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Short Lived Re-runs Of Lives We Once Knew

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Today i'm going to write a jiwang entry. It's a bout time i wrote another jiwang post, don you think?

As you might have guessed, today is Chinese new year. I was really looking forward for this year's celebration because all of my friends are back despite the fact that my holidays's only for 5 days.

Turned out to be a good day, but not as good as i wished it to be. Don't knoe why but somehow it feels old. Came online and had a jiwang conversation with Champton. Haha... we were writing 'lyrics'' for our fictioncal Emo song.

This is our end results.

Hit And Run

the lights they blind, presenting promises of a better life, but it only suffocates
hard as i try to find, somewhere to belong, living thru even when my heart aches
waiting for a break, short lived reruns of lives we once knew
but reruns they fade, and im running out of tape

here i am in the land of perpetual lights
standing still in the middle of everything wrong and right
in the midst of it all
im afraid that ill fall

and the skies they cast, longer daylight of a differrent kind,
and i lose myself in their weary gaze,
God i miss when the nights seem to last for ever

i feel a little emotional, sentimental contemplating the past
never knew how we thought what would never end would go away so fast

with these walls around me, constantly closing in
constricting whadever freedom i have left
stealing away from me like a thieft
running away and disappearing like shadow

but it was hope, tad severed ties, broke up bonds and tore souls apart,
hopes of a life away from this small town, making it big among the birght lights;
but maybe the life that i really wanted, was the life i was living all along

did i sell my soul to the devil
for a sort ofa temporary high
ingnoring the consequences
waking up with heavy eyes

forever embedded on the stones dat are mind,
body and soul
carved out of time spent together, summarised into a song
written miles apart, oblivious of wads going on


Friday, January 27, 2006

Wow.. today i've finallly achieved something ive never been able to do all my life. For the first time, i actually fell asleeep in class, even though ten mins into my snooze the lecturer caught me, its still worth something. Since before i could never ever fall asleep in class, no matter how sleepy i was.

Haha... im my bro house now and tml im going back! WUIH! red packets come come!! Class has been very very tiring and especially the past two days, coz had to go to our apartment and clean it up after class. Slept at 2 am last nite and woke up at 730. zzzzzz

Not Too Shabby, Not Too Shabby

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Im back again in my brothers house once more. I'm getting more and more a accustomed to his house each and every time i stay over. Pretty soon it'll be as good as home.

Yesterday turned out to be ten folds the fun i expected it to be. Though at first things started out slow with lunch with few of my friends, but then it all picked up momentum after visiting KLCC with Champton and Lai Jeng.

Went to UM and stayed there up to 2 am looking and photos on lai jeng's comp and also watching video and also not forgetting joking around talking crap like we used to ( got some ''dirt'' boout UM as well while we were at it!).

Went for supper and had roti kaya. Not too shabby, not too shabby. Went back to hostel (eventhough its illegal to stay over) slept and ended up waking up at noon.

But like they say, '' good things dun last forever'', it of coz had to end and tml, is my first day of skool. Cant wait.

P.S, AppleShenona.

Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Bad Thing

Friday, January 20, 2006

Its 1 am now here in my brother's house. Got nothing to do while waiting for him to come back with my supper. Getting a lil tired though and tml need to wake up just a tad earlier coz meeting all my skool mates at megamall at noon.

i'd be lying if i said that im suffering and experiencing an overwhelming feeling of boredom whille in kl just like what champ told me. nop! ahah.. so far things been fine, not too hectic and ive had LOTS and LOts of time to spend on the internet.

Been watching online short films since everytime im in my brother's house. that's wad happens when u got no one to caht too and u got a fast connection. Its the only thing possible doing with an Apple comp anyway. Got no idea wad progs can be used or other alternatives to those popular Pc softwares..

What else is there to talk about? Owh yea.. tomorrow my course mates decidedto go to genting without me. I really wan to go since ive never been there but ive already made plans with my skool mates. I think my old frens are more important for now. Besides, will spend less money! lol

We've got an apartment all ot ourselves somewhere in subang perdana. 4th floor 3 room apartment 450 bux a month which is quite cheap taking into account that im living in KL (near Kl la ).

Im trying hard to make this entry an long entry coz i think its been months since ive written a long entry.owh i think u shud go to www.atomfilms.com and search angry kid. Watch the series coz they are damn funny.

Argh.. apple comp sucks.. there's no right click and the progs are all outdated compared to their cousins on the PC. now i cant do much for my blog. no font selection and colour settings.

