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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

It's just a little over 1130 and im here enjoying my time surfing the internet. I'm watching Jarhead now, well im done actually but i just felt like making the sentence in present tense and what not, after reading what lilian said bout my posts. Distant eyh? how far.. ho ho

Watched the movie without any prior knowledge of what it is all about, but it turned out a great movie. ITs not for everyone because it is filled with a lot of profanities and drama. My kind of movie.

I have no idea why but recently i have the ability to write on my blog, so today i might as well write about things that ill be doing of have done yea?

Ill most probably go back kuching over the weekend if everything goes well. Ive planned everything that im going to do while im back home.

  1. eat kolo mee
  2. sleep on my queen size bed
  3. eat home cooked meal ( cooked by mom, not me)
  4. go out and eat
  5. eat gu bak mee
  6. eat laksa sarawak
  7. eat rojak
  8. eat peng hu
  9. sleep on my queen size bed
  10. drive on a traffic free road
  11. breathe clean air
  12. eat kolo mee
  13. eat kolo mee
  14. eat peng hu
  15. eat sio bee
  16. meet friends
  17. futsal
  18. forget to wash the dishes and doing the laundry
  19. tomato mee
  20. kueh tiaw tomato
  21. kuching fried kueh tiaw
  22. kueh tiaw soup
  23. ang tau peng
  24. matterhorn
  25. kolo mee
  26. kueh chap
  27. remember that i have to go back to KL
  28. kolo mee
  29. sleep
  30. kolo mee
  31. visit school
  32. laksa
  33. laksa
  34. go home
i think thats about all that ive planned for now. Will surely squeeze in here and there more things to be done while im back home.

Now i am able to go back as often as i want! since my rebate tickets has been activated.

Welcome Again

Monday, June 19, 2006

Finally i've gotten my beloved computer back after waiting for approximately five weeks.

All this while i haven't been giving much thought about my blog. I find it that i barely have any interesting things that happpen to me that would be worthy to appear in my blog.

Yea so anyway im hoping from now on i can try to update my blog, inserting more pics and stuff.

This was taken during the last week of my practical. Try to stop where i am.

before you leave you gotta watch this.

Build The Momentum

Saturday, June 17, 2006

All right, i know ive not been fulfilling my duty to update my blog but hey! i got no comp. It just doesnt feel right to update using someone's comp.

Anyways, im getting my comp back tml and hopefully i can update more often. ho ho


Saturday, June 10, 2006

This is my temporary template though its not properly edited. I suck at html.

Please comment on it. Black or white? that is the question. i might be editing this template after all?? adding pictures for headers and stuff lidat


I'm looking for ideas for a new template. Problem now is i cant decide on what kind of style.

Watermark background? white background? black background? coloured? monochromatic?
Please give me suggestions on my tag board... thanks a million million.

Whoever's idea gets to be used wins something special


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Today is the sixth of june 2006. If you write it in numerals, it'll be 6.6.06 or.. 666. Devil's number.

This doesnt happened very often so i just thought i might as well keep a record of it on my blog.

Something beside the point, imagine a movie bout a blind girl and a deaf/mute man. Comunication is the key.

No offence.

Skeletons In The Closet

I was feeling rather bored yesterday. No one updated their blog. Had too much time in my hands to fill before dinner. Opened my blog and so i began reading all of my posts.

Didn't know how big of a different person i was before. All of my early entries had a gloomy and a depressed feel to it. I don't even remember myself being that sad! It is just weird to think back and remembering how my daily routine was back then. School, dota, eat and sleep. I've mentioned this more than just one occasion in my blog.

A post reminded me of a very significant date. friday 14th, may 2005. That was when roger ian and i hung out all nite, nite before roger had to leave. Badmouthed and talk bout life and everything. One of the best days for the year. I wish i cud have it again sometime. mebbe in kl this time?

But, not all of my posts revolved around my boring life or how sad i felt about the fact that everyone has gone away leaving me to rot back home in kuching. There were also few entries which carried a lighter or happier note. My can be seen gradually becoming ''brighter'' so to speak as the months pass by. I wrote bout my passion a few times, my band and music. When my recorded my song with ian, so instance, i also uploaded it onto my blog. Just to share it with everyone.

Believe it or not, i still do listen to it sometimes. It brings me back to the day i started recording it. 3 more weeks. One of the line in the song itself, basically meaning there was only 3 weeks before ian left for curtin. Damn, days leading up to tat fateful day was just dreadful and after that, things gotten even worse. I never felt so bored and lonely in my life! No friends.

Around october or so, i felt so much better, after finding out the prospects of me getting MAS engineering. Remember going for the interview on a thursday, and skiping class for that, and later the nite finding out that my frens were skipping friday. I skipped too.Blame peer pressure yea!

Holidays came and i remember clearly, the first week we went to damai with some old friends and also some new friends as well. Ever since then, i began to slack in my blog updating duties. Felt as if i din need to get my feelings out anymore. I was feeling excited and everything. Jammed a couple of times i think? Cant really remember.

Then the fateful day came. I left for kl. Months passed and here i am now. My blog will be a year old next month. Im planning to change my template by then. Time flew so fast. Didn't even realise it. Never knew how reading old entries could bring back so many lost memories and also, made me realise how much better at writing i was last year. Damn. I've written a post on reading old entries. I still think it is a good idea. Perhaps one of these days ill read someone else's blog.

P.S : one of my september entry, entitled ''aim snap fall''. As jiwang as it may seem and how very real, the fact is that i made it all up. For the fun of it.