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What I Wanna Do

Friday, June 29, 2007

Actually its one of things on my new year's resolution's list. And amazingly enough, its one of the few things that i want to do that doesnt involve looking at the opposite gender.

What am i really talking about? I really want to actually do some voluntary work. At an animal shelter to be exact. Why you ask? Nobody knows but i am a sucker for animals. I love animals. Dogs especialy. They make great companions, even better than humans sometimes. They're these innocent creatures who don't keep grudges or have hidden agendas or taking advantage of you like some of your not-so-sincere friends. Thats what i like about dogs basically

The only problem now is that haven't found who share the same passion, so the fact that i have to go and find out about it alone isnt a great catalyst for fulfilling my dream. So anyone out there wanna join me you know where to find me yeah?

Surprise Surprise!

just so you know i am back home in kuching i will blog more and more again once i am back in kl on sunday night but for now let me enjoy my hometown

I Dig I Dig

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What's better than a girl who sings is a girl who rock! And what's better than a girl who rocks is having two of them rocking at the same time. Oh no no im not talking about The veronicas, instead im talking about a really good indie/underground/alternative band, The Meg And Dia Band.

I couldn't stomache their voice at first. Their voice sounded really weird in ' Setting up Sunday". I thought it was actually a cover of an old song but later it turned out to be not what i thought. Then i got to listen to their album and my oh my they are good.
Meg & Dia have been getting quite the buzz this year. Opening for the Sugarcult tour (with Damone, and The Pink Spiders) heading out with Anberlin, and playing the entire Warped Tour this summer. They were featured on MTV's Discover & Download, the video for "Monster" got a lot of plays on Fuse, and they did a commercial for PETA.

Enter Something Real. Their debut album from Doghouse records (Limbeck, The All-American Rejects), produced by Stacy Jones (of Letters to Cleo, Veruca Salt and American Hi-Fi) and the album lives up to it's name: Something Real. - Absolutepunk.net (click it for the review)

Since im not so good at reviews. Heck! im not even good at elaborating anymore so i figured i might as well give you links to their sites.

but since im no good at writing. Heck, at elaborating even, so ill just post up links of them!

did i mention that she sings great live too? And want to know what else i dig? A girl on the guitar, W00T



American Indie Underground Alternative Rock Music

Sunday, June 24, 2007

i just realised that having more than three thousand songs on my playlist, i m sure there's got to be at least a handful of great bands thats worth mentioning and spreading to everyone else. Because of that fact, from time to time i shall promote and album or a band that i deem worthy for you all. Just not today



i havent receive my blardy TAC!


Everyday Everyday

Friday, June 22, 2007

Monday i dread the thought of going back to work

Tuesday, getting the hang of it all, and for few moments enjoying it

Wednesday fatigued over work, anticipating the arrival of a well rested weekend

Thursday on the other day, have lost the will to work, procrastinating whenever i can

Friday almost no work, tired, just waiting for saturday to come

Saturday depressed over the fact of nothing planned

Sunday hating the thought that the weekends never enough and life goes on another round.


Looking Back

Thursday, June 21, 2007

after just typed out the title the song shape of my heart by the most awesome boyband everr, backstreet boys just suddenly popped in my head. Used to hate that song. Still do. Pop and their manufactured shit.

Fortunately today isnt going to be one of those days where i rant and whine about how i hate mainstream things. Instead its about something i've almost totally forgot about. My Lower 6 life.

There was a time when i really dread going to f6. In fact, hate it so much that i use to skip it at least once a week in the first two months of school. Sometimes even two.

Didn't have many friends there back then, the rest of the gang have all gone somewhere else besides f6 and that really bothered me alot. I went to sort of a depression period and because of this emo-ness i started blogging to vent out my frustrations and stuff.

i had a taste of failure in f6. experienced for the first time in my life to not study at all and sit for exams, and skipping them too! sitting for the most idiotic physics paper as well, apparently the teacher put the answers right next to question, so i figured it was meant to be the clues or something. who knoes! Teachers are weird.
half of the female population of my class (literally)

I started my f6 a week late, missing out on the oh so important orientation day, missing out on all the girls. I remember seeing helong when i was on the way to the penolong kanan's office and daphne in my class. I think she came for just one day if i am not mistaken.
digimon, digital monsters, digimon are champions

With all the bad experiences there has got to be good ones as well. Well, thanks to me and darren we actually started the digimon craze again( but for only two weeks). Yeah and in f6 too i gained a staggering 6 kilos from all the non-studying and eating and sleeping and not doing anything productive in the last 6 months of the year.don't remember whose laptop, but yeah,dota in class

There's more shit that happened then, and im having trouble recalling things that are significant. All i know that in general f6 was whack and everytime i look back, an image of my chemistry teacher with her wide grin entering our class, accompanied by her laptop and an assload of papers whenever there's free periods shall forever haunt my sleep. I miss Muet though, the best teacher and subject of all time!
pictures courtesy of jason yeo


I'm Telling You, This Is Too Much

the day when u dream about watching your aircraft done and fly is the day you've spent a tad bit too much of your life in it. I think its an omen for a holiday. So home here i come


Digital Camera

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Fujifilm camera. reviews sounds good. Anyway am looking for a digital camera. Any models to recommend for me?


