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You Just Made My Day

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

WOw, all of my best friends, they are here.

for my birthday.

Let's drink to that!!

You Just Made My Day

WOw, all of my best friends, they are here.

One More Year Then I'll Be Legal To Do Anything I Want

Monday, August 27, 2007

Birthdays. Its never been a big deal for me. It's just another ordinary day. In fact, i din even realise it MY brithday today. Feels like every other tuesday. Reminds me how fast time flies and before you know it, you're dead. Ok la thats too negative, let me rephrase. Before you know it. you're on y0ur deathbed surrounded by your wife, children, grandchildren and so forth givine their last goodbyes to you.

On the bright side, birthdays reminds you how mane true friends you got. I've been getting lotsa birthday wishes calls and messages from all my friends, close and not. cant help not to feel that you're not alone. Yea

So anyway in conjunction with merdeka and my birthday we (my batchmates and i) have decided to go on a budget trip to singapore! Yeap yeap singapore here we come. Lala!!

P.S. A million apologies to Daphne for my misbehaviour. I was at the point of falling to sleep when she called, so yeah, very terkejut! but thanks to her, she was the first to call! Memang teh BEST pok!


now i know what my resolution should be. All my life i've had trouble remembering other people's birthday. so now i shall write them down. like everyone else!

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OH So Sweet.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

he got it just right, im sure jessica would forgive him..

On a lighter note, watch this video!

This gives the phrase "suck your own cock" a whole new meaning


Of Kolo Mee And Kuching.

Suddenly, during dinner, i have a craving for Kuching and Kolo mee.

And that makes me hungry.


More Than Meets The Eye

Thursday, August 23, 2007

It just looks like im standing beside a Transformer. :p

Want to know what i've been doing these past few weeks to kill time? Aside from watching movies, i've been watching season 1 of Beast Wars.

What is beast wars you may ask? Well well its a CG ( computer generated) animation which was aired from 1996-1999 which is like a continuation of Transformers.

i'd explain more but why bother? when you can have someone else to do it for you? Click Here

Yes. i like them cartoons. NAh... i just like watching stuff. Beats reality.


An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Whoever made that line lied. I've been eating an apple almost every morning on my way to work but since sunday, i've been slightly under the weather.


It's The End Of The World As We Know It

Monday, August 20, 2007

I met stan a few hours ago at midvalley with lai jeng, yien rong and ahan.

June's leaving next week and stan's leaving in less than a month.

So fast. Didn't have time to soak it all up. like how it was with darren.



Saturday, August 18, 2007

a view from the top

Tan (myhousemate) just bought a new bike after being pestered by his friend (an engineer) so that they could go mountain biking sometime. I always knew there was RRIM just a few minutes away from my place but never did i know that in there, there was a jungle trek. So, tan persuaded me as well to try on mountain biking there. Wow wow wee wow i think we have found a hobby i've been longing for a long long time.tan's new bike
a very small uphill

My first time was on monday, and my oh my i felt like dying. the uphill was a bitch. In fact there was more than one, and to make it worst, using a rigid bike (no suspensions whatsoever) on stony terrain really hurts your arms and (nuts&ass).

Thursday we went again, although i din feel as tired compared to the first time. Yesterday was a milestone. I was able to go throught all the uphills on the bike! Maybe its the redbull i took before the trip, but i prefer to believe it was all on my own! What a way to build up stamina! But that was yesterday!

friday's biking team.

Today i woke up at 7, and started cycling with tan, Hamdan (engineer friend) the Chens at around 830 in RRIM. It's really fun to be there in the mornining, with the cool breeze and the smell of rubber trees and chempedak everywhere, and of course the extreme biking!

my scrapped thumb.
Chens left after the first downhill, with only the three of us left, we continued on going further and deeper in the jungle. Probably 3 hours later we decided to ride on the road. Cycled to kota damansara and back and in the end, we clocked in at 40 kilometres! Thats the furthest i've ever cycled in my whole life. And the irony is, i wasnt feeling fatigued at all! I could have gone further but was overcome by my hunger lah.

All in all mountain biking is fun and a great way to keep fit. Now im thinking about buying a new bike. a better one.!


