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Ini Aku

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ok That's it. It is time. Instead of having directing my online friends to THIS post everytime they want to know what im doing, today i'll write it out, on my own account and throught my point of view.
So let's begin shall we?

Let's being with the obvious. Name: Alvin Geoffrey James. Geoffrey pronounced just the same as Jeffrey, just spelled differently. Remember that!

I recently found a new love for anything related to arts. Don't ask my why, it just intrigues me how creative we people can be at times. I'll especially love them more if it's not one of those mainstream stuff hence, my obsession for searching indie underground bands online. And films too, i musn't forget.

Now that the obvious is done, i'll proceed to more *ahem* "technical" information and more relevant part of this whole post.

On a fateful December 2005 day i received a letter pertaining intricate instructions on how to have myself inducted to one of Malaysia Airlines engineering programme where hopefully *fingers crossed* fast forward 5 years i'll be Mr. Alvin James, Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer!

Licence Air... WHAT?

Was that one of your first reaction to the previous paragraph? if it was then do not worry. if it wasn't then you do not have to worry either. All will be explained all in due time. All in due time.

So this is how it goes. I'm in MAS. MAS in an airline company, not a college so this means im not in a college. I'm under training as you might say. Training to me Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer! *insert reverb and thunder* All of my syllabus was suppose to be from EASA but just a month ago we've been reverted to BCAR SECTION L ( what!?) but still, it's not like anything you've seen or heard before. We have a unique training programme where is it based more on OJT (on job training, practical in other words) rather than classroom theories and such.

During classes it is 830 till 530 with breaks in between. Instructors who were mostly formerly Engineers teach us the fundamentals of everything aircraft and instead of having mutiple subjects, we go throught one subject at a time. All classes vary. Some only lasts for a week, while others may even last up to two months.

That was the boring part. The best part would be the practical part. In OJT, we're basically just thrown down into the hangar and assist all aircraft maintenance job as if we're working. Wait... we are! At the same time we learn all the basic hand skills, from using basic tools to learning all the works behind the maintenance work ( paper works, office politics and all that jazz).

With all that freedom it comes with a price. Since we're basically just another MAS employee, there's no such thing as Semester breaks. We're given 16 days annual leave a year. That's all. That would be why you'll never see me back in kuching for more than a week.

That is basically it. The all-you-need-to-know about my programme in few simple paragraphs. And before i forget... i still know how to open aircraft's toilet from the outside.. heh heh heh


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