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So That's The End Of That Chapter

Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh my God it's already the end of 2007

and i've barely done anything memorable yet! Its amazing how fast time flew by, this time last year we were preparing our bbq dinner and next thing you, im back here again, one year later blogging.

I'll just list out one of the few things that's been achieved throughout the year,

1. Actually making a new year's resolution, and almost doing them all ( though i barely rememeber what they were) 2. Travelled. Been to Melacca twice, langkawi, Singapore and was supposed to go go Auckland but somehow everybody booked their tickets a hundred years in advance.. 3. Moved. Got a room for myself. Great! 4. Worked my ass off. Worked and worked for 14 days straight for the fun of it. And yea, for the extra cash. 5. Less emo me, mainly because i've been busy working. No time to emo. 6. Still the same me. 7. Went to church. In Kl. 3 times. whoa....

Looking back, i wished i did more incredible things, but i've always been tied down because of money ( aint it always). The sad thing about working is that you start to be analytical and calculative with your spendings because you know, you have to earn it.Anyway i think i've talked about it like a million times, so ill move on to better things.

I'm already two thirds through my holidays, which at first thought, i'd be bored shitless but ended up having less than time that i'd hoped for. This year, besides the abscence of Roger And Champton and some other people, im actually a blast here. It's been fun. Climbed mount Santubong twice btw....

Now im wishing i have a longer holidays so that i can actually go on to my original plan being in kuching, which is to rot so much that ill never want to come back to kuching for at least 4 months. Damn.

So now let's move on.

I want to earn more money, even though it'll be harder since classes starting soon. Travel more. Use my free ticket and actually go overseas. Climb Mt. Kinabalu. Have fun. Make more friends.

Yeah! that's my hopes for the future, not just for 2008. I'd write more but im still in awe because.. Champ updated!

With that, i believe 2008 will be a great year!


Chapter XVI : You're A Mean One... Mr. Grinch

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho Ho Ho
It's Christmas day once again, time for us to be really jolly, put up fake smiles and last but not least, to give more than to take.

This week we're going old school. On this playlist we're putting up christmas classics, covered by the underground greats, all for your enjoyment!

You're A Mean One... Mr Grinch

Brand New - O Holy Night
Sufjan Stevens - Joy To The World
Bright Eyes - The First Noel
Jack Johnson - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
Sugarcult - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
PlayRadioPlay! - Little Drummer Boy
Taking Back Sunday - 12 Days Of Christmas
Sleeping At Last - Silver Bells
Coldplay -Merry Little Christmas
David Crowder Band - Feliz Navidad
Aaron Marsh - What Child Is This
Hellogoodbye - Winter Wonderland
Relient K - Silent Night/ Away In Manger
Cartel - Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

Just by clicking HERE and HERE you'll have your wildest dreams come true!

Or maybe not. Just download anyway.



Friday, December 21, 2007

Sorry for not blogging much, but i have been busy living life in Kuching. Eating, outing, playing, cleaning, painting, sleeping and all that. I love it. Much

That's all the update you're going to get. Hee hee. bye.


Chapter XV - Down The Chimney Into Your Stereo

Monday, December 17, 2007

Since its so close to Christmas we figured we might as well get into the mood by posting up some christmas jingle this week.

This week's mixtape are all original songs with Christmas in mind.

Chapter XV - Down The Chimney Into Your Stereo

The Honorary Title - Reason To Celebrate
Damien Rice - Merry Christmas (War Is Over)
Foreverinmotion - Blue Christmas
Mew - She Came Home For Christmas
As Tall As Lions - It's Only Christmas
New London Fire - Christmas In The Dark
Fall Out Boy - Yule Shoot Your Eye Out
Underoath - Yule Be Sorry
Blink 182 - I Wont Be Home For Christmas
Funeral For A Friend - Miracle Of Christmas
Paper Route - Sing You To Sleep
Liam And Me - Winter Paradise
Watashiwa - Wonderful
Brighten - Merry Christmas Baby

They are all good so please do download and support us. Without you guys there wont be us guys. ok? Click HERE or HERE

I'm telling you, if there was anything that would get you in the mood of Christmas.. this would be it! Enjoy!


I Won't Be Home For Christmas

Saturday, December 15, 2007

With the numbers 0613 being displayed on the clock and my cup of coffee half full, i must admit i'm having a wee bit of nostalgic feeling here.

