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Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'll update my blog tomorrow. Promise.


Am F***ing Bored

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I think i might have a problem here. Nothing biggie to the point of suicide (metaphorically speaking of course), but i am constantly bored. And not forgetting having short attention span. Seems worse than high school days.

I wonder what can i do? Anyone out there can suggest me a cure for such boredom? Please? Or u can just kill me now. BANG!


A Butt Load Of Pictures!

Monday, March 26, 2007

My apology for the two months delay, but like they all used to say, "better late than never". Today i wish to bring you a tour around my crib, my newly moved double story house. I would have made a video out of this, but i just don't feel like making one.

the front of my house!

There were many reasons why we decided to move. One was that a year sharing a room is far too long and and the lack of privacy, is just unbearable. Another main reason is that some of us had some housemate trouble. He wasn't a real good housemate. He may be a good friend on the outside but as a housemate, thats all Whack!
Tan's Room. Notice the new XBOX

My new house is just 5 minutes away from my old apartment. For 600 bucks a month and a room for my own, i think we got a GREAT deal. Need i say more? 4 room house for only 600. how much cheaper can u get!?
My ''see through'' stairs. Please don't ever wear a skirt here.

Anyway im so lazy to write about everything there is to write about my house. So just enjoy the visual overload.
The Messy living room..

The WIDEEEEE kitchen

Chen's Door. Notti NottiHis bed

His table.

Mark's Room, and if you look closely u can see his legs!
And of course a wide screen view of my room!
notice the two bigass speakers on the wall. Now that's what i call life!
A newly bought lamp, along side my computer speakers.
Last but not least, my computer table. Look at the top right of the picture, you can see my pick board!


Farewell Capeside

Friday, March 23, 2007

Alright then. i have only but one thing to say on this lovely saturday morning. I'm off to Melaka in a bout half an hour's time and this is so far the first from many to come.

Langkawi,ipoh,pangkor,kuching,redang,perhentian and all nice places you can think of, we've been thinking about it. Talking kok we may sound but everything comes from words which in the end turn into actions and reality.

This time i will make sure there's a trillion of pictures taken (camwhores not included) and post it up here for all your viewing pleasure!


Raise The Landing Gears!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm so addicted to taking pictures of my dayjob now that my friend has a decent camera phone.my first attempt at making a wallpaper. Unfortunately, 2.0 mp just wouldn't cut it.
a saudi arabian 747.
Painting in progress
And the rear end of an aircraft.


Bye Dan, Nature And Everything Else

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Champton will be leaving Malaysia in about an hour's time, and i just got back from a horrible bus ride back from klia.

Words can never describe the fun we had in kl whenever we were feeling shit bored so ill just end it here.


Did You KNow?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Did you know that in all aircraft, you can open the lavatory (toilet) doors from outside even if it's locked. This is all for safety purposes of course but im not going to tell you how!! HOHOHO


A Gift From Me To You

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I think from now on i'll post up a new wallpaper every now and then. I change my wallpaper pracically every a couple of days and i download many more every week from www.deviantart.com

Today's wallpaper is...


Kamek Curi

Saturday, March 17, 2007

layer 1
name: Alvin
birth date: 28 August 1987
current status: bored
eye colour: dark brown
hair colour: black
righty or fefty: lefty but willing to be ambidextrous

layer 2
my heritage: rojak
my fears: failing in life.
my perfect pizza: free pizza

layer 3
my thoughts first waking up: wtf is my alarm ringing so loud
my most missed memory: worry free days of high school and riding on my bike aimlessly with best friends.

layer 4
pepsi or coke: coke
mcd or burger king: mcd
single or group dates: never been on any
adidas or nike: neither.
tea or nestea: nestea. cos its instant.
chocholate or vanilla: of course chocolate.
cappuccino or coffee: nescafe 3in1 rich.

layer 5
smoke: nope
curse: every time i curse.
take a shower: usually.
have a crush: maybe?
think you've been in love: no
go to school: used to. but i think im over the age limit.
want to get married: in the future
believe in yourself: don't know
think you're a health freak: no.

layer 6
drank alcohol: drink? i live alcohol.
gone to the mall: the only place to go to here.
been on stage: yes
eaten sushi: yes but no like.
dyed your hair: nop.not vain enough.

layer 7
played a stripping game: nop, but i wan to watch one.
changed who you were to fit in: tried. trying.

layer 8
to be married: wait la.

layer 9
best eye colour:
best hair colour:
short hair or long hair:

layer 10
a minute ago: completing layer 5
an hour ago: searching for Sherwood - A different light
4.5 hours ago: watching in pursuit of happyness
1 month ago: in kuching enjoying my time off from work
1 year ago: enjoying naively my life as a trainee

layer 11
I love: love
I hate: hypocrites
I hide: feelings
I miss: having fun with friends without ever worrying about tomorrow
I need: motivation to keep going


I've Been Tagged

Friday, March 16, 2007

"Each player of this game starts off by giving 6 weird things about themselves. People who get tagged need to write in a blog of their own 6 weird things as well as state the rules clearly. In the end, you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names. After you do that, leave them each a comment letting them know you tagged them and to read your blog."

1. I'm a neat-freak. I can't stand things to be messy or things being dirty. I like things to be equal and in symmetry but unfortunately my laziness got the best of me. I'll always end up being too lazy to actually do anything about it. Since i've been in kl, i have been more hardworking and doing a lot of house chores.

