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What I Wanna Do

Friday, June 29, 2007

Actually its one of things on my new year's resolution's list. And amazingly enough, its one of the few things that i want to do that doesnt involve looking at the opposite gender.

What am i really talking about? I really want to actually do some voluntary work. At an animal shelter to be exact. Why you ask? Nobody knows but i am a sucker for animals. I love animals. Dogs especialy. They make great companions, even better than humans sometimes. They're these innocent creatures who don't keep grudges or have hidden agendas or taking advantage of you like some of your not-so-sincere friends. Thats what i like about dogs basically

The only problem now is that haven't found who share the same passion, so the fact that i have to go and find out about it alone isnt a great catalyst for fulfilling my dream. So anyone out there wanna join me you know where to find me yeah?

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