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And A Very Good Morning To You

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I want to rant.


ok im done ranting.

On a lighter note, its a friday and now it is exactly a quarter to twelve. Read it again. After reading the first sentence some of you might deduce that there's something wrong with it. You might be going " Why the fuck is he blogging so early in the morning on a weekday doesn't he have a job or something? " or just didnt think about it.

This happens to be my first MC (medical Certificate) since a long time ( a long time equals to a year). Yesterday morning i was at work. I was working at forward cargo compartment. We were hauling down empty metal drums down the steps when suddenly the weight overwhelmed me. By the time i have release it i was already flipping here and there trying to avoid the falling drum and landed quite nicely actually, except the fact that i sprained my ankle pretty badly.

One of the pakcik came said that i immediately needed some urut so ok la i go. It hurts even more badly during the massage than the fall. But amazingly after that ifelt slightly better. Went to my medical centre after lunch and doctor prescribed me physiotherapy.

So later im going for physio and will be going for it for the rest of the week. Right now im trying to think wad on earth am i suppose to do on a weekday morning.


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