Rock Paper Scissors

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Here's the new age Rock, Paper Scissors!


You look like the songs that I've heard my whole life coming true

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What do you get when u mix a) a less punky All American Rejects, b) Jack's mannequin with more intruments, c) less whiney ( and less gay) Ryan Cabrera and d) All three Hansons in one? Through the wonders of God, you shall have The Rocket Summer, TRS for short. And with his new album out; Do you Feel, Bryce Avery has really done it this time.

Apart from the fact he looks a wee bit girlish ( proves to show that looks aint everything), this is one helluva motherfucking (mind my lingo) talented artist right now. One thing i like about bands is that they play their own instruments. I really respect that fact a lot. I respect TRS even more cos he is a One-Man-Band, playing everything single instrument heard on his album (except the horn bit in So Much Love).

I've just gotten the album less than a week, so i have not really dove into the lyrics part just yet, but so far the sounds, the hooky riffs and choruses, the vocals. All tip top. If you're not a fan of the underground music scene. This will get to you. A good introduction to the fascinating world of American indie alternative music.

watch his single " So much love" or go to his page for some of his songs


Life Should Be Fulled With Joyfulness

Monday, August 13, 2007

Yep yep its true its true.


I Wez Just Thinking

Sunday, August 12, 2007

And just like that, the weekend's over. Tomorrow's work and you look back only to realise you barely achieved anything worth in the two days you thought you would.

SCORE!! i still have me emo touch.


Akanku Ingati

*petikan dari satu perbualan antara saya dan Daphne.,

hampir tak bernafas berkata:
pernahkah anda terdengar mengenai buku ber tajuk The Secret?
BaduT[J]ahaT berkata:
BaduT[J]ahaT berkata:
tak pernah
hampir tak bernafas berkata:
ia adalah senaskah buku
hampir tak bernafas berkata:
filem mengelar (slash movie)
hampir tak bernafas berkata:
rahsianya adalah undang tarikan (the secret is the law of attraction)
hampir tak bernafas berkata:
mesti ingait!!
BaduT[J]ahaT berkata:

Three Elderly Women

Saturday, August 11, 2007

*I got this joke from a friend whom i cant say the name. But just so you know he's in japan.

one day three elderly women were seating on a park bench when suddenly some guy flashed at them.

the first lady had a stroke.

the second lady had a stroke.

then the third one

couldn't reach.



Sempena bulan merdeka ini dan juga tidak lupa, kawan karib saya daphne, saya akan berblog-blog dalam beberapa hari ini (atau minggu? lihatlah mood saya ini) dalam bahasa ibunda negara saya.


Saya sedar, setiap orang selalu ada frasa-frasa atau perkataan yang mereka sering gunakan dalam kehidupan harian mereka. Saya pun tergolong dalam kumpulan itu, dan telah memperoleh 4 perkataan yang sering digunakan saya.

1. malas (lazy)
2. penat (tired)
3. mengantuk (sleepy)
4. bosan (bored)

Dan itulah kisah seorang anak yang bernama alvin.


California! California!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Some how i almost forgot that tomorrow ( saturday) Darren's leaving for good. 445 he'll be gone for good. Not going to be back for another year or so. 2 more weeks June's leaving and that marks the end or excuses for me to go back kuching ( when stan leaves dunno when), but thats some other time. Let's focus on Darren (noddy).
Yes noddy is his nickname! given to me by June. Its a funny story how it came about. One fine afternoon i suddenly got a sms from darren saying, " hi im noddy and noddy is my name". Yeah and from then onwards i call him noddy everytime he's online. Noddy FTW

I remember clearly the day i first met this bloke. It was at st3's interact installation night back in form three. I was there sitting with roger, eugene some other guys which i dun remember and this weird looking chinese guy who has brown-ish hair which i tot he was either malnutritioned or mixed with ang moh, but later found out he was neither. Just he's weird.

Later on during the dinner we started talking la, and found out we share something in common. We both liked playing the guitar ( back then i was crazy over guitars and jamming). Talk talk, met in school with the occasional his and bye's and random talks about cool songs and long story short, he became part of my band. Stranded was what it was known as, and we rocked form four's installation night!. We rocked back then, but when come to think about it, we kinda sucked compared to the last time we performed.

