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Starry Starry Eyed Surprise

Monday, May 29, 2006

Owh my, i never realised something. All the while i've been in Kuala Lumpur is that, every single night, the skies's never filled with stars.

All ive seen is lights reflected fro mthe busy city light on the clouds. Stars, i miss looking up at clear night stars, waiting for shooting stars. Something ive done long time ago during my school days.

I remember laying on beach, or even on the school track, staring into the sky and waiting for a brief sight of a shooting stars. In fact! i even wished upon some of them, just like thoe people in fairy tales, or in love stories always do. Ahha.. not like they ever come true, ah but it was still fun.

Stars. big burning balls of gasses and fire. Something i will not see for a long time. Now, looking at the starless skies will always remind me of home. Home where there are an infinite numbers of stars, each has a potential of making a wish to come true, not caring how prepostorous they may seem. Blah... jiwang gik!

Welcome To My Life

This has been a due-ed entry which i should have posted when i first moved in, or even when i got my internet service last month. Unfortunately, due to the lack of material possessions and the lack of cameras, i didn't.

Well, after reading stanley's blog which has a small paragraph describing vaguely about my room, i decided perhaps it is about time i show all of you ladies and gentlemen out there how my ''bachelor pad'' actually looks like.*this is my kitchen, with newly acquired rack, whom my housemate bought yesterday. Left is my washing machine and fridge, while on the right is my stove. At the end is my shoe rack.

I'm renting an apartment with four other colleagues which is around 450 ringgit a month. What a bargain! 5 minutes drive from my school. Wonderful i tell you.

*part of my living room, filled with new audio system for tan's or chen's car. Dont know, cause' they both bought them.
Chen working on his speakers i suppose? not even sure!
*My other toilet
Two hamster cages. Bought another cage because one of them gave birth. Too bad all teh babies died. And the clock, it runs backwards.

Peek a boo!!, there's my air cooler thingamajig! It doesnt work anymoer though. It blows just plain air, not cooled.
My bed, for the first time it was made, my chair and my table, underneath it is my comp. All wrapped in the box
*My entertainment centre. My only refuge.

My failed attempt on being LALA.
A view out of my window.
Two also can play at this game... my favourite friend, which i think i almsot fell in love with. heh heh heh. I might marry it, but i think i'd rather not. People might think im nuts!

Aircraft Standard Practices

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Aircraft standard practices, or ASP for short. That's what i've been doing for the past 3 weeks for my OJT, or on job training or for those who don't understand any of my aircraft jargon, it is similar to practical, only it sounds cooler.

What you're looking at is a piece of mild steel, coated with a tough layer of carbon and corrosion, due to exposure to the atmosphere (like duh, bet all ofyou have passed ur form 1 science).

We were taught how to work a hacksaw, calculate and measuring using inches , yes inches, no one uses the matric system in the aircraft business. Here's a useless bit of information, a thousandth of an inch is called a tao. tau tak? sekaran dah tau? satu tao. tau?

It aint as easy as it might look like, honestly speaking. Hacksawing can take more than 30 mins. It takes around 20 mins to cut tat cause its thin. Then had to file the edges to make it flat and at right angles.

After doing all of that, we had to polish it until like this!
YEs sir, that's a bottle cap opener. Haha... nice eyh?took me three days.
Most recent project was this. had to make threads on that and on a bolt. Was much easier, but still hellish-ly tiring.

P.S, those aint mine. my housemate's. he took pics, so i stole it

You Know What?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You know what? what some things that i've noticed

*no matter how ''kuai'' ppl might appear, they are always horny on the inside! ahah.... ho ho

except me.

Little Critters

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I have nothine else better to do so i thought i might as well do something almost productive.. like blogging. Found a few of my brother's photos and of my nephew and niece. Now i shalll introduce them to you.

I have some extra pics of my bro and his wife but i know putting them on might make some ppl i know a lil too happy... heh heh heh. So anyway, my nephew is 6 years old and his name is Cameron. His lil sis is just almost 2 years old and she's called, Chelsea. They alll live in kl, which makes it quite great cause i can drop by whenever i want (once a month).

I din really plan this entry so i guess tats it. blah!

One Too Many Movies

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Had a conversation with a friend earlier on about our futures, life and everything. Then we started talking about age we would get married, and of course what kind of wedding it would be. She wants a garden wedding, which reminded me of forrest gump, where he finallly marries his long love Jenny. Cool thing about it, i just watched that great movie only last weekend.

I think when im getting married, ill have a nice wedding just like in the movies, But don't get the wrong idea, this post aint about weddings! im trying to cut down on my ''jiwang'' entries. And also ive noticed one thing while i was blog-hopping, there's just too many blogs about How God helped and gave them strength. Too many..

