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Hey Hoe

Saturday, February 25, 2006

HEy... i knoe its been a while since ive last visited my blog but believe it or not.. for the first time i've forgotten about coming online!

I was only reminded bout it just an hour ago when on the way back from dinner, my housemate decided to go to cc to check his mail! Weird huh!

I had a test on Industrial safety on friday last week and another test yesterday on... BAsic english, which was a total waste of time. I finished the damn paper in like 7 minutes! lol.. Next week ill be having my OJT(on-job-training) which is like practical in college terms for 5 weeks!! And another good news is that ive finally received my first Allowwance! WUIH!! partaye!!!

All right, i have not much to say really, just that i feel like i have an obligation to update my blog. And owh, if u ever come to kl, call me up.. im always free on weekends!

Homesick And Lost

Thursday, February 09, 2006

My kch side gotten the best of me. Ive started feeling lonely, lost and most prominently, Homesick.

SChool is not that bad, only prob is tat it is super tiring and ever since it started, it just seems like there's just aint enough hours in a day. Everything takes time, linger around and ill end up sleeping at midnight every single day.

When im in class, ill be counting the ticks and tocks of the clocks for the class to end but once im home, ill be spending my ''free time'' staring into vacant lots and empty spaces in my living room.

MY housemates are a blast and im not complaining, in thankful to have them since we all click like we're old mates. But there's barely any privacy. Hmmm worse of all is that there's sort of no parental supervision. With that fact in mind, it just makes you feel sort of lost and blinded from your conscience.

I can sense myself changin already. Being in kl, the culture shock and stuff is turning me into a wilder and crazier person, and im trying hard not to. DAmn i wish i was at home. My kch persona is now contradictin with my kl persona so to speak.

even though i've got old frens in kl, but kl is too big to actually meet up frequently. everything costs money. damn annoying!

It'll take a few more months more for me to be totally settled in. more furniture is still needed while im awaiting for my allowance from MAS (aparently there's some probs) .

My patience, which ive always had not is like a tensioned thread, i fear ill snap in no time. The roads here are terrible ( ok we all know that) but my damn fucking area has got to have the worst motorclyclist in the whole wide world! They ride super fast around the shops, no signal lights, they just ride past you as if you're invisible, no lights, no helmets. Ive almost knoced them down 3 times!!! Nowadays ill curse everytime i see a bike move past my car. cursing wud be the only to cool off.

enough with this jiwang stuff hehee... ive read some blogs and realised all of their entries are jiwang as well! haha.. tml i plan to drive around kl with my housemates. using the map my fren bought we shall search for the nooks and crannys of KL! lol... i hope la.... super duper exhausted. classes too long and too cold.