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This Corn Is Like An Angel

Thursday, February 28, 2008

finally had my exam today, which turned out to be just fine, although having confusing ambiguous question didn't really help at all. The exam was for phase 1 of my class, which mainly covers trade science, metallurgy, heat treatment and corrosion.

With that over, what better way to reward myself? None other than a good nice movie. Just finished Dan In Real Life starring Steve Carrell.

Good movie. worth watching. Im off to bed.

after i eat. and i found this!



Chapter XXIV - Bring Back Blink 182

Monday, February 25, 2008

Since last week i posted bands or artist who are or were from another band it is only right that this week's mixtape is all about bands that have either broken up or gone into an indefinite hiatus.

Chapter XXIV - Bring Back Blink 182

1. Hidden In Plain View - Halycon Daze
2. Blink 182 - Feeling This
3. The Early November - 1000 Times A Day
4. Midtown - Direction
5. Waking Ashland - Sing Me To Sleep
6. Sunny Day Real Estate - Every Shining Time You Arrive
7. This Day And Age - Day We Started
8. At The Drive In - One Armed Scissor
9. The Format - Faith In Fast Cars
10.Something Corporate - Ruthless
11.Acceptance - Different
12.Adair - The Beginning Of Something New

Download HERE or HERE


I've Lost 5 Pounds And It Was So Easy! And Gained It Back Seconds After

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Having the lack of overtime means having more time in a day to do anything else. I could spend it on studying, but if i did that, then what am i supposed to do later on at night? Besides studying aint cool. Jogging is.

Yea i figured since sitting in a class, in a air conditioned room for more than 8 hours a day isnt really a healthy lifestyle, i thought it'll be nice to balance the not so healthy living with some slightly more healthy living. Suggested to my housemate to jog. And We did.

Been exploring my area and beyong and who would have known, after living here for a year i've only discovered there's a malay restaurant and grocery store just 5 mins walk from my house! My oh my malu i.

Anyway we jogged.
Saw some bootiful flowers and i took pictures of them bootiful flowers.
And further up i took more pictures, obviously.
Mark was jealous, so he wanted to be obscene. tsk tsk
Climbed a hill full of rocks. That rocked!
At the far end you can actually see my house!
While i was posing like a cool dude ( of course i am) we stumbled upon this hidden cave filled with parasitic vampires hibernating just waiting for the sun to set. If you squint hard enough you can actually see them on the cave walls.
Lucky it was still bright so we were not attacted and viciously mauledby those vampires because They're afraid of the sun u see.
Then we played slides. Mark's shy. I slide and he see saw. Then we walked home and makan. yumm

Tomorrow's a new day and a new place to explore. Don't be surprised if i happened to appear in front of your doorstep! ( that includes you over there living overseas!)


Oh The Irony

Friday, February 22, 2008

It's been a week since i finally started my classes after like what,15 months of working down in the hangar. Right now im doing BCAR module 2 : Basic engineering which is actually quite fun and interesting IF i hadn't studied about it when i first start classes 2 years ago, and if it was more detailed than the syllabus i did before. All of that plus an instructor that's not exactly... good makes the whole week pretty dull. Oh before i forget, the bloody course is two weeks long, but we've already finished the book with maximum procrastination!

As of monday, i'll be having classes until somewhere in July, so there goes my social life. Im just hoping i don't fail any subjects since this time, there's essays for each subject. Failing it means you have to resit it which means u have to study it again. AGAIN.

Now im already in third year, 3 more years to go and hopefully im good to go!

One thing before i end this, who'd knew classes would be more tiring compared to working 12 hours a day!?

Oh the irony


I Remember It Like It Was Just 5 Years Ago

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Last night as i was quickly rummaging through my shoebox full of old games, cds and burned dvds in search of movies to transfer into my Creative Zen, i stumbled upon this old cd of mine that i thought was long gone.

At first i took out this dvd which i have written " Lucky Number Slevin" and " Snatch". Knowing these two are good films, i decided to copy them. Unknowingly, in the cover there was another cd, with the words " Pueh" written on it. Pueh? Hrrmmm sounds awfully familiar. Pictures i once thought i have lost has finally returned from the dead

They are pictures from Prefects leadership camp back in 2003 that i attented amongst other for fours and lower sixers.

If i remember everything corrrectly ) which i really doubt) the whole camp was 3 days two nights long. We left on a friday afternoon ( those who were involved were given permission to go home after recess, pack up and come back after lunch) and ended on a sunday evening.

I don't remember much about the activities there. Im sure there were plenty but only a few comes to mind. For example the group naming session. Kaizen was our group name. Its japanese for something i do not remember. And related to that, i clearly remember the Trainer a.k.a as Hogan kicking the shit out of us verbally. Stupid questions after stupid questions was bombarded at us until our group leader almost broke down and cry ( i think?) I of course being the gentleman that i am, stepped into the picture and saved the day!