A little hung over from last night (a mere 5 hours ago) celebratory drinks, heck, my tongue still feels slightly numb from all the alcohol, i cant believe its almost the end of 2007. It's my last day in KL for 2007.

2007, went by too fast. I didn't even have time to grasp the reality of it yet. I remember very clearly that day on the 2nd of january, on the way back from the airport i was busy thinking about things i ought to achieve this year, sending everyone off, moving out, moving in, travelling here and there. I've done a lot of things, but not all the things i always wanted to do. Perhaps next year?

So i guess that's the end of that chapter. Kuching here i come. Here comes 3 weeks of complete freedom from all work and all things related to work.

Just hope i wont get too bored.


Holy Molly!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ok this got to be fake! Too good to be true!

Remember my previous mixted tape? Scroll down and check the comments.
And now check the band's page! ZOmg this has to be a joke. Anyone fucking around?

no joke he replied my mail. cool. He's cool with it. High 5!



After months of constantly busy with work and actually having something to do during the day and having little or no time at night, i never knew life could feel so lifeless like this.

For the past few weeks there haven't been any work. At all. The apprentices, they just linger around until 10 am, then off they go somewhere else. Be it movies, dates, or for majority of them, sleeping time at home. I did that too. I just went home, sleep, and came back to sign out.

It's almost driving me mad, day in and day out with no job. Was never used to too much time in hands.

But hey! im leavin soon. Holidays here i come!


Ora Et Labora

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So what do you do when you're bored at home having nothing to do at all? Do you go dance around the room in the nude or start revising back old books? For me, i enjoy blog hoping, jumping from one blog to another every now and then checking out whats new in the blogosphere and occasionally you end up stumbling upon some good and interesting things there.

the best church everr, with killer band. Played there for a year as well, playing songs i never did like. except for one

Were there ever a time in your life where you'd wish you could turn back time and return to a time in your life instead of living in the present? i'm pretty sure most of you have come to this situation numerous times. If i could do such a thing i'll definitely return fo 2004 when i was back in form 5 preparing for spm.
Form 5 to me would be the best school year i've had. That's when i got my motorbike licence and hence, all the travels with roger around town looking for people and such. Besides that, all of my memories resides in my school, because that is where i learn all the essential and the non-essential things for life, to better prepare us for the adultlife.where my class was. Where everything went down

Since form 1 i've been in the A class, and being the average student that i am, i never actually felt the competition compared to those who always strife to get the highest marks. My entire time in school has always been laid back, care free, happy go lucky and most of all, never given a shit about things. Heck, i've never even once worried about the future, unlike now. Everything to me then was nicely planned out. Get good grades for spm, become a pilot, be rich., die of old age. See! simple aint it?Where the teacher's office is situated.

Things didn't go quite right as obvious as it is, and due to some unforeseen circumstances, i ended up spending 2005 in lower 6. I'm not saying its bad, i had darren byron june for company but the thing was, weekends was never as fun as before. I hit pretty low then. But it all changed in 2006, after i got accepted into MAS.
Top floor's the library. Never really spent time there, the book's were pretty much rubbish. Civic centre's library was better. More chicks

In my school was the first place i actually got to meet girls ( not the ones in my school) . Every friday we all would just go to the church's ground and look at the opposite school's girl. Damn sakai come to think about it.
The not so famous hallway where we shot a scene of " Six Degrees". Popiah!

As much as i love my class, one thing i cherish most would be all the time and energy spent on my Red Crescent Youth Society. I first of all admit i didn't do a great job being a duty master back then, i never figured why i was so lazy but other than that, all the things we did then was the best. Having organized the best camp, getting a free trip to selangor and participate in the NGO marching competition ( we got fourth, for the record -_<) march pass, marching competitions, first aid competitions, meetings, leaders meetings, telematches, haunted houses, Zup ( who indirectly drew us closer, away from him) and everything else that was spent will never be forgotten. We all became best of friends, still keeping touch even though everyone else's scatterred everywhere else.
the stairway where we caught our good friend making out with his girlfriend. He saw us, we panicked, ran down tried to unlock the clinic's key, broke it, and ended up at the main road hiding.

Another bittersweet memory, YCS. Thinking about it makes me want to laugh. I joined it with very honest and innocent purposes where as the rest joined merely to meet girls. I join because i thought their cause was good. But slowly and gradually the committee members began slacking off, and so did we. Improper guidance and us. I wonder how they are doing ?Once, we came late for out EST class and was not allowed in.

