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" What The Fuck Is Going On, MTF?"

Monday, March 31, 2008

Have you ever turn on the tele, or downloaded an episode of the series lost, and right 15 minutes in, you'd go " Wtf is going on, mtf!?!?!?!?" because of all the so many characters embedded in the show and of course not forgetting all the weird shit you'd get from season one up to season 4 such as the black smoke, that weird 108 minute machine, mechanical monster and what not. I had those moments too and there have been times i almost decided to give it up but knowing its a J.J Abrams production, and knowing that a show coming from him, it will surely be good, i stayed on. And a wise decision it was.

So far out of all the series im watching, im still into lost not just because there's Evangeline Lilly ( who was a model from a show on g4 techtv before) but for the bigger picture. And the bigger picture is what i got.


A friend of mine gave me this LINK in which it basically explains almost everything you need to know on what's going on on Lost up to the current episode of season four. Mind you, its requires heavy thinking but i assure you, after reading this everything's much clearer now!

Unless you're a hardcore fan, the article basically revolves around the idea of time travel and the idea of fate, how when one goes back into time and fate ensures you that you can't die until when you're supposed to. something like that.

enjoy! So go out and grab that LOST dvd box sets thingies!


I've Been Robbed Of Something

Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's a gloomy sunday again and being sick for almost a week, i've slept through most of the day this week literally.

Achievement of the week? Well im glad you asked. 9 newly downloaded albums of obscure and underground american rock bands. How about that!?

Thats just about what happened this week. hope you enjoyed my weekly non-routine blogupdating fun!

sigh. this is boring. i should probably start blogging about fun things i read on the internet like how angelina and brad pitt just got married a glimpse of Sasha Baron Cohen's new Character Bruno at an airport. Now that's what i call entertainment!


I've Got Ten Bucks And Thats All That I Need

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If you havent' figured yet or just plain forgotten about it, i was back in kuching for just the weekend. A short 2 days 2 night trip but it was well worth it! Too bad it was short. Could have done better with 4 days.

Saturday morning was spent shooting 300 thin shelled balls filled with vegetable oil based paint acroos a muddy field.

3 and a half hours later i took a short 30 mins nap, went to shop for groceries and then went to inn's to prepare everything bbq relatedHad fun making the fire and waiting for the pork to cook. What else better than to just drink ( soft drink) while waiting?

Gambled and lost 5 bucks. That was fun

Ended the night with me and Inn going to the airport at 415 am to get my boarding pass! AH! one of the perils of having to use standby tickets!


There Are Better Things In Life Than Alcohol, But Alcohol Makes Up For Not Having Them

Monday, March 24, 2008

The moment i exited the departure hall i noticed these buggers were holding a piece of paper with some writings on it. From the moment i saw that i knew it, they're up to no good. I was bound for some major embarrasment.
It reads

Alcoholis Anonymous Speaker
on the topic : How to not Vomit from Alcohol
23rd March

Mr. Alvin James

"There Are Better Things In Life Than Alcohol, But Alcohol Makes Up For Not Having Them"

That's why you guys are the best. Too bad you're not a bunch of hot chicks...

P.S :One thing though, i do appreciate the effort and all, but i dun get the joke?What's alcohol got to do with me?

To All Mothers!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

To all young aspiring mothers out there, here i've posted some good, REALLY good advice on taking care of your future baby.

Or you could just use some protection.


Thank Technology

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I can finally sing from now on!

I can be just like britney spears or heidi montag. All i need now is some boobs.

I have a very good reason to why i've not been updating my blog regularly lately. Its not because i am lazy or because i've once again lost my lyrical muse, its quite the opposite really. The honest truth is that i've been busy taking serious measures after being told by my friend a few nights ago.

" hey yo mtf you better get your ass well rested before you come jingling them back here in town u feel me muh homie!? You know why u dimwitted fool? you're gonna get one hell of a weekend when you;re down here u feel me? Booze boobs and chicks and tall that. Yo!"

Thats what he said to me. So i've been busy stocking up on sleep to prepare for my amazing trip back to me hometown this weekend.