Meals there weren't half bad either, the only downside was the we didnt have any tables. So it was pretty awkward most of the time. And yeah, we had to wash our own dishes! Where's the humanity!!?!?!?!

The mornings were greeted with aerobics and a 4 km run. That pretty much sucked considering the fact that all of us were half dead anyway.

Many many activities later came the Grand Finale! We were made to design a floating raft which would be able to carry us all. Everyone of us. Including the trainers! We argued, agreed, got angry, got annoyed and hours later, we got our blueprint done!

The next day was our day or wreckoning. Carrying empty barrels and planks across the beach under scorching sun isnt the most fun thing you could do, but the camaraderie we experienced was almost priceless.

Then the end finally came. And boy! were we relieved! Some nonsense here and some bullshit there by the trainers, insincere apologies from them, us not giving a shit here we finally gave our thanks and shook hands with everyone.

All in all, it was actually quite a good camp. Fun in a sense that most of the lower sixers are new, so we pretty much made new friends here and there. Had good friends over too, Yew Inn, Theodore and Lai jeng was there too, which made the whole experience ten tims better!

And oh, ill never forget the day brian left early, and forgot to return the room key back to me ( i was the ketua kampung). That scared the shit out of me. Nobody wanted to confront HOGAN!


Chapter XXIII: The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose

Monday, February 18, 2008

It is once again a Monday and of course what more can you ask from a Monday beside the obvious mixedtape? Nothing more!

This week's theme is another simple one. Each and every artist featured were from another band or they're just doing a solo project. That's all.

Chapter XXIII: The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose

Circa Survive - Kicking Your Crosses Down (ex- Saosin)
The Color Fred - Hate To See You Go (ex-Taking Back Sunday)
City And Colour - The Girl (Alexisonfire)
Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home (Thrice)
The Almost - Dirty And Left Out (ex-Underoath)
Chuck Ragan - The Boat (ex-Hot Water Music)
Cassino - American Low (ex-Northstar)
Jon Foreman - The Cure For Pain (Switchfoot)
Glen Hansard - Falling Slowly (The Frames)
We Shot The Moon - Upon Waking She Found Herself A Cougar (ex-Waking Ashland)
The Reign Of Kindo - Needle & Thread (ex-This Day And Age)
Angels & Airwaves - Sirens (ex-Blink 182)

Download HERE or HERE


Strange Wilderness

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Watch the trailer! this movie's gonna be great la. cant wait


I'm Coming Home

Contrary to the above title, i am as a matter of fact, NOT coming home anytime soon. Maybe in a month or so, but not within these few weeks. Sorry in advance if i've gotten your hopes up too high.

Valentine's Day was just a couple of days ago and guess how i spend it!? I worked until 10pm doing freaking sealant on the aircraft! The irony is, even though we had to finish it that night, we still needed to spend another day (friday) repairing the crappy sealant ( done by the other crew). Well, what a good way to end me OJT?

Speaking of that, friday's my last day of practicals as of Monday, ill be starting classes again. After spending almost a year and a half stuck down here in the hangar abandoned like unwanted kids.

Nai Chen's in Kl for the week so i met up with him today. Picked him up then went to midvalley to catch a movie ( jumper ) which turned out to be not so great and sending him to church later on in the evening and finally hung out at my brothers place then after dinner i am blogging now at home.

Just like that.

Chapter XXII - Your Skin Was Appealing Wallpaper, Now Your Skin Is Just Peeling Wallpaper

Monday, February 11, 2008

Today i was very much involved in the act of the restoration and maintaining the serviceability of an aircraft's semi-monocoque skin, in layman's term, just simple corrosion preventative measures because we all know, *adds reverb* Corrosion Is Aviation's NUMBER 1 ENEMY!!!

On a similar note, valentine's day is just around the corner and just like every other valentine's that i have spent, i always like to do something extra special, with a dash of love on the sides for my special someone. Since all of you trillions of loyal readers i really do consider as special, this week's mixtape's is one helluva mixtape. I dare say.

I got to admit it. I have to say it out in the open. I am the right guy to talk about luuuuurrve. I've had my fair share of ladies, love and of course... that oh-so horrifying, COMMITMENT. Throughout my experience with many different girls, (asians, puerto rican, latina, caucasian girls) i have learned that there's one thing in common. They're all girls. Yea. its true its true. i've checked.

When it comes to Love, there's always these few things that one will experience before coming to their ultimate demise. It always begins with all that flowerbuying,flattery of how beautiful she is, chocolate indulgence, shopping sprees and what not. These acts are just simple courting behavious which dates back to the beginning of civilisation.

Once you've succeeded with the courting process, then comes the big game. The elusive SEX. yeaps. SEX. I'll say it again. Sex. Little children, do not close your eyes. Sex is a completely safe and natural process of all living beings. It's just our way of ensuring the continuity of our own species. ( who says we cant have fun while we're at it heh heh heh).

