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Washington Beware!

Friday, May 30, 2008

This is hilarious.


Jamestown Story

Monday, May 26, 2008

Today isnt going to be one of my special mixtapes because as of late , i've pretty much lost the will to upload files with my shitty internet. As consolation, ill give you some random albums once in a whileThe Prologue

1. It Will Be Alright (Hallelujah) (4:11)
2. Far Away (3:39)
3. Distant and Faded (Acoustic) (3:48)
4. Come On, Come On (3:20)
5. You’re Going Down (3:49)

they sound something like secondhand serenade or if you're not familiar with them perhaps something like dashboard confessional.



Lo And Behold... The Demotivators

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Darren showed me these this afternoon so i thought i could just pass on the love

Love... can never get enough of it...


Here In My Home

Saturday, May 24, 2008

maybe one day..


I Hate My Roommates

Thursday, May 22, 2008

No. I do not hate my roommates. In fact, i don't have one. I have only housemates but i found this blog dedicated to this particular guy's obnoxious idiotic roommates.




Roastin In The Sun

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Darren's back so i figured to give Kuching a nice little visit last weekend, plus its Wesak Day on monday so this time i'll get a 3 day weekend which to tell you the truth, isnt much at all. Wished i had more time or holidays.

On sunday we ( the gang and i ) had a day trip so sematan so now ill let the pictures do all the talking..


I Could Just Stare At It The Whole Day

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The clock has never been this fun. Wait for my updates on my kuching trip yeah!

just click on the link... trust me


Say It Again

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last night i decided to experiment on how it feels to be a little Fanboy, so i joined The Chens last night for a free show by Marie Digby. We Malaysian do love free things and if it wasnt for it being free, i would have ended up spending the night at home like any other day. Lucky this was free.For those of you who do not know who Marie Digby is, well i wont make you shoot yourself in the head, now that's just negative and mean. I'd suggest googling her or search for her on youtube. That's a better suggestion don't you think?
So right, it was held at One utama with Mix.fm as one of the sponsors and shit and i dunno, waited for quite sometime and got annoyed by the emcees stalling the show by giving out free stuff and shit then once the show actually started people started piling up and shoving each other till i was pushed against the rail and felt a severe migraine coming over me and a tad bit dizzy from looking down too much so after 3 songs i took a rest and bought myself a kite.
A kite for my nephew! not for my. Sheesh. I can't really say much about her since i only listened to 3 songs, but she did sing pretty well, not the best singer out there but nevertheless good enough to be popular. Isn't that how mainstream music is these day. It's a just a popularity contest. HEck, she got famous for playing someone else's song!
Took a bunch of pictures, but they were all too far and too blurry and none of them has a clear picture of her lah. annoying.

I think this is the best picture of the night. diu. I wanna see Damien Rice or even Bright Eyes perform here. Now.. that would be fantastic! Lyrical geniuses


Oh Random Me

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Was thinking of blogging about something but decided strongly against that. Instead, here's some random pics of my work place ( again)

Hangar 2,3 and 4. There you can see an airbus 330 partially docked, and if you squint hard enough, you might be able to see me under it.That is a 777 engine.

the good old OT gang..


Another Filla!

Friday, May 09, 2008

took this test just a minutes ago, out of boredom

Wrath:Very Low

The Seven Deadly Sins Quiz on 4degreez.com

you guys should try it too.


Awesome Pangkor Trip Day 3

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I really need to get this pangkor trip over and done with. So now you know all about my first and second day out in the deep blue sea, so today let's finish it off with my third and last day on the boat.

Sleeping on the boat will never be in my most fond memories if i were ever to look back on life, having the boat rocking up and along with the waves and waking up in the middle of the night realizing that we do not have any life jackets and we were all alone out here ( there was another boat nearby fishing earlier on, so i thought they were gonna stay the night as well).

Woke up pretty early because the waves got quite rough at that time and ended up feeling slightly seasick, but that never did stop our spirits! We continued on fishing and it was a better catch. The fishes were bigger and better and we were able to catch them much faster!

A few hours later the fisherman prepared us with some nice ol' fashion breakfast on a boat. White rice and fresh fish. They tasted good of course, how can they not!?

