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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

This this week onwards ill be taking a short hiatus due to the fact that i am moving house. Yes, have i mentioned that im moving. Feels great.


A Work In Progress

Sunday, January 21, 2007

It's true it is true what u have heard. FatFish studio is back. We're currently (mainly Lai jeng and i) working on a video for his college. Up to now, it is about 70% complete and so far, it looks to be the bestest work ever!On a different note, it is official!! i'll be moving to a HOUSE next weekend. Finally a room of my own. 5.1 surround here i come!! Woohoo.

p.s: will upload the video on youtube once i get it.


Karma Kameleoon

Friday, January 19, 2007

You believe in karma?



Thursday, January 18, 2007

We have decided. We have mutual understanding. We are going to tell everyone that 4 of us are moving out in march.

That leaves one.

It went smooth. Too smooth. Seemed premeditated. But its done. I am free.


Images Speaks Louder Than Words

Monday, January 15, 2007


Same Time Same Place

Friday, January 12, 2007

This time exactly a year ago. i was wide ago doing last mintue packing, getting ready to board my 1105am flight to kl. this time last year i was feeling superly excited and overwhelmingly sad not knowing what will happen to me once im there. Guess i did just fine. I'm still alive am i not? A year has passed and now planes are just a norm.


False Hope

Monday, January 08, 2007

Choices Choices. It sucks when someone introduces you the possibilites of doing something other than what you're currently doing. Now im caught in a net.


The Getaway

Saturday, January 06, 2007

This is the first weekend of 2007 and so far it's been good. Ok let me rephrase. Great. It feels great to have fun on Kl here. It so hard sometimes with everything going on here. The culture and financial constrictions and all.

Anyway today i paid a visit to UM (university malaya) to aid lai jeng on one of his new projects. FHT. Fiesta Hari Terbuka which is organized by his campus and lai jeng has been asked to help to provide the committee with a video which will introduce the main 10 members since they all have seen how good he can be with Vegas. The magic he creates with the help of Sony Vegas.

After the success of six degrees a few years back he asked me to help him as well. I believe it can be a good movie if not great! thought of all sort of styles and effects for it and when it is edited according to the plan, i doubt that anyone will be able to stop themselves from laughing! There's still more to shoot and Edit but have planned to shoot everything that is needed next weekend. Saturday and sunday !

AFter shooting met up with champton and marriane and made new friends! Its good to meet new people here, its been a long time since i last had some. I too did something new today! first time since i came. A good start for 2007. Hope there's more of this new thigns to come!


I Can't Believe It. This Sounds So Oddly Familiar

Friday, January 05, 2007

I found this post through daphne's blog....

No, not just because of the internet. I am just the person I would like to be when I return & wake up in that place everyday. It’s hard to explain. Back home, I feel I’m meant to be a backup of who I used to be years ago. Breathing time-capsule air, living in an archive. I only do this for my mother, and my friends. I spent the last two days with the people I’m fond of from high school, they’ve flown all around the world and we only see each other a few times a year. Like last night, and lunch today.

I miss them, and we talk till we laugh till we cry, but for the most part, I feel lost. I don’t know how to talk about places they’ve traveled during hols, the amount of baggage-kilos they’re allocated, how to obtain the PRs they want, favourite seasons in favourite places, price conversions of things like movies and popcorn, encounters with various italian men, nightmare foreign housemates. Sometimes we reminisce about high school (that is usually what makes us laugh till we cry) but you can only flashback so far before deeper comparisons set in and it gets depressingly bittersweet.

Sometimes we talk about relationships, The Universal Issue. Something that unites us all immediately. The currency of hearts & the tricky economy of it all guarantees hours of late night talk.(last night I found out they called it ‘The Game’, and I couldn’t sleep afterwards, wondering if I had been unwittingly playing it all this time). I managed to speak here, sometimes, but sparingly. I’m tired of repetition, and the newer news isn’t something I’m ready to toss into the pool to make into a stereotype & emphathised with.

I think I am the most different of them all now, because of how little I’ve seem to changed. I have no foreign study-atmosphere that induces rapid change. In Australia, UK, US, God knows where else, they’ve spawned and overwritten and embellished and morphed. Back in our time capsule at home, reporting all the changes is an exhausting, enthusiastic act. I’d like to think I have something to report too, that I too have traveled worlds of change without ever having stepped into another airport. In the time they have left, I stayed, & surprisingly endeared myself to this city that they all escaped. That can take a lot out of someone too.

But I don’t say a word. It’s hard to join in the conversation. Besides, observing is more interesting. I love to see how they are, and being around them is comfortable & familiar regardless of the alien languages they speak.
Above all, they never asked me how I was, because there were just far too many stories of theirs to tell.

(what a relief).


Frenster Or FrenRss?

Bloggers and blog readers, today I want to tell you about the latest in the Malaysian Blogosphere. It is the launching of FRenzRSS

I Welcome You 2007!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Hi. i woke up just 15 minutes shy to 2 pm today and realised, ''Hey, im not back in kuching?! I'm back in my apartment''. Seriously that was what i thought this afternoon and for the rest of the day? It was spent watching overly jiwang korean movie, death note and just moments ago, Thank You For Smoking.

It's a new year and its a new clean slate for most of us. Different people would do different things and for me, i still haven't got a clue what i should do. I do have some new year's resolutions but they are a tad bit a little too personal so i'll leave them to myself.

I think, if everything went as planned, daphne darren and the rest of the kuching gang would have folded up their letters, perhaps one smal peice of memorabilia, stuffed them into a newly bought tupperware and of course finally buried it somewhere in the viscinity of darren's backyard. Ain't too romantic i suppose but i think it's the safest place to put our ''Time Capsule'' (insert reverb here) in hopes that in maybe 5 years or 7 or 8 years time, all of us would gather once again (maybe accompanied by a bbq ass well), unearth the tupperware and laugh while reading back our letters. Imagine where we would be then when we;re reading letter written by ourselves, meant for us and reminscing the day we wrote it. Mawkish i would say.

I intended to include a Rm300 receipt in the time capsule but just like the most of us, i was too caught up about the new year that i totally forgot about it. Even my letter i had to email it to them.
Sigh, i just hope this year would be a good year to the least though from what i foresee, it's going to be hard. Pretty soon everyone's leaving to somewhere outside of malaysia, one by one and by the end of the year, it'll be almost like how i was like in form 6. Knowing this fact before hand i am sure i'll do me very best to avoid these deep dark feelings to resurface and yes one of my new year's resolution is to socialize and make new friends.
So now it is time to say bye bye to 2006, a year much like a rollercoaster ride, full of ups and downs and time for us human beings usher in 2007 with mile wide smiles. I'll end this with a quote i made up back in the days of spm studying in libraries of 2004, "Now let's us have a moment of silence to jiwang".

P.S, I'll drink to that!