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FHT 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

Remember i said not too long ago that i was working on a video with lai jeng. Well here it is! in two parts because somehow youtube do not allow videos to be more than ten minutes long. Watch it if u have the time.


We Drink To Remember Not To Forget

A bottle of Kwai Feh (some lychee cocktail) and two bottles of wine later and i still am not feeling the kick of the alcohol. Have i build a better resistance against alcohol or the alcohol level in those drinks not high enough for me? It's Chinese New Year's Eve and here i am at Yew Inn's place with kevin champton and theodore watching the Mawkish video i made a week back and reliving all our high school memories. Yes it was nice. But why must we drink? people drink to drown their sorrows, to hide their truth but like the wise theodore said, " We drink to remember not to forget"

So many days later and here i am back again to normality. What have i accomplished this trip? Hmm, ive made closer friends of course, and yes i found one of my long lost friend ( long as in haven't seen him for more than a year). That was fine. Looked the same as if we never did lose contact.

Chinese New Year this year is pretty much just like the rest of the years. Full of friends and how can we forget, FOOD. Yummy. The three days i spent visiting, i think ive eaten more than ive ever had in a week here in kl. One thing that cant be dismissed is that this year is so much quieter than before. Mainly because roger isnt here, nai chen isnt here, daphne isnt here and on the 3rd day of chinese new year, champton isnt here. Part of the reason why i came back to kl a day early. Partly due to the fact that tomorrow and sunday's flight is pretty much full! What la people? no life ka all must go back weekend!?

Anyhoo its been almost two weeks i've not had a taste of the internet so tonight i shall catch up with all the hottest gossip lying around the web here so goodbye!



Monday, February 12, 2007

I'm taking a week's hiatus again. Why you may ask? Cos this evening im going backto Kuching! YAY


Living Stills

Sunday, February 11, 2007

I realised, while i was working on a tribute video the past few days that i have so little pictures. Ok let me rephrase, i have none. All are taken by friends and stolen by me. heh. Now i feel a slight sense of regret for not having more pictures cause as of now pictures are the only thing left to remind us that memories were real.On a different note, i just got back from KLIA. Dropped by to see Roger off today. Won't be seeing him for at least 2 years since as of today, he's off to the land of LOTR and of course the all blacks. Wonder what Jacintha is feeling right now. Didn't have much time to chat with him just now. But i sure will cherish the moments we had together since high school.

I've known him since primary school but only really got close during YCS meetings since form 1. Every year we would have gotten closer and the best would be in form 5 when i got my motorbike. Those were the days when we would just ride looking for people's house (Jacintha's and Gloria's) and ride here and there and here again during weekends.

Maybe this is why i can't make new friends? I love my friends so much that i'm afraid that if i ever make new ones, close ones that i'll be betraying them. Sigh things moves forwards never backward. I hope in the future we would still hang out and perhaps Me Champton and Roger might have a nice little drink and start reminisce on days like these. that Is a BIG IF..

Yes so tomorrow i'll be going back to the KLIA and send off daphne instead. Thursday will be Nai chen's turn. Now let's have a moment of silence to jiwang...


Hum Hallelujah

Friday, February 09, 2007

after posting two short posts i figured that it is time to shed some light to what have happened recently. I've been living in my new house for almost two weeks now and i have to say it is the most wonderful feeling. The best i've felt since a long time. No more pretending and no more hiding in my room avoiding people. Now we are all ok! The only downside is that now we're acting worse than 5 year olds at home. LOL

So yea i just got the news that roger's leaving this sunday. Won't be seeing him for a long time but like what they all say life goes on. Am looking forward to meeting him at the airport this sunday to send him off. Next on the list is Daphne. She is leaving on monday and i am meeting sending her off as well. Wednesday i am sending nai chen off pulak. Ish, seems like this month is full of sending ppl off. Sigh, going back for cny next week but it shall never be as good as all the previous years. Missing so many friends already and i'm wondering how am i suppose to cope with all these void once i return to KL.

Ok i just ran out of things to say. can't really write well when you're listening to music so anyway, just hum hallelujah!


Filla Killa!

Yea just like bleach and naruto, this is another filler, but do not fear this time i have a treat. Just to give u a little taste of what life is like before i post something depressing and mawkish.


Its Nice!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hi im back! i finally got my inernet back and will poast up new pictures of the house soon but right now i got other things to sort out first.