Last but not least, it is the end of it if it all goes wrong. It will always be my fault, not yours. The breakup. Heart shattering moments in your life where you'll go all apeshit with emoshit. What seems like the end of the world really seems like the end of the world even if its not, its just another day just like every other day.

Enough about it lets get onto business!

Chapter XXII - Your Skin Was Appealing Wallpaper, Now Your Skin Is Just Peeling Wallpaper

Part I: Remember To Send Me A Friend Request (Here We Go Again)
1.Ludo - Go-Getter Greg
2.The Moldy Peaches - Anyone But You
3.Between The Trees - Darlin
4.Sherwood - Gentleman Of Promise

Part II: And I'm Still Betting Every Dime She Answers As Her Skirt Slides Over Her Hips
1.Dave Matthews - Crash Into Me
2.Pedro The Lion - Rapture
3.You, Me And Everyone We Know - Do It
4.The Teenagers - Homecoming

Part III: The Little Cracks They Escalated, Before We Knew It Was Too Late
1.Glen Hansard - Lies
2.Saves The Day - Can't Stay The Same
3.God Or Julie - Being Human
4.Mayday Parade - Miserable At Best

The very famous HERE and/or HERE links. Just click 'em and feast your ears with audial orgasms!


It's All About The Love

Saturday, February 09, 2008

lyric's are way tooo deep for me.


It's Morphin' Time

I'd be lying if i said that im currently typing this while sitting on the toilet, jettisoning my excess fuel, typing as i go with my newly owned laptop. Yeah i lied. So what?

I can't believe, another week has passes just like that, without having even enough time to blink twice since last sunday. What's up with the world? Being an obsessively analytical person that i am, and an overly observant and a neat freak for that matter, i have been dedicating my past 5 mins drawing on paint theorising and hypothesising on a theory which i believe have been in existence for a very long time, just that nobody's has got the eyes to actually take notice.

Heck, this is gonna be bigger than Einstein's theory of relativity and britney's fallout combined, times then to the power of a million!

Lo and behold.
So this is my result. " masa adalah berkadar langsung dengan umur, Masa^3123231 x umur". For those non-geeks out there who just dun understand plain scientific english ( this is the cue for you to take EST), i conclude that as we age naturally, time progresses much much quicker.

Its true. there's no doubt about it. Take for example this week. It feels only a day in 2003, but in natural fact, it's already the 1st of August 2007! See! how fast time passes?

By looking at the graph there's sudden drops in time progression, and what it is? I'll tell you. Those are anomalies we experience when an outside factor (mainly boredom) seeps into this world, which creates at times, time standstills, when time actually seems to fly so sooooo much slower. Boredom, is a no no. avoid it. Go watch porn. study even better. Sleep is the best.

I imagine, the time between you're 60 and 80, it would be like an hour. So yeah, before you know it you're dead.

Anyhoo, that's about just as far as i would go for now, the world's not ready for this yet. I've been watching this futuristic anime about robots and shit. They died, because they know too much. I don't wan that to happen to me..

Look! i've spend too much time on blogging that now its already 2011! Gotta go back to work now on the MOON! my rocket's here!

Do You Still Remember, How It Used To Be

Friday, February 08, 2008

I watched this until i was form 2. really.


And A Happy ( chinese ) New Year

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Its chinese new year! And im in kl. This is my first time not having chinese new year in kuching!

Just wanted to wish you guys a great new year back home in kuching.

Ill be back. Soon!

Chapter XXI: This is the soundtrack for our movie,Would you tell me when we get to the best part?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sorry about the lack of a mixtape last week, have no fear we have return!

It is all about soundtracks this week. Soundtracks to movies and tv shows!

Chapter XXI: This is the soundtrack for our movie,Would you tell me when we get to the best part?

1. Rogue Wave - Sightlines ( Spiderman 3)
2. Adam Sandler - Forgetful Lucy ( 50 First Dates)
3. The Moldy Peaches - Anyone Else But You ( Juno )
4. Joseph Arthur - You're So True ( Shrek 2)
5. The Shins - New Slang ( Garden State)
6. Frou Frou - Let Go ( Garden State )
7. Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah ( House )
8. An American Tale - Somewhere Out There ( An American Tale )
9. Mozella - Light Years Away ( One Tree Hill )
10. Coldplay - I Saw Sparks ( Wedding Crashers )
11. Mute Math - Transformers ( Transformers )
12. Taking Back Sunday - This Photograph Is Proof ( Spiderman 2 )
13. Yellowcard - Gifts And Curses ( Spiderman 2 )
14. Portal - Still Alive ( Portal )

Here or Here


Yea Really

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Yea so i guess that's that. Another Period at the end of a sentence.

Surprised that i didn't end up how i thought i would have ended up like, but still..

On a different note, driving 50 km home alone sucks. really.


Dear Jack

Friday, February 01, 2008

There's this documentary coming out, about Andrew Macmahon, Vocalist for Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate which i just cant wait to watch