night we did a little experiment with Chen's external flash.
So that's it. This saturday we're paying Old Ipoh a visit. Planning to visit Kellie's Castle and the old Kapal Korek somewhere there. Hopefully i get good pictures. There's still loads to learn. Anyone willing to sponsor me a new lens and flash??

You can view the rest of the pictures on my photoblog. Please comment. please. Jokeserv.fotopages.com



Tuesday, October 07, 2008

While waiting for my pictures to arrive ( within this week i hope) i figure it'll be fun posting random pictures of random things as fillers here.

Why is the mail so slow? Can someone tell me?

And one more thing. I've been obsessed with this song during the weekend. I spent the whole saturday afternoon learning to sing and play this song and now i can! Woooo just 2 more months till Christmas!


Oh Wait Not Another BBQ Post

Monday, October 06, 2008

oh but it is..

Anyhoo, some many weeks ago during the fasting month my batchmates organised a buka puasa barbeque party at their place which was like a 5 minute drive from my place

I've had many bbq posts before this so i'd spare you the food since they're pretty much always the same. Instead, i'll just how pictures of people from the party. That's my geng up there... adi shufi marzuki badri and I'ru. They were drinking sarsi of course.

Then after all the makan some of them decided to play some firecrackers. This is the only shot i got of them playing the fireworks since they ran out of it pretty quick.
That's chen my housemate who was the first of the lot to get a Dslr. And at the back are everyone else enjoying their foooood
Then there's Afiq who happens to be the second person buying a Dslr. Look at him shooting a picture of me shooting a picture of him shooting a picture of me shooting a picture of him shooting a picture of me........
Oh hai. that's Alif. I just want to make fun of him in this picture. He's messed up. He's from penang and owns the biggest nasi kandar chain in whole of Malaysia. Actually no he doesnt, but i sure wish he did. Then i'd be able to eat for free!
Oh look its me on a bike taking a picture. Now that's what i call Multi-tasking.

Chen took this picture btw... obviously. We're like the three muskeeteers now, but instead of shooting ppl with lead, we shoot ppl with a d40.
That is I the Great BMX stunt person that ever lived.

And finally the obligatory jump pictures!

So after eating and drinking a bunchload i headed home and continued on with my life. Now i just have to wait for another year for another bbq like this. 

sigh.. im already getting hungry.

Owh, you can have a look at the rest of my pictures over at my photoblog, Jokeserv.fotopages.com. don't forget to comment!


Not Now Chief

Friday, October 03, 2008

Apparently kevin still own most of the camp pictures so last night, being a good friend that he is, he managed to send me a bunch of them through msn. Plus, internet was being a dear as well, they got through freakingly unstreamyxlike fast! After seeing them pictures and noticing how much we've changed ( we all looked so much skinnier, darker and had crappy hair) i can't wait till i get my hands on all them. MUAHAHAHA *grinz*

So last night i found this picture of me being in the zone and all, doing what i did best back in the camp. Aerobics yaw. HAha the best aerobics ever truth betold. Who would have thought dancing to Phua Chu Kang - SARS rap would be so Goddamn awesome.
Everyone else was in the zone too.. look look! Omg look at how seykia-ish everyone looked! I can't stop laughing at the pics.

Oh.. wait.. i've got more!! Lo and Behold!

thank you thank you i've laughed enough thank you bye bye



Thursday, October 02, 2008



This is pretty random but a few months back i accidentally lost a folder full of old high school pictures and now i have this sudden crave for my AGC pictures. I lost the cd sometime back so now im wondering whether there's anyone who still owns it. If you do please leave a comment here and you'll definitely make my day.

ok? ok?

I'll be eternally grateful! It's AGC 2003 btw, the best AGC EVERRR