So yeah he came to my class back in f4 and we both joined red crescent, sharing some shits together in damai during rainforest, finding out he likes june, jamming in his house, performing for church every first friday (even tho he's not even a Xtian.), being the only person in our circle of friend with a girlfren, playing dota and most important of all, being there when i was half depressed and fully bored back in f6 when everyone else was either in college or left kuching.

I don't know how to end this entry tonight. There's just too much we share. Yea our gang. One in a million. Everyone's leaving. You're next. ok. I could never write entries with really deep and poetic points in it. I was never good at it. So let's just use the memory we all have and pretend it's a movie of our life. Ill end this with the chorus of your soon-to-be soundtrack of the moment. Yellowcard - shadows and regrets.

When we were only kids
And we were best of friends
And we hoped for the best
And let go of the rest

Living stills, don't forget to watch! And remember to catch all of them emo bands performing

Revival My ASS!

you ever wonder why i hate mainstream music? Here's why.
Freaking 11% and yet they can still go platinum and such. Cool aint it?


Sex Sex We All Like Sex.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

I like the title but today's entry has nothing to do with sex. Instead of sex, i would like to tell you about a nightmare i had last night. It's so weird and actually when come to think about it, it's kinda funny too!.
Anyone has seen or heard what Disturbia is all about? You better do cos my dream has similar plot to it. All i remember from my dream that it started off with the storyline similar to that particular movie (although i don remember anything about how my dream started, just noe that i was thinking of the movie). And then somehow or rather there was a murderer, or some sort of criminal in my house and apparently i tried to thwart his evil doings and what not. Screwed with him in short basically. In the end he decided that killing my won't be the best answer. Instead, he threatened to hurt me where it would hurt the most.

I didn't know what he meant. Thinking hard, i realised what he meant and i ran straight to my computer.

To my horror, my music collection is gone. All 16 gigs of it. So scary.


You What This Calls For?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Time for a change!

I getting sick of my old black and white and orange template. I think it is time for me to change to a new and simpler, easy on the eyes template to cater for the millions of readers who visits my blog everyday. Everything is pretty much in place except for some coding modifications and editing a new header. I've prepared everything i need for it, now just waiting for me to edit it.

Just prepare yourself guys and girls, but before that i need a favour from you guys. Im looking for a new cooler simpler blog title, one that really says Alvin James. Just drop a comment or put it in the tagboard. Im thinking of '' Look Ma! Im on TV!!" or " before entering, please booties".

Someting like that. please.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mr Tay (our neighbour from opposite)dropped by after his dinner, had some chit chat and asked, " What's the occasion?"

I at first i really could not answer him, trying hard to recall what's our real reason for having a big bbq tonight, but thanks to Tan, he was able to answer him by telling that it was for Hector( some senior of mine) , as it was his birthday on the 4th. The only thing missing was, Hector himself. Yes, somehow he had made other plans prior to ours and hence, we're celebrating for him with him not being there. Cool aint it?

Just moments before Mr Tay actually stopped by Woon kept pestering us to buy some beer. We all declined. I told him to wait for a while, just an excuse for not buying really. Having Mr Tay there changed it all. He offered us free alcohol for the night! At first he gave us 6 cans of beer. Smiles started to appear on all of our faces at that very moment. Then another 2. In the end he gave us 12 cans of beer for all of us. 3 each. Cantik!

Owh, the bbq was a great success.

Moving on to something related. Most of you would be able remember that i spent a weekend in Langkawi a few months back. Yes?Well, aside from all the fun things i did there, i actually forgot to post up pictures of things i bought there. One of which is Absolut Raspberry. The others would be a wrist watch and some chocolates,

It was finally finished last month but thanks to Chen's brother, a new stock has arrived!
I got myself a 12 year old Chivase Regal, Mark got himself bottle of Black Label whilst Tan, Smirnoff Vodka. They all tasted good. Nice and smooth.
Reading back this post i realised this whole entry is all about beer and booze! Most of you right now i bet are looking at me as a sad alcoholic with too much time to kill, but please. It's all good u know?
If you think im an alcoholic, then what would you call this?

