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The Clock Ticks On And On And On.....

Monday, July 31, 2006

i cant believe it. 6 months. i've been here for 6 months. arrived here in kl on the 13th of january and here i am. alive and still kicking, kicking hard on the wall.

i thought i's be having a tought time settling in, who could have known that after just half a year, ive made myself at home at this apartment on a 5 storeys apartment building. everything's pretty much perfect. i am happily contented with my complete kitchen and bedroom. i have everything ill need right under this roof.

routine. that's the road im riding on now. wake up bathe school go back home evening meal dinner spend rest the night in front of my computer screen catching up with old friends and new ones online.

Aahh, life's sweet with a dash of bitterness and perhaps a faint after taste. can't get any better than this i suppose, though a little challenge is always welcome....

Gone Somewhere Made Up

Sunday, July 30, 2006

i want to make this a long one, but suddenly i got the urge to go to toilet....

Seng Has Triplets

Saturday, July 22, 2006

After being out for practically every weekend for the past what, 2 months, i finally got the chance to stay home for the weekend. Reasons why? wnat to save money is part of it, and wanting to finish off all my movies an shows. Been saving it for so long now. Out out out.

i've also tried to update my blog several times this week, but to no avail. Never did find anything to write. Yea so anyway, friday was spent on watching Lost and playing Quake 4. Watched Silence of the lambs too. Damn good. should watch.

Last night instead i watched 2 episodes of lost and then roger msg-ed me that he wanted to sleep over. While waiting for him, tan and i bought Durians. 3 big ones for 20 ringgit. Delicious. Can't remember when was the last time i ate them.

And finally, the truth is Kim seng forced me to update my blog and he also wanted to tell the world that he has 3 balls instead of 4.

Boredom Breeds Art

Saturday, July 15, 2006

was so bored a couple of days ago so i decided to meddle around with this new audio editing software, Acid Pro.

Recorded something and then recorded video with it.

this is what i got.

Wheels Spin While I Sink

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Eyh two posts in one night. Is it snowing out there? Guess not.

Out of a sudden, just like something that is out of a sudden, i have this urge to go out. Go out and drive aimlessly around. But this no Kuching. One wrong turn my be the end of it all.

SO because of that i guess im just going to rot here tonite. On a saturday night some more. DAmn.


Things Come And Go, To Where I Do Not Know

Its been so long since ive actually entered something on my blog that i doubt anyone ever comes here and read my musings anymore.

Today shall be different. Its just a minute past one in the morning and for some strange reason, i just don't feel like watching any movies and that no one is actually online. So silent

Lately ive been going through some changes. To the better? That is one thing i cant answer. ITs either me or the people around me but one things is for sure is that i perseive things that happen around me so much diffrerently. In addition, there is something that's bugging me on the inside but i just cant quite put my finger on it. Weird it may seem but it is just so. Inexplicable is it.

Most of the time now i just prefer walking around the halls in my school alone, not being bothered and all just to kill time instead of just sitting and waiting in class. So mundane.

Even my will to write, to compose, to create has all gone away stored in a box somewhere and i just don't have the key for it. Like what i usually like to say, mental constipation. It's there but just won't come out. *Ploop*

My mom once told be on the telephone that i must be careful of the friends i make and what i tell them. Not to get too attached or too close to them. Sooner or later it will come back and bite you. Somehow or rather its true. I can feel it now. Spite and malice filling up my thoughts with every sight.

I was back in kuching a couple of weeks ago. Was great to be able to stay home and sleep the hours away but i know it could have been better. Did do most of the things on my ''to-do list''. At least thats something.

Hung out with champton and roger and also stanley quite often lately. Futsal movies and sleepovers. Days i longed for but only got a few months left. Everyone. All of my old good buddies are all going away by march next year. Overseas. Further their studies. Next step in life. that would be when my new year would start. A new way of life. Mundane things will be all that i have got left i suppose. hanging out with me housemates.

The next post is probably gonna take a long time to appear. To write something nowadays takes a lot into account. Boredom+jiwangness+emo+lack of things to do+ abscence of will to move my ass off the chair = fairly good post. In fact last week i decided to kill my blog in conjucntion with its one year anniversary but later on i thought ill just leave it there just in case a day like this day might just come by.

So yeah, life's like that and im like this. Somewhere in between. Post's getting too long. Readers might have fallen asleep. Sweet Dreams, not wet ones.