"fo shizz muthafucka!" was my exact reply to him. That's how we do it back there with the gang. Vulgarity and everything rude is alright.

Before i delve even deeper into my subconscious and conscious soul i have to first and foremost forgive myself and everyone else who actually cares. I don't think ill be putting up anymore mixtapes anytime soon ( maybe once champ's back in jaaappan) because? Why the hell not! its the month of Lent and i;ve got to give up something am i not right ?


Don't Break Hearts

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I've been having classes these..... Wait. i've mentioned that before so i guess i get to skip it! If anyone noticed i didnt do a mixtape this week because having an exam on a tuesday forbids me to do so ( not like anyone downloads them anyway) but rest assured, next week ill be back with a bang!

What's new you ask? Hrmmm nothing actually. In fact, im at the same place right now as was since the last post. All im looking for to is next weekend when my Basic Engineering course finally ends and... me coming back for the weekend for some booze and pork. yea, having another bbq with the buds just like old times (minus some others though) again.

You want to know what's weird about blogging? For me there'll be a week or a few days where i'll just have this bombardment of ideas and a post a day never seem enough and then there days days where ill feel like abandoning this blog. Take for instance this week. I have no idea why but i don't feel like posting anything and this post, im doing it just for the sake of updating.

Folks have no worries! Just like the crazy up and downs of Streamyx internet speeds i shall come back with a vengeance... just not today. I'd actually like to post some pictures but when i think about it, i havent been taking any pictures for like what? a hundred years?

Talking about cameras... i need to remind me to charge my batteries before i go back.

And one more thing before i part. Southland Tales. Is a complete waste of the 2 hours of my life. If it wasnt for that fact that i had so much free time in my class, i would never have watched it through the end.


Election Erection

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Election's over and its all due time for the final results. I've never really been into politics much but everyone knows this year's a historic year for the opposition. From what i can see they've more seats than they've ever won and its all a matter of time before BN will lose their power.

Too bad im not 21 yet, not old enough to vote but i assure you, in 4 years time.. ill not only vote ill be a politician, win and make our county a party nation!!! W00t!


Spider Spider Spider Spider Spider

Thursday, March 06, 2008

and then i found this.


Is True

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

if you haven't heard yet, it IS a serious business! click on the link and enjoy, i found it somewhere just moments ago


Go Getter

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

i just love this video. how cool is it to jam in an igloo!??!


Chapter XXV - Boys Raise Your Glasses Girls Shake Your Asses

Having classes rather than work can only mean one thing. The arrival of a more unhealthy lifestyle and time to say goodbye to my perfectly built body which i have been persistently worked on ever since i started work by lifting heavy aircraft components and using big ass tools even when i don't even need too. ( i especially love the torque wrench, which 500 lb.ft. how can you ever go wrong?)

Hence, this week its all about the greener side of the field. Its all about keeping fit with healthy diet and the most important of all, exercise. To accompany you all while burning those calories i have compiled a modest list of songs to listen to while working out. enjoy

Chapter XXV - Boys Raise Your Glasses Girls Shake Your Asses

The Audition - Edinboro
Every AVenue - This One's A Cheap Shot
Playradioplay! - Loco Commotion
That Was Something - Get Yourself A Switch And Turn Yourself On
Mercy Mercedes - The Perfect Scene
Dirving East - Come On Come On
Secret Lives Of The Freemasons - Chug And Leave
The Morning Of - Let Your Spirit Soar
Automatic Loveletter - The Answer
Valencia - Space Between
Jonezetta - Burn It Down
Over It - Never Get Enough

Work it HERE and HERE


I'd Leap Off Off It If It Was A Bridge

Saturday, March 01, 2008


"I didnt even realise its the 29th today. It feels just like any other day of the year. Miserable.

Now thanks to the miracle of earth's revolution around the sun, we all are gifted with leap years every four years. Meaning? As if 356 wasn't enough, now i have an extra day to dread.One fucking extra day to suffer through this already fucked up life. Fuck that. Fuck life. I'm outta here!"

end quote.

I'd agree to that, IF i was depressed.