2.I purposely subconsciously try to be different. I always wanna be different and usually i'll hate things that the rest likes and i'll like things other people know nothing about. Something like that. Just hate being labelled like wearing nike shirt or adidas shoes. I'll be just like everyone else. ( i have adidas shoes and a nike shirt now though. i feel so normal.)

3. I love music more than anything else. I spend at least 3 hours listening to my mp3 player at work and hours more on my computer. I don't listen to the lyrics. Instead, i listen to the guitar riffs and melody and the drums and imagine jamming the song, or wondering how on earth a bunch of people are able to create something so beautiful like that.

4. My life revolves around my friends.

5. I feel like my true calling has something to do with the arts. I like to create things and making things from nothing. E.g videos and songs.

6. My life motto has nothing to do with carrier or education or success. It's ''don't do anything what you don't want to be done to you". It applies everytime.

i tag kennysia, rojaks,xiaxue,absolutepunk,quaintly, kukujiao


The One Thing That I See Everyday IS The One Thing I Never Blog About

Today let me show you camwhores of planes. Would you like that? Would you like that?


Polay Polay

While i was standing on the wing tip of the L/H wing of a b737-700 (NG),my fellow colleagues were busy applying B1/2 half sealant on panels close to the ground spoilers.

Go figure

p.s : polay polay means ''slowly slowly'' in swahily.


Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly

Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's a band name. Serious shit! Anyway everything's cool. Video's done.


Is This The Start Of Something New?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Is it really? Any of you guys remember the video i made with lai jeng a couple of months back? Well if you actually spend some time on my blog you'll surely have seen me posting the video here.

Apparently that video was good enough that some of the college student spread it to outsiders and as of yesterday, we've been requested by some company to do a slideshowvideo for their business night thingy. Yes, someone's from outside as is actually asking us to help out.

The best part? The guy actually asked lai jeng how much we would charge them!? That's adefinitely a first! Well of course we're no legitimate company so we wont ask for much. Perhaps just to compensate out efforts and not forgetting our fuel.

Right now we're still thinking about it to whether to accept it or not because lai jeng's quite busy with studies. so Yea will update how it goes. FatFish studio....


Living Stills

Friday, March 09, 2007

It all start as a futile to make roger jiwang. And it worked. This is what you get for having only 2 days of editing. Came up with the idea so last minute but i think it is all worth it. Spent hours stealing pictures off of my friend's friendster and making daphne uploading more pictures onto facebook and yes of course no thanks to inn to didnt send me any. but its all good.

I only wish i have taken a lot more pictures from back in the days. Realised while i was making the video that i have so little pictures. Anyway thanks to everyone who helped and thanks to all my friends. Special thanks to those i mentioned on the video and those who i actually forgot to put (heh heh have too many friends la)
  • daphne
  • champton
  • gabriella
  • gloria
  • hanna
  • ian chong
  • jacintha
  • jane
  • jolynn
  • june
  • darren
  • kevin
  • lai jeng
  • nai chen
  • caroline
  • roger
  • seng
  • stan
  • theodore
  • yew inn
  • yien rong
  • michelle
The video is 14 minutes long and youtube only allows 10 minutes of video. So instead i cut the video into 3 clips. Enjoy! *works best with a shot of vodka*


Hi Alkie!

Ho Ho Chen's brother is here and tonight... we are having a party! No not that kind of weird party (shame on you for thinking such vulgar thoughts) but a jelly party! what jelly? Tan is currently working on the alcohol jelly downstairs so hopefully by tonight everyone of us will be enjoying vodka jelly.

It shall be good highlight for the day since today hasn't been such a great day. Tried sleeping twice but failed due to the hot blistering malaysia weather.

Anyway alcohol is bad remember. Just leave it all to me to discover all its dangers so i can ensure the safety of you kids.


15.7 Gigs.2986 Songs

Thursday, March 08, 2007

click me to see it clearer!
The worse part about having more than 3000 songs on your playlist is not having anyone to share it with. I suppose that's what you get or having such eccentric taste for music yes?

Underground alternatice indie american indie rock music or something like that. An excerpt from daphne's blog sometime ago describing the genre of music that we listen to. Yea so its like that. Blame the media for only letting the general population listen to only what the radio and mtv wants them to hear. There's so many good and great talented bands out there who's just waiting to break out. Don't believe me? I've heard of Fall Out Boy, Panic! at The The Disco And The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus long time before anyone of you heard them on the radio. There's Relient K too and if not mistaken Cartel's making it quite big on Trl.

So remember kids, say Tak Nak to mainstream media!



It's so quiet these days. Not the silent quiet but the kind where u feel so alone when everyone's around. Makes sense?

All i have to look forward are reading words from someone else's day.


Slow Dancing In A Burning Room.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I just don't know why but since i came back from for cny holidays, i have lost lost the urge to write on my blog. I don know why. Have i lost my lyrical muse for my blog? Looking back on my blog, i see there isnt any funny sarcastic witty posts about everyday things anymore, only me whining about life here or some video i made so many years back.

In order to keep this blog alive i suppose ill take some time to think of something good. It will sure take time because unlike before, i no longer can see normal mundane everyday things and think up something funny out of it. Damn how come ah?