Around 930 or so we were finally back at Teluk nipah, lacking sleep, shower and food, i was really relieved. Oh, and not peeing for more than 12 hours!
They despatched a motorboat to get all of our stuff off off the boat and finally i was back once again on dry land!!
After spending more than 24 hours out in the sea, i could feel myself rocking up and down with the waves even when i was still on dry land. That, lasted for a day or two. Felt like you were drunk of something.

In the end, all i can say it was a really great once in a lifetime experience for me, something i have never experienced before, but i don't think i'll ever want to go again. I guess fishing's not my thing. After all of it, we went home with one and a half box full of fish, roughly weighing around 15 kilos or so.

Owh, in the midst of all this fishing business, i forgot to mention that last weekend i had another bbq! And this time we had a surprise visit from Cherry.
Small world. Small world


Awesome Pangkor Trip Day 2

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Now let's continue on to the second day of my awesome trip. As i have said on my previous post, we all had to wake up early and pack up our tents and it was all because of this!Yeap you saw that right. It's a small fishing boat my friend had chartered for 24 hours to bring us around a small group of 9 islands around 20 km away from pangkor, aptly known Pulau Sembilan to fish our day away. Yeah, it was all a fishing trip.
I've got to be honest, camping on the beach the night before, was my second time camping in the outdoors but this, not fishing out in the ocean, just plain fishing would be my first in a very very long time. So you could imagine how n00b i was at this and since i made up my mind sort of last minute, i ran out of fishing rods to borrow and ended up buying a whole new cheap set of fishing rod, a reel and accessories necessary for fishing
It was a bit disappointing though, because before it all i was given was the impression that we were going onboard on a real all metal fishing boat with bunks and stuff, a working toilet and kitchen and all, but all we got was this small single decked 10 metre long wooden fishing boat powered by a small diesel engine and having this for a toilet!

I asked the guy where the toilet was and he pointed there at the back of the boat and told me to take out the planks to pee. Never in my life have i ever had to pee right behing a person, out in the open and on a floor thats rocking side to side, which explains why even when i was dying to pee, took me around a minute to finally finish the business.
Fishing takes a lot of patience, and a lot of skills. I have none of those. Ten minutes in i thought i've already caught a fish. My line was becoming heavy and was unable to pull it up. Damn i must have gotten a big fish. I was soo wrong! Every so often if you cast your line far away and reel it in, you're most likely to get your hook stuck on a coral or rock and most of the time you'd end up have to break away the line but after around maybe an hour or so i did finally catch a fish, and two more before i got slightly bored and sleepy! lol.

The fisherman who brought around was a real veteran. he caught numerous fish and he knew very well where the best fishes were. We never did stay at one place longer than 30 minutes.
While the rest of my friends continued on i decided to take a nice little nap, then after that short nap i ate a bunch of snacks since lunch was never given but nevertheless, watching everyone catch their fish made me want to fish somemore. I fished for a bit more but to no avail. Failed to catch anything but it was all alright, wasn't disappointed or anything since i knew everyone was catching fishes more than all of us could eat in a week! heh heh heh

It got really hot during midday and finally taking a toll on some of my friends. The fisherman said that this wasnt peak season so that was why the fishes weren't that big and suggested we could go back to pangkor and fish there. We declined and requested to be brought to one of the islands for a swim.

Honestly speaking, i never really liked swimming in seawater. Too freaking salty la. Yeah a short nice swim later and realized we had no fresh water to wash up. Just a nice towel. It wasn't really a nice feeling, but who's complaining!?
The sunset, was beautiful. The sky suddenly turned all red and the air started to cool off which made everyone more energetic which in turn caused everyone to fish again!
The reason why it was a 24 hour fishing trip instead of just a 12 hour fishing trip was because it was intended for us to experience both day fishing and night fishing, which are two totally different thing. During the day we fished normally whilst at night, we had this florescent lamp shining onto the water to attract fishes and squids. Saw some pretty weird things there. Jelly fish, some water strider insects, tiny fishes, fish which glows in the dark and of course last but not least, big sotong!

Catching them squids is like playing some shooter game . It requires a lot of skill. Even the bait's different!
By 11 almost everyone was exhausted, minus one or two who still insists on getting their money's worth. I was already preparing for bed at about 1130 when one of the fisherman called out saying he's cooked come maggi mee. It was pretty good maggi, considering i was freaking hungry and in the soup there he put some fresh fish!
The night's sleep was really bad. No beds as you can see. Slept on hard wooden floor and no thanks to the rough waves, i had about 4 hours of sleep. definitely less. just being generous.