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The Pursuit Of Happyness

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Everyone's in pursuit of happiness, but what is happiness? How do you know you've found it?

HAppy Gawai!! SAve some tuak for me!

SEX SEX Its Always About Sex!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ignore the title. This post has absolutely nothing to do with sex. It'll be about how i got food poisoning after eating expired bread, vomitting, endured cramps all night, going to the doctor and geting a shot on my ass.


I Am Teh Back PArt 2

Sunday, May 27, 2007

It is safe to say that i am alive! I made it back after a long but fun day trip to Mellacca yesterday. Did so much more than we ever did on our last trip and saw some hot portuguesse chicks and reaching home around 1 am! yes sir.


Boo.Double Boo

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A plate of kueh tiaw goreng and roti pisang would have been enough at the mamak. On the contrary, im feeling hungry again, and its been only less 3 hours.


I Feel So Old Part Two

Monday, May 21, 2007

Do you remember me writing about how old i feel having to work day in and day out while all my other peers are enjoying, maybe not enjoying but expriencing to say the least, through college life? Well, that statement still stands. Only difference is that i don't bother much about it nowadays. Busy with work. Tiring and busy, but not a whole a lot of fun.

So i guess everyone should know the perils of being old. This that and of course back pains. Lucky for me i have it. You see, i went to work yesterday which was a Sunday ( damn hardworking can) and just about 9 am or so i was told to open this panel on the wing. And like every other day, there's always going to be at least one fucked up screw where u just cant seem to get it out whilst the others are out already. So wad you do? Try your best before having to get special tools. So being the hardworking person that i am, and dtermined, i use all the force i cud exert on that one tiny piece of screw underneath the wing. I pushed really hard you know. Then, i stood up and felt a slight discomfort. GAh, my back hurt right after that. Not horrible pain or excruciating kinds, but just enough to distract you and just enough to make u have to stand up straight, sit up straight for the rest of the day. Good news is the screw came out eventually.

I've mentioned on the previous paragraphed that i was very hardworking, i extended yesterday's working hours until 8. Didn't do much, mostly jsut sat and watch but hey! how often do you get free cash!.

So today was pretty much the same except that i went back at 445 instead of 7. Tomorrow planning to do the same thing but with overtime and the day after, similar to tomorrow's plan but only difference would be the date that i fill my overtime form. Then the rest of the week will pretty much follow wad i have planned for tomorrow, saves a lot of time from planning! Weekend going to Melaka for a day trip and sunday is money making time. YAy. Lovely

p.s did i mention that i've won the lottery? I didnt.

Doing Just For The Sake Of Doing It

Saturday, May 19, 2007

These past couple of weeks i have nothing to look forward to for my weekends. And as far as i can see, it'll be practically the same for the rest of my weekend in the coming months.

Only cure is my tight working schedule, working on sundays as often as i can in order to save up money to travel at the end of the year, to get away from this all. Spent whole afternoon watching 2 long movies and realised i have just wasted my rest day at home. Should have gone out or something.

I think im beginning to forget how fun it is to actually have fun without second thoughts, without thinking about anything. Aimlessly going out and driving.

I've written about this several times already and yet im repeating once again. I guess time will only tell if it gets better or worse.

Boy just wanna have fun

Would It Be Too Soon To Ask For Another Holiday?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

To go somewhere like this.On the other hand, i am totally addicted to The Graduates album, Anhedonia. If you happen to see it selling somewhere go buy them or buy them online! They are great.


Bang The Shits

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So wad do you do when someone insults your country? You go to war! War of words of course. Anyway if you have the free time come and comment and bang thei DilbeardAlbeard guy.


Fairly Comical

Monday, May 14, 2007

i found these comic from here.
Funny shit you just got to read them all.


Life's Just Full Of What Ifs

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Just finished watching Pick of Destiny and followed by Music and Lyrics tonight (notice the musical theme in both films?). Pick of destiny was more like a rock musical, but it is worth watching if don't mind killing a few brain cells with loads of 'Fucks' and ''Cock'' cuss in the movie where as for music and lyrics, its quite good of a movie.

