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The Question

Monday, November 27, 2006

Have you ever wondered about something so deep, so profound that you would just end up with more questions instead of an answer for it?Well today i got the solution for it.

Whenever in doubt. GOOGLE IT!

Look Ma!! I'm On Tv

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I had a great Saturday yesterday. Great to the most powderful-ness to tell you the truth! What's so great you might ask? Well, i'll tell you all about it today since im feeling quite generous!

It all began a few days back when i remembered that it was roger's birthday on the 21st, and in conjunction to that, i decided to meet the old gang up and sort of have a belated celebratory gathering, of course!

Went to Sunway pyramid, met up with champton, roger&jac and watched casino royale ( it really sucked. who ever wrote the movie decided to strip off the action car chases, the beautifully gadget-ed cars and the gadgets and replaced it with long boring love scenes). After movie the 3 of us headed back to me place (minus jac).

AAah, at my place was where all the fun began. I might have not mentioned this before but afew weeks ago i bought myself a bottle of vodka all for myself. And since i have in posession a bottle of irresistable alcohol, the three of us decided to indulge ourselves with some of that sweet sweet liquor.

A bottle of vodka,3 packs of peanute, orange juice, sprite and 12 nuggets later, we all went to bed. A good night's sleep it was! Owh we weren't drunk yesterday. You all know us. We are all responsible drinkers and we know when to stop. That's why we stopped when we finished the bottle. heh.

But anyways, it was a good experience.. enjoyed it lots! And owh.. did i mention that i was going to be back for a week + during xmas! yea new year baby!!!!






Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I realised that lately, my blog has been lacking in the written department. I don't know why but its just that i don't feel like sharing my feelings and opinions to the public anymore. Maybe because i actually don't have anything interesting to write about (besides anything about aircraft) or perhaps it could be because that i don't want anyone to know how i am. I don't want to look for pity or anything like that. I just wan things to be at it is. I've even thought of starting an anonymous blog. No one will know who i am and thus, i can write about anything!

A friend of mine mention me the other day that we've been here for more than 10 months. 10 months! thats like 2 months shy of a year! time flies really fast when you're having.........fun. There's a lot of things i've learn since the beginning of the year and most of it ain't about aircraft. To think about it, our knowledge for aircraft is still pretty basic. Kinda sucks to thing about it. But what i've learn most since arriving here is mostly about living independently.

I've learned that there's no one here to clean up your mess. Everything that you do will effect someone else in one way or another. Be it washing the dishes or even saying something. It may annoy or hurt someone else. Well, thats beside the point. My point being is that here, i've got to do everything on my own. Its so hard to rely on other people. Washing the dishes, doing the laundry, cooking, taking out the garbage, groceries, etc.. all of that i have to do it on my own. At first it was kind of annoying but now, its second nature.

Living independently surely has its goods and its bads. Here, there'll never be naggings from parents and curfews. Everyone can do whatever one wishes to do. Total freedom. Its great as well as bad. Too much freedom cant be evil to some people. It all depends on the discipline and the upbringing i suppose. I have learned to set rules formyself though i break them most of the time!

The worse part of being here is that you sometimes feel lonely. Nobody to talk to or hang out with. All of high school friends are far apart or busy with their own lives and now you're stuck here with nothing to do. that happens to me a lot of time. Waiting indefinitely also sucks! it can really make you go crazy..... but thats not the point.

I've spent 5 minutes thinking how i should i end this. Like normal people would do they would connect this with a memory or experience that goes something like '' i remember when i was a kid i said bla bla bla'' but i wont. ill just say finish!

Love And Everything In Between.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Perhaps its time for me to write something about my love life. To start things off........

Maybe i wont... Ho Ho

Croc Shoes Review

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

This post is stolen from kennysia's blog. I saw the shoe the other day, tried it, felt great and decided to promote it on my blog!

Crocs is a brand of footwear that seems to be all the rage right now.

They aren't that big in Malaysia yet, but these odd-looking shoes are everywhere in Hong Kong and Singapore.

It's hard to miss them, what with their bright in-your-face colours and all. The only thing weirder than their designs is how the heck something not quite a shoe, not quite a sandal, not quite a clog became so damn popular. Even A-list celebrities from Matt Damon to Faith Hill were heard singing praises about them.

