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I Dig I Dig

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's better than a girl who sings is a girl who rock! And what's better than a girl who rocks is having two of them rocking at the same time. Oh no no im not talking about The veronicas, instead im talking about a really good indie/underground/alternative band, The Meg And Dia Band.

I couldn't stomache their voice at first. Their voice sounded really weird in ' Setting up Sunday". I thought it was actually a cover of an old song but later it turned out to be not what i thought. Then i got to listen to their album and my oh my they are good.
Meg & Dia have been getting quite the buzz this year. Opening for the Sugarcult tour (with Damone, and The Pink Spiders) heading out with Anberlin, and playing the entire Warped Tour this summer. They were featured on MTV's Discover & Download, the video for "Monster" got a lot of plays on Fuse, and they did a commercial for PETA.

Enter Something Real. Their debut album from Doghouse records (Limbeck, The All-American Rejects), produced by Stacy Jones (of Letters to Cleo, Veruca Salt and American Hi-Fi) and the album lives up to it's name: Something Real. - Absolutepunk.net (click it for the review)

Since im not so good at reviews. Heck! im not even good at elaborating anymore so i figured i might as well give you links to their sites.

but since im no good at writing. Heck, at elaborating even, so ill just post up links of them!

did i mention that she sings great live too? And want to know what else i dig? A girl on the guitar, W00T



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