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Nice Start

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I just sat for my exams last thurs. Planned a great three day weekend doodle-ing with my comp. Exams was ok, wasn;t quite what i expected but since its done, there's no use complaining

Today is Sunday, Mother's day to be exact and i think im not going to do one of those cheesy ''mom's the greatest'' or ''taking things for granted before and now regretting never acknowledging all the scrifices'' or any of those shit. Don't mean to be rude, but its too common. EVery bit is true and i dun think i need to say it aloud. I'll just call up my mom. Easy as dat. Ho Ho Ho.

If you think i may sounds a little pissed off, well then you are right. My comp just died on me yesterday. All my plans went down the drain. But its ok... i have a month of practical.. still can play games and stuff rite?? *EEEEKKK*Wrong! Had a tiring day today, went to low yat to get it fixed. Found out the motherboard has problems and need to rpelace it. Dats ok.. the guy changed it for me.

But wait.. there's more...... my comp's one month old already, so now i have to wait another month for replacement as it has to go through the warranty. What a joke.,... now i shall sufer my dull nights with nothing to study or read. thanks a lot..

Damn.... why oh why i ask...

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