Crocs Malaysia has given me a pair of Crocs Beach to try out without any obligations to review them on kennysia.com.

My immediate reaction when I first laid eyes on them was "what the hell is this funny-looking thing"? Then I showed them to Cheesie and she went "Hey, that looks like cheese!"

Cheesie: "It's yellow and holey!"

Let's face it, this is probably not the kinda footwear you'd see in the latest issue of Vogue or GQ Magazine. Crocs is the latest fashion trend as well as the greatest injustice to both the words "fashion" and "trend".

I won't say that it's ugly. Let's be diplomatic and just say that it's "an acquired taste" and "take some getting used to". :P

It actually took me a bit of courage to start wearing the Crocs Beach around town. Crocs are not yet released in Kuching (though we do have some big hungry ones in our rivers), so my footwear has been getting quite a lot of attention here. So far I've got all sorts of comments from "OMG WHAT IS THAT?!" to "Hey that looks so cool and funky!"

Crocs aren't the best looking shoes, but I gotta admit it grows on me after a while. I especially love it when I'm at a friend's place and see my cheese-yellow Crocs stand up among the boring black leather shoes and brown sandals at the door steps.

Sure, it's chunky, oversized and make me look like a clown, but I'd be lying if I said Crocs is not the most comfortable shoes I've ever put my foot in. A lot of credit goes to the resilient foam-like material the shoes are made of, which moulds into the shape of my soles with the aid of body heat. There are also ventilation holes on the top and sides of the shoes to keep the feet cool.

Don't get me wrong, I still love my Nikes, but I can walk all day, step through rainwater, wriggle my toes in my Crocs, and not end up with smelly feet at the end of the day. CAN YOUR NIKES DO THAT?

That's probably the reason why it's so popular. You won't know how soft it is until you try. Crayon-coloured clogs might top of the list of fashion faux pas, but only time will tell whether or not Crocs will suffer the same fate as fashion fads like platform shoes, transparent bra straps and dyed blonde hair.

In the meantime, you'll definitely see me wearing this around a lot more often.

Standing On Your Hands

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ah-ha! Popozao y'all! Allright i've updated my links on my blog. From now on u can also go to my youtube account to watch all of my uploaded videos whenever u guys have time la of course. Like im forcing u....

Today i have another episode of insane primate. Enjoy!

Po, Po, Po, Po, Popozão, Popozão

Owh my.. i think i have found one of the dumbest song everr..

This guy is even funnier than Weird Al himself. wow wow wee wow..

Kevin federline - popozao

Tats the song mate.. go agead and download it. Its great!!!

this is my favourite part of the song

Po, Po, Po, Po, Popozão, Popozão
Po, Po, Po, Po, Popozão, Popozão
Po, Po, Po, Po, Popozão, Popozão

As Seen On TV

I presume everyone you reading this have heard of the phrase '' as seen on tv'' and of course i know you guys all know that all those products on those infomercials on tv never really work like they were shown on the screen. Come on please... how can u lose ten pounds in 5 days! No hunger and no pain! *thumbs up*

What im trying to say is that things arent all sugar coated like the things u see on television.. nothing ever is. Tv's made up.

This past weel i have been up to nothing. Seriously. From those documentary ive seen on discovery on engineering and things related, i would think that people are constantly working their ass off, banging each other's head solving problems here in hangar, but to my surprise, it turned out to be quite the opposite.

There's so little work done that i get bored out of my mind the minute i arrived at work. To make things worse is that when there's no work, we're not allowed to rest in the crew room. We're expected to work even if there's none to begin with. Its all in the art of pretending and making oneself busy.

Enough with the whining.i will end it here tonite.Hope u guys don get disappointed when all of you start working... heh heh heh


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Wow wow wee wow.. i ACTUALLY have people subscribing to my youtube videos..

Now... before i know it, i'l be rich!

Dont Bother

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I'm Feeling Rather Kind Today

Some of you might still remember this while the rest of you don't. Have no fear, i have this video to refresh your dull memories.

It may take a while but i'm telling you, it is damn worth it.. heh heh heh

Say It With Me, Antidiseshtablishmentariasm

HI!!!!! Hi kanak kanak Di rumah!! Hari ini.. Abang akan ajar adik adik di rumah di sana beberapa huruf abjad! Yea betul!!! abang mane ade tipu. Abang ni baik.