And oh, how can i forget? My love for music. Partly thanks to YCS, i bought a guitar and taught myself to play my cheap kapok guitar and finding people who shared the interest. Jammes for the first time back in 2002 with roger, cletus and matthew who were the original members of Stranded. Then a year later we had our first performance, invited by St. Teresa's interact club.
We had Darren then and a year later, we performed again. We got better honestly speaking. Missing those days when we would talk of songs cool to jam and performances that would never happen.
This is where i spent a lot of time playing badminton.

In form 6 after everyone left, Darren and i were the only one left performing. Performed for our prefects dinner ( which sucked) and best of all! For out interact installation night! We did " My Girl" with additional choreography to go with it. Imagine, two guys with the guitar doing some moves!

the oh so famous double storey toilet. One for the girls, one for the boys.

to think about it, i really do miss my school. I miss the times i never listened to teacher, miss the time we made our teacher cry, miss our prefect duties, especially and the main gate. Simply said i just miss my school.

So what do you miss most about your school? Any moment in time you wished you could just go back to?

P;S. thanks to kenneth chai for letting me steal your pictures.


Chapter XIV : Who Knew What We Knew Now

Monday, December 10, 2007

Better late than never right? Sorry everyone's busy with their shit that this week's mixtape is slightly late.

At least there's still a mixtape for everyone to enjoy. And this week's theme is pretty simple. All the songs listed below have no vocals at all. All instrumentals. What a way to tone down just before Christmas arrives eh?

Who Knew What We Know Now

1. Thrice - Night Diving
2. Thursday - Arc Lamps, Signal Flares, A Shower Of White (The Light)
3. Toe - C
4. Special Others - Ngoro Ngoro
5. Explosions In The Sky - Welcome Ghosts
6. Sigur Ros - Saeglopur
7. Paul Gilbert - Three E's For Edward
8. The Graduate - Interlude
9. The Junior Varsity - Memory Made Easy
10.Mutemath - Reset
11.Andy McKee - Forever My Father
12.This Providence - Omega
13.Jerry C - Cannon Rock
14.The Beautiful Mistake - Light A Match

So boys and girls, there you go! Please enjoy. Next week's a new theme. Click HERE or HERE


Of Four And A Quarter Hours.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I've been doing overtime a lot lately. To some overtime is like a waste of time while for others its the best time to learn. It is a very known fact in MAS, everyone does overtime. It the culture there. Its a fact. There's no way out of it. So instead of fighting it, i decided to just let it happen and go with the flow.


There's this thing called the OT trap. Once you've done a lot of overtime you begin to be overly calculative, where you 'll end up calculating everytime you skip overtime, the amount of money you could have earned if you didn't skip it, every public holiday and every vacation you take means a lot of money not earned. It's true. I was told of an engineer who skips all his annual leave , noting the amoung of money lost if he decided to use the leave instead.The Engine And I

So because of that everyone here does overtime. After a while you get the hang of it. It goes something like this. Everyone does their job at a very slow pace during normal working hours, taking early and long breaks, sitting and lingering here and there and only once overtime starts when all the fun stuff begins. Functional. Tests. Technical jobs.

Engine's running better stay away!

I admit, it is very tiring but after the third day or so you 've gotten so used to it you even forget its overtime, more like normal hours. I've done so much more during over time rather than normal hours. The main reason is because there are a lot more ppl then, so usually apprentices all get the more mundane and crappy jobs. When the overtime kicks in, there'll be like less than half of the original crew so you ( apprentice) gets to be part of the crew and be more involved in whatever zone you're assigned to.Hangar 3. B747 in it

Aside from that, you'll get noticed after a while too. Engineers will begin to trust you. They know you're hardworking and they'll begin giving you individual jobs for you to do alone knowing that you'll be here the whole day, not just during normal hours. They know you'll be here for the whole check, so they don't mind teaching you tricks of the trade so that next time if you happen to be in the same zone again, he won't have to teach the apprentice all over again. You already know!Sempat pose gik!

Weekends. Now weekends is the best. Pushing aside the fact that weekends are meant to be spent at home resting or outing with friends, working on weekends not only give you more money, it is also the best. Work is so laidback and relaxed. no bosses around. No deadlines. Heck, you don't even have to wear your uniform!They're not gay. I didnt catch them in the act. I think.