Someone Else's Room ( My room's red)

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Happy Apple Poison

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Ah... the weekend's officially over. 5 more days to go before another one comes over again but i have no regrets for this one. It's been great fo sho yaw!. I even managed to watch a movie. The Number 23 starring Jim Carrey. Its ok not too crappy not too great, though not worth recommending to anyone.

Anyways, i feel like to introduce to everyone another good, great if i dare say. Lovedrug is what they called and their latest album got a very high rating.

So enjoy am too lazy too look for pics of them and links on them. Just try and have a listen if you're a fan of indie alternative music like i am.

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Good News Bad News

Saturday, August 04, 2007

It's been a good news/bad news weekend so far today and yesterday. It's just one of those days where things can could go wrong, go wrong and things and would be great, will be just great!

Last night on the way to Giant, i hit a small and quite deep hole in the road causing a flat tyre moments later. Today went to Pc fair searching for a specific Fujifilm camera but only to find that after heaps of canon, olympus,nikon, panasonic camera booths, fujifilm was the only one that wasnt there. And then, this evening i wanted to ''tampal'' my flat only to find out the puncture was on the sidewall and therefore i have to buy a new tyre. My tyre is only two months old FFS!!

Well thats the bad news. Now for the good news. Got to buy lotsa food at giant last nite for me, bought everything we need to the bbq just a few hours ago and bought more stuff for the house. With great company we had a great bbq and to add it all up, my neighbour, who had just come back from a family dinner offered free beer for us. he gave us 12 cans of free beer!! how cool is that?!?! nothing beats free alcohol la!! And in a few moments we're gonna watch a movie using my friend's newly bought projector. W00t.

Will post up pics when i feel like it yop!

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The Greatest Shit Ever To Fall On Earth

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Title Says IT ALL!!


It's Not Too Interesting But, I'd Like To Make It A Secret

The weekend has finally arrived and boy oh boy, am i excited!! Later on all of us are going Giant to do some grocery shopping, need to buy for the BBQ tomorrow. Yeah, we're having a barbeque tomorrow and have some fun, but apparently my friend ( who was supposed to bring his absolut) totally forgot about it. Nebermind! No need booze also can have a nice bbq!

Anyway the Pc fair is going on this weekend. Im going over there tomorrow to have a close look at the stuff there. GAdgets and girls and everything else. Of course.

What else have i got planned? Hopefully i can finish up harry potter this weekend.

Thats that. Go try listening to The starting line - something left to give. its good. i like

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It Is Unbelievable

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I just woke up a few moments ago and suddenly i have this shitty feeling creeping up. I've spent the last four days in PPC ( production planning and control office) staring into the computer searching for answers to questions (assignments) given to us by the Superintentend.

It's quite a nice change, away from the aircraft and all and not forgetting! Having to actually study ( which i have failed to do for the past 9 months) but the crappy thing is that the air cond there, freezes your nuts and spending one whole day just reading on the comp, bad combination. I guess that must be the reason why im feeling sick now!? i hear a sick leave coming heh heh heh.

Call me slow but im just 3/4 into the final Harry potter book. it seems to me this time the book is quite short. Im almost done and Harry, Hermione and Ron has only destroyed one horcrux and the rest of characters, not so much progress yet. But i've been assured all of it ends well with a whole chapter dedicated to Snape.

You would never believe what happened to me recently!! I won the Lottery!! And to add things up, I won a free Xbox from some stupid competition i join not too long ago!! and someone gave me a digital camera as a gift. how about that? amazing and unbelievable? well yeah? none of it is true, just a load of crap to make my entry for today seem a paragraph longer. HAHA

There's been a lot of thinking done by me and today suddenly i realise i am considering on taking a short and indefinite hiatus from my blog. Most of the times i just never feel like updating but for the sake of the handfuls that do come over and read them, ill post something up once in a while. If you guys click on my ads more often then maybe ill update more!!! HAHAHA

Ok lah! i wanna eat my dinner. Mom's calling!