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Spider Pig!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just a quick update. I just watched simpsons a few hours and it turned out to be one hell of a movie! Funny as hell and there were a few moments of jiwangness.

It is definitely worth a watch and remember, " i will not download this movie illegally



Monday, July 23, 2007

Zomfg its been almost a week and i still haven't updated my blog. Just a quick update: last weekend when to Kl Asia Jam, or was it Kl Jam Asia or something like that. Went there for some Tribute to Radiohead gig with Hanna and arlyne thinking it would be nice to watch local underground bands playing all of Radiohead's famous songs, like Karma Police or Creep and what not, but the whole thing turned out quite the opposite. The thing started an hour late and there was a short black out 15 minutes into the show. And all the band played songs that ive never heard so it didn't take long for me (for us) to be bored of the show.

Thought the gig would make a nice and interesting post for my blog, with all the camwhoring pictures but unfortunately both Hanna and Arlyne forgotten to bring their cameras and thus there's not a single picture of the whole thing.

Got home around 2 am, spent most of the weekend playing game but had a nice visit from Lai jeng on saturday nite, talked about money making possibilities over dinner.

ok end.the picture says it all. Heh Heh Heh

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Far Too Long

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My aircraft, a Saudi Arabian Boeing 777 departed from subang hangar last saturday, but work was pretty much done since wednesday last week. So since then, there haven't been any work around. Almost everyone practically just ''cabut'' and go somewhere else, movies or play games where as for myself, i just went home and slept.

Having nothing to do really sucks. It kinda sucks the life out of you when day in day out u just sit around and linger and rot and just hope there's gonna be work. I could actually go home and do stuff, but i've saved those things for the weekends. Weekdays is time for me to work and do overtime.

One word. Fuck. That's all i got to say

Video Of Me

Monday, July 16, 2007

This is a video of me playing the guitar

when i was once bald, fat and ugly


Happy Birthday To You, 2 Weeks Ago You Were Two.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Somehow due to forces of nature i have totally failed to remember the fact that on the 1st of July, my (almost) beloved blog is officially two years old.

Two years seems like a short time but it has shared a lot of bittersweet moments with me. It all started as a place for me to rant about being uber bored and lonely back in kuching two years ago. Then it slowly transitioned to a slightly happier blog around a year ago right after i have moved here to Kl and there was even a point where i almost killed off my blog due to the lack of interest and inspiration.

There has been some good posts (lotsa waste-your-time-reading-useless-nonsense) throughout the years and occasionally i enjoy reading them back just to kill off more time at home. Reading it over i notice the gradual change in me such as in the moods and the state of well being.

One of my greatest post has got to be this. Written with the motive of fooling everyone out there into believing something that is not true. Even my closest of friends believed that is was true.

When i started blogging i used to be really honest. I wrote how i really felt about thing. I didn't even think if it would offend anyone. Now on the other hand i dare not to write anything straightforward in case it may hurt anyone. I guess i just had too much frustrations building inside due to the fact that i didnt know what was going to happen to me back then so this was the only way of venting out.

friday the13th.
To most it is taboo. Night of the supernatural and of bad luck. But on May 2005, on that fateful night, we ( Ian Roger and I) had the time of our life. Wouldn't trade it for anything else. Made my time in kuching then more worthwhile. Damn, thinking about it is making me miss performing SO much.

Another notable post is Friends Forever, where i wrote about how friends are important to me and i still believe it until now. It just seems like i wrote better when im sad and depressed. Sigh.

To end this i have the link to my favourite and funniest entry, this was written while roger and champton was over my place and we just had a little too much to drink. Vaguely remember i was having a hard time typing and all but remember clearly roger puking and then sleeping in my toilet!

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A Long Forgotten Story Of Mine

Have i ever told you about that time when i was trying to catch a flight back during christmas last year? I took time off on that particular day to try to get an earlier flight back but was shocked and almost shat in my pants upon arrive at KLIA. Somehow or rather there was a huge commotion right outside the standby counter there and apparently everyone else is trying to catch flights back to where ever they were going.