After watching the movies, i was just reminded of how much i wished that i could actually play the piano. Yes i play the guitar, played really. I am very rusty ever since i came to kl. But with the piano, it creates such beautiful music, no matter if you're alone or playing for someone. I just love the sound of the piano.

So yes that's the whole point of my post today cause its nearing 1am and i have work but i still occasionally wish i am able to play the pianol, or be good at any other muscial intruments or especially be able to make music and jamming andeverything else related to music.


Bound And Gagged And Shot At From The Back

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Wanted to rant about something earlier on but my friend stopped by so i decided not to. Now that im all free i don't feel like ranting. Ain't my thang dawg.

But i feel like blogging today but without nothing at all ill just end it here. Sorry for bad grammar and everything that is crappy in this post. I just feel.


Tags Tags Tags

Thursday, May 10, 2007

1. What Is your natural hair color?
Black with light brown in colour..

2. Where was your default pic taken?
somewhere, don't remember

3. What's your middle name?
Geoffrey ( pronounced as geoffrey though)

4. Your current relationship status?
Owh, non-existent

5. Honestly, does your crush like you
Do You?

6. What is your current mood?
dead bored with a sprinkle of aimlessness

7.What brand n color underwear are you
don't wear any, NOT

8.What makes you happy?
Great company, being at home ( Kuching ) and eating great food

10. If you could go back in time and
change something, what you would
Warn my present self not to join this.And win the lottery as well.

11. If you must be an animal for one
day, what would you be?
Big Bird.

12. Ever had a near death experience?
Every day.

13. Something you do a lot?
dreaming of what If's

14. What's the name of the song stuck
in your head right now?
bright eyes - i must belong somewhere

15. Who did you copy and paste this

16. Name someone with the same b-day
as you?
everyone ( my birthday's everyday!)

17. When was the last time you cried?
a few years ago?

18. Have you ever sung in front of a
large audience?
performed i have, sang never.

19. If you could have one super power
what would it be?
Teleportation and Time travel

20. What's the first thing you notice
about the opposite sex?

21. What do you usually order from
im a coffee bean guy

22. What's your biggest secret?

23. Favorite colors?
npt pink

24. When was the last time you lied?
never ( i just did!! )

25. Do you still watch kiddy movies or
TV shows?

27. What are you eating or drinking at
the moment?
- Nothing..

28. What languages do you speak?
- English, Malay

29. What's your favorite perfume smell?
perfume's for girls

30. If you could describe your life in
one word what would it be?

31. When was the last time you
gave/received a hug?

32. Have you ever been kissed in the
ahaha, i wish. i really do.

33. What are you thinking about right now?
answers for this thingymabob

34. What should you be doing?
doing this.

35. What was the last thing that made
you upset/angry?

36. How often do you pray?

37. Do you like working in the yard?
wad yard?

38. If you could have any last name in
the world, what would you want?

39. Do you act differently around your
Who doesnt

40. Name one song that reminds you of
an ex?
Billy Talent - the Ex


So You Think You Really Belong At Where You Are Now?

Leave the bright blue door on the white-washed wall.
Leave the death ledger under city hall.
Leave the joyful air and that rubber ball today.

Leave the lilac print on the linen sheet.
Leave the bird you killed at your father's feet.
Let the sideways rain in the crooked street remain.

Leave whimpering dog in his cold kennel.
Leave the dead starlet on her pedestal.
Leave the acid kids in their green fishbowls today.

Leave the sad guitar in its hard-shell case.
Leave the worried look on your lover's face.
Let the orange embers in the fireplace remain.

Cause everything must belong somewhere.
The train off in the distance, bicycle chained to the stairs.
Everything must belong somewhere.
I know that now, that's why I'm staying here.

Leave the ocean's roar in the turquoise shell.
Leave the widower in his private hell.
Leave the liberty in that broken bell today.

Leave the epic poem on its yellowed page.
Leave the gray macaw in his covered cage.
Let the traveling band on the interstate remain.

