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Looking Back

Thursday, June 21, 2007

after just typed out the title the song shape of my heart by the most awesome boyband everr, backstreet boys just suddenly popped in my head. Used to hate that song. Still do. Pop and their manufactured shit.

Fortunately today isnt going to be one of those days where i rant and whine about how i hate mainstream things. Instead its about something i've almost totally forgot about. My Lower 6 life.

There was a time when i really dread going to f6. In fact, hate it so much that i use to skip it at least once a week in the first two months of school. Sometimes even two.

Didn't have many friends there back then, the rest of the gang have all gone somewhere else besides f6 and that really bothered me alot. I went to sort of a depression period and because of this emo-ness i started blogging to vent out my frustrations and stuff.

i had a taste of failure in f6. experienced for the first time in my life to not study at all and sit for exams, and skipping them too! sitting for the most idiotic physics paper as well, apparently the teacher put the answers right next to question, so i figured it was meant to be the clues or something. who knoes! Teachers are weird.
half of the female population of my class (literally)

I started my f6 a week late, missing out on the oh so important orientation day, missing out on all the girls. I remember seeing helong when i was on the way to the penolong kanan's office and daphne in my class. I think she came for just one day if i am not mistaken.
digimon, digital monsters, digimon are champions

With all the bad experiences there has got to be good ones as well. Well, thanks to me and darren we actually started the digimon craze again( but for only two weeks). Yeah and in f6 too i gained a staggering 6 kilos from all the non-studying and eating and sleeping and not doing anything productive in the last 6 months of the year.don't remember whose laptop, but yeah,dota in class

There's more shit that happened then, and im having trouble recalling things that are significant. All i know that in general f6 was whack and everytime i look back, an image of my chemistry teacher with her wide grin entering our class, accompanied by her laptop and an assload of papers whenever there's free periods shall forever haunt my sleep. I miss Muet though, the best teacher and subject of all time!
pictures courtesy of jason yeo


  1. Blogger s!mp|e chery| said:

    OMG. I use to play with those Digimon. I had the red one!

  1. Blogger jokeserv said:

    i used to too. back in primary 6. this is f6. so embarassing to think about it

  1. Blogger jokeserv said:

    i used to too. back in primary 6. this is f6. so embarassing to think about it

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