All hope seemed almost all gone after missing 3 flights and it gotten even worse after finding out that there was like 45 people in the waiting list back to Kuching. Usually flights are never full but on this fateful occasion everyone decided to book their tickets late and now i lsot my chance of getting a seat using my standby tickets.

Well then right things got slightly more interesting right after a senior of mine who coincidentally had to go back to Kuching urgently. This the light shined much more brighter after that senior of mine met a technician who works in KLIA hangar, who just happens to in the same waiting list back to kuching! Ah so after some thought they figured that it was best to ditch waiting there and try to make our way into JUMPSEATS!The process was really vague to me. All i remember was us walking around following this senior of mine and his technician friend here and there and calling some Senior General Manager for some approval and this and that and voila! We have got out approval to sit in jumpseats.

For those of you kids who don't know wad jumpseats are, well they are these small tiny seats behind the captain seat and another beside the cockpit door used for observers. Anyway all we had to do now was to get the approval from the captains of the flight that i was supposed to be in.

Ok rite my flight was to be the first flight of the next day yea, cud not sleep and felt like crap while waiting for my flight. 430 am flight, checked in and everything was in order. Sat on uncomfortable seats, but heck! it was the best thing ever in my life. I got to see how pilots fly them aircraft ( not so amazing really, the whole flight was on autopilot, except for landing and take off) and best thing of all, Sunrise at 33000 feet!

I guess not!

ps: pictures aint mine, i had no camera then,

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These Are My Friends, This Is Who They Have Been For Always

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I found that i've been keeping a bunch of pictures of my dear friends being spontaneous and all. So i just thought it would be cool to post them up.

If my friends are like this, then i cant help but to think that i might be a tad bit ah beng.


Welcome To The Mayday Parade

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Ok lah. This time ill promote another good underground band. They call themselves Mayday Parade and the best thing about this band is that they have 3 vocals+3 guitarist. How cool is that?

This band is quite new so they don't have any music videos out yet, plus their first EP didn't get high points in the reviews but with their new album out, Lesson in Romantics, they hit the jackpot!

For those who loves power chords, chatchy hooks and really good lyrics, i am recommending them to you. The album's Highly recommended if you do happen to download them.....

Check out their Purevolume page for some of their songs and watch their studio video below!

: I think stan's their new fanboy!

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For What's It's Worth

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I think most of you have already found out somehow that last weekend, was actually back home for the weekend to enjoy myself (like there's any other reason?). Friday was off so i had a 3 day weekend on my hands. Having known that Chen and i rushed straight to KLIA right after work (which was 445) in hope that we would be able to make it for the 605 flight. We actually made it just in time, they were closing the counter for that flight when i just got in line. For those who have been in kl would know that from anywhere to the airport takes at least 45 minutes. The only reason we were able to make it because thanks to Chen, we cruised at a whopping 200km/h on the highway. Damn nice can !Unfortunately for some unknown reason the flights were full and we only got the 850 flight. Damn weird because flights to kuching are usually empty. So on friday i was able to catch Transformers, which was almost awesome! The best movie this year by far to tell you the truth. In fact, ill be watching it again this friday la. Just cant get enough of the robots khee khuk khuk-ing here and there!
On saturday on the other hand marked the downfall of my fun. Got a text msg from chen sayingthat flights to kl on sunday were all full except for the first flight. Apparently this week is induction week for almost all the universities in malaysia. These ppl just had to do it last minute and take the flights to Kl on sunday. Such a spoiler la. But anyways, saturday i was able to catch the sunset mass, dinner, supper and then made a surprise visit to Gloria's until i realised it was getting late.
I slept at 2 am and woke up 4 to make it for the first flight which was scheduled at 6 am! Omfg i was like dead tired and felt like shit the whole day. Even with the extra 5 hours of sleep i got after reaching home. Pretty much still feels like shit until today. No idea why but somehow it always takes a few days to recover from any Kuching trips.

All in all it is stil worthwhile. How can it not?!?! Kuching man!! is teh best!

ps: i have no pictures of my trip so i entice you with some nice wallpapers.

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