Cause everything must belong somewhere.
Sound-stage in California, televisions in Times Square.
Everything must belong somewhere.
I know that now, that's why I'm staying here.
Yeah I know that now that's why I'm staying here.

Leave the secret talks on the trundle bed.
Leave the garden tools in the rusted shed.
Leave those bad ideas in your troubled head today.

Leave the restless ghost in his old hotel.
Leave the homeless man in his cardboard cell.
Let the painted horse on the carousel remain.

Cause everything must belong somewhere.
Just like the gold around her finger and the silver in his hair.
Yeah, everything must belong somewhere.
I know that now, that's why I'm staying here.
I know that now, that's why I'm staying here.

In truth, the forrest hears each sound.
Each blade of grass as it lies down.
The world requires no audience.
no witnesses, no witnesses.

Leave the old town drunk on his wooden stool.
Leave the autumn leaves in the swimming pool.
Leave the poor black child in his crumbling school today.

Leave novelist in his daydream tomb.
Leave the scientist in his rubic's cube.
Let true genius in the padded room remain.

Leave horses hair on the slanted bow.
Leave the slot machines on the riverboat.
Leave the cauliflower in the casserole today.

Leave the hot, bright trash in the shopping malls.
Leave the hawks of war in their capitals.
Let the organ's moan in the cathedral remain.

Cause everything must belong somewhere.
They locked the devil in the basement, threw God up into the air.
Yeah, everything must belong somewhere.
You know it's true, I wish you'd leave me here.
You know it's true, why don't you leave me here?

Bright Eyes - I Must Belong Somewhere


Langkawi Getaway

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

If you haven't already figured, i actually made a short stop over at langkawi before i flew back to kuching for a short holiday and man i tell you, langkawi is a real haven if u get my drift. No? then ur loss.

The six of us went, the original four that went to melaka and also my other two housemates. Being a budget trip and all, we only spent less than 150 for transportation and accomodation to and fro for our two night trip to langkawi. Other spendings? better don't ask. Can cry thinking about it.We took the ktm from central to alor setar which took an excrutiating 12 hours and it doesnt end there, we had to take the ferry to langkawi. All i can say about this trip is that it is a good once in a lifetime experiencem using train and all. NExt time use airasia or something.
Arrived at the jetty, rented a car and drove to the hotel, but not before my friends buying a crate of beer. Only for 3o ringgit!

Caught up with some sleep and then at night we had dinner, went to the beach and finished up our liquor.
The second day was the best, went for cable car and go kart and stuff. W00t.

I ain't gonna elaborate much on the trip so i will just let the pictures do the talking.
Go visit my facebook. Got buttload of pictures.


Bag Of Balls

Monday, May 07, 2007

I needed sleep badly so i decided to skip ot today but only to return to a blackedout home. Stupid TNB cut the power. My plan of sleeping in the evening and catch up with my series later at night was shattered the moment i stepped inside my home.

With nothing to do i decided to, for the first time since i came to kl, tio wash my car. Believe it or not, i never wash my car. What for right? you wash then dirty again. Such a waste of time. Owh but before i washed my car i redecorated my kitchen, hung my laundry and played guitar.

The irony is that i did more today than i ever do on a normal day. Just so u know i got back last nite, in case you were wondering.


I Am Teh Back

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

1 1/2 hour ferry ride back = 18 ringgit
12 hour train ride = 20 ringgit
Ktm to subang jaya = 1.60 ringgit
bus to klia = 7 ringgit
flight back to kch = 112 ringit
spending the last 24 hours travelling back from langkawi back to kl and then back again to kuching non stop with only 4 hours worth of sleep = priceless.

As you can se from the above, i've spent 24 hours from sunday afternoon travelling back from langkawi back to kuching and to tell you the truth, it was a pleasant ride. I still have headache as of right now.

Enough about that. I am glad i am back home in kuching. Miss laksa and everything else. Langkawi on the other hand is a must! It was great. Went for cable car and go kart and went to the beach and drank cheap liquor. Did i mention the alcohol is cheap??!

Anyway i will post up pictures once i get it but right now i wanna enjot kuching!!