There's not a main theme for today's entry and no pics either. Im and my brother's house right now. Havent had any inspiration lately and with the lack of a personal computer, my creativity is just stunted. 3 weeks to go and i shall get it back though.

As compensation, i've been listening to internet radio quite a lot lately. Didn't know how many good bands are out there! And on purevolume.com, there's even more! I know this is one site i can never get sick of. All sorts of bands that are to my likings( might not suit your tastes) can be heard on the site, and most of them are not signed or in other sense, cant be dl-ed on your p2p progs. what a waste yeah??

Like i've mentioned before, im doing my practical right now, but who culd have known what kind of torture ive got my self into?? ahah spend the wholse week cutting metal using hacksaw and filing. It may sound easy but trust me.. it takes ages! Spent an hour just to cut a piece of metal, and that's just mild steel. From what i've learned, mild steel is the softest. And the filing on the other hand, takes even more hours to to remove like 1/32 of an inch. Oh my god.. my hands are still sore until now. Got some cuts and bruises on my palms and can visibly see how rought my palms had gotten!

Just started on my second project which is a to be a bottle cap opener. I'll try too get some pics up within this week, I'll definitely show you my last project! that's a must! amazing feat of engineering im telling you!

Now see this

Monday, May 15, 2006

check this out, we did this about a year ago.. and found out just now that my friend uploaded it! lol..

Nice Start

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I just sat for my exams last thurs. Planned a great three day weekend doodle-ing with my comp. Exams was ok, wasn;t quite what i expected but since its done, there's no use complaining

Today is Sunday, Mother's day to be exact and i think im not going to do one of those cheesy ''mom's the greatest'' or ''taking things for granted before and now regretting never acknowledging all the scrifices'' or any of those shit. Don't mean to be rude, but its too common. EVery bit is true and i dun think i need to say it aloud. I'll just call up my mom. Easy as dat. Ho Ho Ho.

If you think i may sounds a little pissed off, well then you are right. My comp just died on me yesterday. All my plans went down the drain. But its ok... i have a month of practical.. still can play games and stuff rite?? *EEEEKKK*Wrong! Had a tiring day today, went to low yat to get it fixed. Found out the motherboard has problems and need to rpelace it. Dats ok.. the guy changed it for me.

But wait.. there's more...... my comp's one month old already, so now i have to wait another month for replacement as it has to go through the warranty. What a joke.,... now i shall sufer my dull nights with nothing to study or read. thanks a lot..

Damn.... why oh why i ask...

Nothing Much

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ive nothing much today say besides the fact that tomorrow i got a test to sit for and once again my comp's infected with a virus.

Got to format it tml because this particular virus infected my winlogon file and everytime if were to del it, my comp would just restarts itself and the winlogon will restore itself.

Damn f***ing annoying. Three day weekend coming up and i plan to watch Lost season two and also not forgetting playing my long awaited games. YAY. Next week will be practical, meaning? one whole month of freedom. No studying.

Erased And Rewind

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Im going to tell you about my good friend. He is an eraser. I asked him the other day how old he was, he said 3. I knoe he was lying. He's older than that. Known him since form 4.Yea thats him, he tidak malu, pretend to be brandon boyd from incubus. Owh, we all call him, Black. Some call him red but i prefer call him black, cause he's more black than red. Right? black better than red.
He's been a good friend to me, always fixing up the messes i made. Clean up the dirty things i leave behind. Without him, i wouldnt be where i am now. I would have gotten a lot worse results for SPM
Yesterday, i asked him to follow me to class. AS you can see behind, got projection on the stuff i was learning. Black is really dumb though, never says a word. Means he dont understand
He tried reading my manual. Damn thick, got essays again the exam next week.

Usually in class he'll hide in my pencil box, but today he felt like taking a walk. he got no legs so he din got too far.Hmm..

Black.. you are a good friend. Hope u will stay longer, though i knoe u wont live forever, sooner or later you'll run out.


Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bfg, big friendly giant, i remember reading the book when i was just a kid.. well not a kid la, more like primary five like that.

It was about a giant who blows dreams into kid's head, so they would have nice weet little dreams when they were saying...

Well, something thats not really related to that, one thing about being and engineer is that i'll be working with aircraft. As you know aircrafts are huge, espeically with the A380 coming soon and therefore, there'll surely be big tools. Working with these tools will surely make you grow bigger, muscles that is.

Today i was lucky enough to meet one of these senior engineer, and to my surprise he actually asked me for some help. Asked me to grab him a monkey wrench. It was a normal monkey wrench, but i knew he'd worked with big ones. Big jukbo ones. I saw a couple of times toold as big as me!

Lucky at tat moment, my friend took a picture of me..