So far i've participated in a lot of cool and technical jobs during overtime. Today i did fuel crossfeeding. It may not sound very interesting to you, but it is actually quite fun. It's the first time we've actually been let to work in the cockpit alone, working around the panels monitoring fuel transfer from the wing tanks to the centre tank. There was even a defect Avionics had to come to solve, but i din stay long enough to watch.Avionics bay under the cockpit. Green bottle's oxygen bottle

Engine drop is usually done during overtime too. Dropping engines is no easy stuff, there are a number of stuff that needs to be disconnecting and covering.The Tow Truck used to tow the aircraft out..

One of the crappy jobs would be CPC spraying. Hazardous stuff used to prevent corrosion on aircraft structures that are not painted. Those were the days when we wore those white overalls and respirators.Idiot.

And just two days ago we witnessed engine ground run. This is where towards the end of a check the engine are run in an engine ground run bay outside the hangar to check whether everything's in order. There was a lot of waiting though, due to some problems with the engine and that is why there are alot of pictures taken. Got so bored at one point i climbed into the aircraft to a stairs and took more pictures. Videos were also taken but sorry am not gonna upload. Will edit one day. What's good a photopost without a group photo?

Oh have i mentioned that this Saudi Arabian Airline's Engine are HUGE??! Like Big ass HUGE? They produce 90 000 pounds of thrust each.
And a night shot for the aircraft

After the run was done, there was a cake waiting for us all! One of my senior baked it ( he's a guy) as a sign of gratitude just before he goes for holidays.
The cake wasn't half bad! Im coming to the end of this post so hell yeah, working like fuck for two months deserves me a long holiday so christmas here i come!!!


Chapter XIII : Eargasm Pt. 1

Monday, December 03, 2007

Welcome Welcome it's time again!spending too much time on themes takes a toll on you so to speak. Not that we're running out of ideas ( we never will) but for this week we ( champ and i ) just thought it would be easier and more diversed if we just went for random songs, songs that are on our minds sort of thing.

If millions of faithful fans are disatisfied with just that, then lets pretend this week's theme is, Song's That's not related to each other! How about that? Am i creative or what?

Chapter XIII - Eargasm Pt.I

1. Armor For Sleep - Hold The Door
2. Brand New - Jude Law And A Semester Abroad
3. Coheed & Cambria - Mother Superior
4. Desoto Jones - Non-Fiction
5. Edison Glass - Cold Condition
6. Far-Less - Segue To Gentlemen (Go To Sleep)
7. Motion City Soundtrack - Point Of Extinction
8. Saves The Day - Get Fucked Up
9. Stacy Clark - Matter Of Time
10.The Classic Crime - Seattle
11.The Graduate - The City That Reads
12.The Junior Varsity - Lifted
13.The Killers - Tranquilize (Feat. Lou Reed)
14.The Wonder Years - When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Have you guys ever wondered how's the selection process of these mixtapes? Man oh man you couldn't begin to imagine all the rigourous screening they go through just to be in the preliminary rounds, and after that we select a panel of anonymous volunteers to have a listen at them, rate them in several categories ( vocals, musicianship, lyrics, production, creativity, and lasting value).

Finally we pick the best 20 tracks and narrow them down to the 12-14 tracks that you see here now.

So you see how much trouble we go through for everyone?
And before i forget... here's HERE and HERE


Vending Machine Retto

Sunday, December 02, 2007

just watch. don't think...



Saturday, December 01, 2007

Thursday, was a normal working day.At around 3 pm, this all happened.
Looked around, noticed that everyone's everywhere.
Even on the roofs! It was all because the acrobatic aircraft practicing over subang airport in preparations for the LIMA airshow sometime in december. Since today's saturday i took some time editing the pictures.

Owh, and best of all, it was all free! no need to go to langkawi for the real thing anymore!

Even the Foreman was there watching!
The started off with simple formations
inverted flights.that's not the closest they've gotten!
Not this either. There were closer, but i din manage to take any pictures, the planes were just fast for me.
I call this the halo. damn nice. Brings tears to my eye. maybe not.

Friday, i went clubbing for the first time, with a bunch of seniors. Opened a bottle of red wine and a bottle of beer, enough alcohol to get me dancing. All this happened in Laundry bar.

They dragged me onto the dance floor and thanks to the alcohol in my blood, i decided to not give a fuck and just move to the beats.
It was a very very fun and interesting night! might be going again some time soon.End. lots of pics today. thanks to the free time!