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Handshakes And First Impressions

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Today i intend to talk about something i've been experiencing a lot lately. I may not be the best person for this job but at least by saying it, it may do some difference if nto nothing at all. Who knows?

As long as i can remember my dad has taught me about giving a handshake. Firm grip was what he told me. You get a lot from a handshake from a stranger. Confidence, sincerity and such.

As of lately i've met a lot of people, new and old and like what we're taught, we give handshakes. Some are i respect, with a firm grip. But the rest, they just shake for the sake of shaking.

I don't know, maybe its the culture here or what, but the next time you shake hands with me, do give me a firm grip. You'll earn respect and get a good first impression. And if you're i girl, i like u better heh heh heh


My Anthem

Sunday, April 22, 2007

i think i may have found my song. If i were a song writer this would be my breakout single.

So we sit at this table with our hands in our laps
And we have a few drinks
And we share a few laughs
But now those days have passed
And they’re not coming back
It’s a shame, because that’s all that I had

And we’ll sing out loud for hours
Until the morning that we know we can’t avoid
These nights are notable and priceless
I swear that every word I say
I mean until my dying day
It’s a shame when I wake I can’t recall a thing
It’s a shame when I wake I can’t recall a thing

So keep things quiet
Until the rest of the street falls asleep
Then we’ll break out
And show everyone just what we’re made of
We're so young
Let’s abuse it all and have a little fun
Ill drink to that lets all drink to that

And we’ll sing out loud for hours
Until the morning that we know we can’t avoid
These nights are notable and priceless
I swear that every word I say
I mean until my dying day
It’s a shame when I wake I can’t recall a thing
It’s a shame when I wake I can’t recall a thing

I’ve got some problems
But we got ten dollars
That’s enough to get us wasted before the night is over
These past five days I’ve been completely sober
But tonight I’m getting ripped wide open

And we’ll sing out loud for hours
Until the morning that we know we can’t avoid
These nights are notable and priceless
I swear that every word I say
I mean until my dying day
It’s a shame when I wake I can’t recall a thing
It’s a shame when I wake I can’t recall a thing

Dave Melillo - Knights Of the Island Counter


And They Say

Friday, April 20, 2007

This was supposed to be yesterday's post but i just got the pictures today so it'll be for today's post . Yesterday at least i sang for you guys. Worth something is it not?

So it is confirmed. In a week or two there'll be another post under the ''The Getaway" label once again. This time we're heading to Langkawi. The Duty Free haven for those who enjoys alcohol and what not. Going there on a thursday (26th) by train and be back by monday morning. Can't wait.

This shall be put under Dayjob label. Meaning there'll be pictures of aircrafts.

a quick view outside of a 747 window.

And owh yea... MAS gave me their company car. NOOOT!


A Book Misread

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Was supposed to update my blog today with pictures for my dayjob label. Too bad my friend didn't send me them. So intead i'll sing you a song.
How was it? was it a good song?


When Was Your Last Time?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Today, after lunch, it began to rain cats and dogs. Not literally, but figuratively. It rained so heavily. Rain was pounding hard on the aircraft parked out on the open tarmac. Kinda serene, and peaceful.

Then i started to think, when was the last time i played in the rain. Actually played. Not running in the rain in search of shelter and what not. When i think about it, only a single moment pops up. Somewhere in primary school, playing football in the football field near my old house with neighbourhood friend.

I like rain. Rain is nice. It has a weirdly calming effect on me. So to relive it, i stood right at the edge of the hangar, where the dry tarmac met where the rainfall. Got a little wet though, when the winds decided to change direction.

Moments later was called to work, slightly drenched. Its all good, but turned out shitty working with wet clothes. Don't work with wet shirt. you feel like shit.


Keep 'Em Comin Babe

Saturday, April 14, 2007

This two weeks i'll be real busy, for once! I'm bent on earning as much as possiuble through overtime and at the same time, working on another video for a client. Yes i said it right, another client. Nothing special this time. Just wanted to make a slideshow video for friends, sometihng very similar to my Living stills video. In fact, very similar.

Been spending 5 hours today on the intro itself, which is only 39 seconds long and so far, i love it. The only hurdle i have got to jump over is the fact that i am requested to use chinese songs with friendship as the theme and of course working with pictures of strangers. The aim of the video to make everyone Emo and it'll be a challenge for me! Anyone out there can recommend me chinese songs about friendship please to comment. Need it urgently. The dateline is 25th but i plan to finish it by next sunday! Talk about dreaming big man.

Of course not forgetting we're getting paid for this. More than the last. If this keeps on going, i'd be a millionaire!! ahahha kidding.....



Thursday, April 12, 2007

All these labeling posts and getting away for the weekend has made me forget about uploading videos. Haish.

Like all great things, they all have small beginnings. Its the same for Fatfish. Our first official video would be a music video for Foo fighters - big me, but that i will upload on a different day. Today i have uploaded a video experimenting with various effects Sony vegas has got to offer. AA and this was made in u6a 2004 by our pioneer, Lai Jeng.



