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Hi, Name Saya Ed. Ed 209

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I doubt anyone remembers this but here is Ed 209 from the Robocop movies back in the days. I barely remember how the movies went, but all i can think is robocop stalking his wife and eating baby food every now and then.

this post isnt really about robocop or any half human half robot dude but im introducing you guys to my new photoblog at jokeserv.fotopages.com . I'll post just a few pictures here but please go there for more photograpy-ish pictures that i take. Its for fun. You should try. It's fun.


I Am Back So It Seems

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I know i haven't been writing much since i left school 3 years ago but here i am now sitting in my room on a monday afternoon even though i know i am supposed to be at work right now but i am not. I have been feeling like this for a while now. I don't know whats gotten into me but as of late i just have this overwhelming feeling of extreme laziness to do anything at work. It could be because after spending a year doing practicals i finally feel like none of my work is ever appreciated ( it could all just be in my head) but i know i am not the only one. Basically everyone's skipping work these days. The only difference is that i'd go in the morning to sign in then i'd go back to work in the evening to sign out. Others you wouldnt even see them for a certain period of time.

It's almost 3pm right now and im supposed to be back at work at 330 since i've promised my fellow batchmate that we'd be back at the same time. Its raya week so it is really quiet outside. No overly congested roads, dusty air and best of all, almost nobody's at work. I think there could actually be less than 10 apprentices working this week. Better than nothing in my opinion since i thought i would be the only one this morning.

What have i been up to lately? Come to think about it there's been a couple of little things here and there you know? the little things that i'd never really talked about but just so happen i was browsing throught my pictures and realised that i've done them and they would be worth pos
ting here but unfortunately i've not gotten the time to properly edit them yet. Oh ya i've registered a photoblog since i got myself a dslr camera. you'll see the link soon enough.

Speaking of raya week, for one whole week and for the first time ill be at home alone. Its kinda weird after always spending my time at home with at least one person, now the whole house is oh so silent. All i got to do now is plan something during raya because im pretty sure there wont be any overtime and staying at home for one whole day is equivalent to torture. I've spend enough time alone with no one to talk to on my flights to melbourne last week.

Before i forget, i really have to say, Melbourne ROCKED! i din really fully realised it but this morning i was telling my batchmates about it and then it struck me! It was well worth my 2 thousand ringgit spent there! All the little different things that i've picked up here and there and the food and the sceneries and the little adventures and every other things that i've never done here i really really truly enjoyed it much. If only money grew on trees then i'd be traveling every year. Lets hope next year i get to go somewhere.

If i haven't said this yet, then i'd like to thank Yew inn for accompanying me in melbourne and being a responsible bartender for us and of course to daphne for letting us stay over and also her friends especially Valerie's boyfriend for taking me back to daphne's place after i got so pissed drunk i couldnt remember a thing that went down that night. But it was all ghoooood. A good experience. Now i know my alcohol tolerance is pretty much shit.

Be prepared for shit loads of pics yah. I want to go back to work now and sit around and do nothing. That's the life brother!

Here's a picture of a random australian bicycle chick in skinny jeans because a post without pictures is worth a thousand words less than a post with one picture.


Oh Hai

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh hai! if you haven't heard yet i just got back from spending a week in melbourne. It was great. That's all i can say. No words can actually describe how much fun it was being there enjoying my holidays with my close friends and taking heaps and heaps of pictures.

The only problem is right now i left more than half of my pictures on yew inn's comp so i can't really post them up yet. He's gonna mail them to me soon and once i get a hold of them ill post them up here one by one. This trip promises at least 5 posts for the blog. It could mean that im back to blogging. YAH high 5!

So since i have no pictures to offer right now, ill just give you this sweet video of a really good band , Sleeping at last.


Halo Halo Does Anybody Still Reads This?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

this is what i call light art.

And that is my friend mark.



Monday, September 01, 2008

Such clear skies.

only in kuching...