Adik adik di rumah tau ape tu huruf abjad? Kalau tak tau, takpe, sekejap lagi abang akan tunjuk beberape huruf and juga contoh contoh objek objek harian yang dieja dengan menggunakan huruf tu ye...

Baiklah adik adik, baik abang mulakan ye, tap payah nak cakap sampai berbuih buih mulut.

Kita mulakan dengan abjad yang pertama... Iaitu , huruf A

aaah.. itu dia.. huruf A kita. Seperti yang boleh dilihat dalam gambar itu dik, A untuk Jam Loceng.

Seterusnya, abang tunjuk abjad G
Iyee.... G untuk ape???? Betul TU!!! UNTUK buah anggur!!! Adik adik pandai la!! macam abang tak perlu ajar je.. heheehe

OK, Next.. eeee cakap orang puteh pulak abang ni... Huruf I.
I untuk apa? I untuk Seterika. S-e-t-e-r-i-k-a!

Dan akhir sekali untuk episod hari ini adik adik di rumah, abang ajar adik adik abjad Q. Benda ape di dunia ini bermula dengan huruf Q ye ye? Hmm.. senang aje. Abang akan Tunjuk. adik perju bersabar sedikit sahaje.

PAndai!!!! Q untuk kain menutup tilam!

Jadi itulah rancangan untuk hari ini. Semoga abang bertemu lagi pada hari and waktu dan sama!! Dan adik adik ingat,

Gunakanlah kondom apabila melakukan SEKS!

Lucky Number Seven

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Eh, i read my blog and i realised i tagged myself. Does this mean i have to list out 7 songs again?Would that work if i were to tag myself over and over again. tag myself300 times more and ill end up listing all my songs?

Will it will it? some one tell me?

How Does This Stuff Work?

I just got back home a few moments ago and i am glad that my downloads for both prison break and heroes are done! Yes, 90 mins worth of watching tonight!

As usual everytime i log on i will drop by some blogs to read and i stumbled upon daphne's blog. She tagged me and now i am supposed to list out 7 songs that i love at the moment.

So who started this anyway? and why 7? why not 8? why ah why ah why ah? So many questions pop up in my mind, and no, its more than 7 questions!

For me to list 7 songs is terribly difficult. How am i suppose to do it? i like so many songs. Too many. How ah how ah how ah how ah?

But no fear ladies, ill try my best today because i am feeling nice today. Wait, im always nice anyway! heh heh heh.

  • Jonezetta - Popularity
  • Mayday Parade - When I Get Home
  • Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves
  • Say Anything - Admit It
  • This Providence - Beautiful Rescue
  • Punchline - The Getaway
  • Damien Rice - Older Chests
So thats pretty much what im enjoying now, but there's still a million more songs i like.Wait, 2167 songs to be exact. A Word of discretion though, please don't go downloading the songs please, piracy is a crime!

On another note... ive been doing my practical since monday on an Saudi Arabian Airlines Boeing 747-SP, which is short for special performance. Why special? aah... its because the fuselage is significantly shorter compared to the other b747 series from the 200-400 series. Due to this fact, the aircraft can cruise for a longer time which is good for long haul flights.

Yes my point is since yesterday i was posted to be in Zone 700, which is basically the landing gear. Im under these two technicians, one is an indian dude, and one is a chinese dude.

This is how they converse on a day to day basis:

Indian Dude: DIU!!!!!
Chinese Dude: DIU!!!
Indian Dude: OI Farker! Faster DO Work!!!
Chinese Dude: OK la, what FARKER!?!? Pundek you la!

Indian Dude: Can do the work faster or not??!?!
Chinese Dude: Farker la, if u wan faster you do yourself la!!!
Indian Dude: DIU!!!

Indian Dude: You know how to speak chinese ah?
Me: me ah? erm.. can la a bit of hokkien.
Indian Dude: YEa i also can la abit, but all rude rude wan.
Indian Dude: DIU!!
Chinese Dude: KNN!!

You get the picture?. Cant stop laughing.
Owh yea... i'm supposed to tag 7 other people so that they will list their favourite 7 songs?.