Did i ever mention that i've been to surgery. Root canal to be exact. Around 9 months ago. So yea.. just remembered i did.


I Must Belong Somewhere

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

There's something soothing about reading old posts of someone else's blog while being accompanied b Bright Eyes's latest album, Cassadaga. Makes me want to write a long post with proper english instead of my usual picture and video overloaded posts written with crappy abbreviated manglish which i am so fond of. But of course i can never be good at it. Never was and probably never will (by the looks of it). I try I try.

Today's been a normal day. Just like any other day on the job. Its pretty much the same thing day in day out. But do i hate my dayjob? I don't know, sometimes i do sometimes i don't. So what i do i think about the what if's. What if i were in a college? Or somewhere else? Would i be better off? Probably not. How often to get to be in a place where you're paid studying and doing cool stuff?? Almost like never. Still, things could be better i suppose. They always do. Be better. As long as we whine and complaint about it of course.

Signed out at work at 7pm today instead of the usual 445. Meaning i did overtime. I need the extra cash because ever since i moved, i've been spending more than im earning. TO the kids out there, simply equals to bad lifestyle. The absence of overtime for more than two months made me forget how much more fun it is to actually do it. Maybe you dont do better jobs. Maybe you don't get to learn more things. Maybe you'll be too tired to do anything when you get home and maybe it is just a waste of time. One thing for sure it is nice. With the lack of hangar personels in the hangar, you actually get to know your colleagues better. Get some time off and just talk to strangers, people who've never seen before, or even better about a person's experience in the Air force being posted overseas enjoying different cultures in different times. Like today. My Technician was talking about it. Living in Sarawak. Living in Sabah. Labuan. Los Angeles. Melbourne. Sydney. I think that's it. His word of advice. Travel. Learn other cultures. Then you can be a better person. I totally agree. This year i''ll probably end up in auckland. thinking of spending Chirstmas and New year there. Live the live like they used to say it. Who ever they is.

Can i say im sick of eating out? I think i can. I have lost the joy of thinking about what to to eat every single evening. Sigh. Double Sigh. Perhaps its time to go back to cooking dinner at home. 6 months of eating out is 6 months too long!



Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hi, since i made ''getaway' label i tot i ought to have more posts to be in it. And because of that yesterday which was a saturday my batch and i went to Ulu Yam, a nice place shares a striking resemblance to MAtang. Arrived there around 10 am and some of us started our fire for the bbq while the rest of us had a dip in its icy cold water. Serious shit. Ice cold.

Insert witty catchphrase here.

when u gotta go, you gotta go

no comments.

check out my six pack.... somewhere..

fire in the making

can you smell what we are cooking??

that's how you do it....

need i say more?? YahmEEE

fire's little brother....



Maybe You're The Coward.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

You probably don't remember this post. So just click on it and refresh your memory. I don't a necessarily believe in it but somehow these past couple of months, it has its way of turning back and biting back in the arse. I't just a matter of time before it will fully sink it's teeth in. Yeap.


Wallpapers Galore

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Today im feeling kind. So instead of the usual one, im giving you TWO!


The Lalas There...Horrible

Monday, April 02, 2007

Take a kopitiam and two overly bored guys, and what would you get from that? The perfect getaway. Over dinner and an hour later we ended up with an overly detailed plan to overcome excessive boredom. Time to getaway i said and he concurred.

The Wandering Souls:

Name : Woon Han Kiat a.k.a The Driver

Name : Chen Tzy Wen a.k.a the Twin

Name : Chen Tzy Shih a.k.a The Other Twin

Name : Alvin James a.k.a The Navigator

With every outing thou shall not every forgeth the camwhoring moments. It is sinful not to do so!

And the destination....

Yes sir! we drove to melaka last weekend for a one night stay there. What for? Why not?! But of
course on the way we had a short stop.

A short 4 hours later and we were at our hotel room taking a short nap. Century Mahkota Hotel to be exact. Right in front of Mahkota Parade. Even Melaka has a mall...

Did a thing or two after that but uploading pictures here is a pain in the ass. So i wish to leave the rest to your imagination!!


Who Ever Wants A Half Eaten Apple Anyway?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I resent Apple products. They are a bunch of rip offs. All eye candy without substance. e.g. Ipods. They cost so much for things that u don't really need. Who needs pictures and album art when u only want to listen to songs huh?

Anyway you can guess how i felt when i found out this piece of news from my friend. No idea? Cloud nine. Cloud nine. Some of you may have heard about their greatest newest product, the Iphone. To me it'll be the greatest Apple Flop. Yes sir. They're charging so much for a unit of crap.

Even before Apple are able to release their product, some guy has beaten them in their game by releasing his own Graphics Interface which mimicks the iphone. The best thing is that its a freeware. Its all free!!

This is how it looks like.

Head over to http://rychlicki.net/en/2007/04/01/174 for more information!