This Shall Be The Most Random I'll Ever Get

Friday, June 15, 2007

I read quite a number of blogs. mostly popular ones. One thing they have in common is that they tend to write about the things they do over the past few days plus some random thoughts. I wan my blog to be famous, but i don't want to blog about wad i do everyday. That might just bore the shit out of people since i honestly think my daily life aint so great anyways. Unless you have a great passion for aircraft then you might love it.
Anyhoos on today's blog you might notice somethings new, like Adverlets. I have clue how this thing works or if i am ever going to get paid but i really don't give a shit. Just giving it a shot really. And! instead of putting random pictures i thought it would be cooler if i posted up wallpapers instead. Its more practical that way.
I think its about that time where people start to be homesick. I know a few of my friends who's feeling homesick already. I know i am. I always do. How can u not miss Laksa? kolo mee? gu bak mee and such!?!?!? But because of that reason sometimes i dread the thought of going back because i know ill always have to go back here sooner or later ( not only the food la, the company of course)
I slept for 11 hours today FYI, recovering from working overtime for the past 3 days. working more than your usual 8 hours a day sure can be like hell. On tuesday i went back around 730, around 8 on wednesday and 1045 on thursday! Amazing aint it?
Ive been thinking, i think im getting dumber la. 7 months of no classes and all work really does something to your head and by the looks of it ill only have classes early next year! Damn, thats one really fucked up shit!

Speaking of which, i think i might be coming home soon. And it'll always be a surprise to you guys, just the way i like it heh heh heh. Thinking about it is making me hungry

if there's one thing i've learned
is that we never feel the until we get burned
but we try so hard not to die
sometimes we forget to appreciate life

The spill canvas - appreciation

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Its Been Far Too Long

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Its been far too long since ive posted up something here. As you might have figured, i have been quite busy with work, doing overtime almost everyday while recovering from a sprained ankle.\

Anyway i am off to bed.!


And A Very Good Morning To You

Thursday, June 07, 2007

I want to rant.


ok im done ranting.

On a lighter note, its a friday and now it is exactly a quarter to twelve. Read it again. After reading the first sentence some of you might deduce that there's something wrong with it. You might be going " Why the fuck is he blogging so early in the morning on a weekday doesn't he have a job or something? " or just didnt think about it.

This happens to be my first MC (medical Certificate) since a long time ( a long time equals to a year). Yesterday morning i was at work. I was working at forward cargo compartment. We were hauling down empty metal drums down the steps when suddenly the weight overwhelmed me. By the time i have release it i was already flipping here and there trying to avoid the falling drum and landed quite nicely actually, except the fact that i sprained my ankle pretty badly.

One of the pakcik came said that i immediately needed some urut so ok la i go. It hurts even more badly during the massage than the fall. But amazingly after that ifelt slightly better. Went to my medical centre after lunch and doctor prescribed me physiotherapy.

So later im going for physio and will be going for it for the rest of the week. Right now im trying to think wad on earth am i suppose to do on a weekday morning.


Flaming Gin!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

They had a bbq last week. Yesterday we have another. I joined them this time.

Watched pirates 3 yesterday. It was damn long. i had to make it into two sessions. In between i got to chat with roger. Seems like ill be spending two weeks in Auckland during christmas. I hope it works out
Today i went to work. Same ol same ol. tomorrow work. End.


Silent Velcro

Friday, June 01, 2007

I like films. i watch them so often that i actually ran out of space on my hard disk so keep them so i ended up deleting them, and dl-ing them again once in a while. I especially love indie films. They are better. So much better. Indie films tend to be more character based rather than plot based and i like it that way, lets you relate to the characters better.
I just finished watching one of my all time favourite indie movie, for the second time, Garden state. It is written, directed by Zach Braff, he even starred in it alongside Natalie Portman! This isnt going to be one of those review post so don't expect me to talk much about this movie. All i want to say i like natalie portman's character, Sam. She's so cool. I wish ill meet someone like her in real life. HahaDid i mention that i am a fan of Zach Braff? I don't know why but its just that the characters he portrays always in some way reminds me of, ME.
the infamous scene where Sam asked Andrew to listen to The Shins - New slang

And to add is all, the movie has great soundtracks. I tell you this is a must watch.