Ahoy From The Land Of Perpetual Jams

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dear beloved friends

My past few days in kl here has been quite fun, with a mixed feelings of enjoyment and boredom as well. wish u were here though. More friends here would be the best but ah wad to do..

Damn, im all out of muse for my blog. Can't even pretend to write something deep and meaningful. All i end up with are lame and short uninspired entries which i think has chased away a few avid readers of this blog ( if there was any to start with).

Hmm.. im staying in MAA right now, Malaysia Airlines Academy. What they call hostel is actually more like hotel, with air cond and room service and everything! HAha.. but only for two weeks, after that need to find a house for ourselves to rent. Allowance barely enough to survive and classes gonna be 830-430 which i think is a tad bit too long.

I'm doing aircraft maintenance engineering which is going to take five years and all my training in Subang airport but one thing good bout my training is that mine is practical based, so the chances of getting bored in class is less!

What else is there to knoe? I hope ill have fun in kl la... bored right now... after get my house sure cant go online dat often! ahah wuih!

P.S Liars go to hell, ill se you there Jolynn!


Thursday, January 12, 2006

i remember vaguely why i actually started to blog. I was going through a time or a partial ''depression'' and total lack of entertainment. What i mean is that i was feeling pretty down and bored with all my friends leaving kch one by one every month or so. So because of that, i decided to start a blog!

Some might notice that my early entries were sort of jiwang and sorts but it gradually changes to a more happy and lively entry. That shows how i felt at that perticular moment.

I dun think im gonna make this a long one so ill make it quick. This would be my final entry for the time being. Wont have time to update it anymore.

so bye!

p.s, did i mention i was leaving to kl tml morn?

Ini Aku

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ok That's it. It is time. Instead of having directing my online friends to THIS post everytime they want to know what im doing, today i'll write it out, on my own account and throught my point of view.
So let's begin shall we?

Let's being with the obvious. Name: Alvin Geoffrey James. Geoffrey pronounced just the same as Jeffrey, just spelled differently. Remember that!

I recently found a new love for anything related to arts. Don't ask my why, it just intrigues me how creative we people can be at times. I'll especially love them more if it's not one of those mainstream stuff hence, my obsession for searching indie underground bands online. And films too, i musn't forget.

Now that the obvious is done, i'll proceed to more *ahem* "technical" information and more relevant part of this whole post.

On a fateful December 2005 day i received a letter pertaining intricate instructions on how to have myself inducted to one of Malaysia Airlines engineering programme where hopefully *fingers crossed* fast forward 5 years i'll be Mr. Alvin James, Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer!

Licence Air... WHAT?

Was that one of your first reaction to the previous paragraph? if it was then do not worry. if it wasn't then you do not have to worry either. All will be explained all in due time. All in due time.

So this is how it goes. I'm in MAS. MAS in an airline company, not a college so this means im not in a college. I'm under training as you might say. Training to me Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer! *insert reverb and thunder* All of my syllabus was suppose to be from EASA but just a month ago we've been reverted to BCAR SECTION L ( what!?) but still, it's not like anything you've seen or heard before. We have a unique training programme where is it based more on OJT (on job training, practical in other words) rather than classroom theories and such.

During classes it is 830 till 530 with breaks in between. Instructors who were mostly formerly Engineers teach us the fundamentals of everything aircraft and instead of having mutiple subjects, we go throught one subject at a time. All classes vary. Some only lasts for a week, while others may even last up to two months.

That was the boring part. The best part would be the practical part. In OJT, we're basically just thrown down into the hangar and assist all aircraft maintenance job as if we're working. Wait... we are! At the same time we learn all the basic hand skills, from using basic tools to learning all the works behind the maintenance work ( paper works, office politics and all that jazz).

With all that freedom it comes with a price. Since we're basically just another MAS employee, there's no such thing as Semester breaks. We're given 16 days annual leave a year. That's all. That would be why you'll never see me back in kuching for more than a week.

That is basically it. The all-you-need-to-know about my programme in few simple paragraphs. And before i forget... i still know how to open aircraft's toilet from the outside.. heh heh heh


A New Beginning

Monday, January 02, 2006

Wow.. it's been quite a while since i've updated my blog. Partly because i've beenquite busy and also feeling just lazy. For the past few weeks i've done lotsa things.

One of those things is the trip to matang. Had loads of fun there! Swam and hiked across lotsa rocks finding a better spot for swimming ( hurt my shin twice while i was at it)

Spent Christmas with Almost all of my friends, including a ''surprise'' visit by champton!

I've been to the fair 3 times, rode Destructor three times, Orbiter once and the 6 storey high ferris wheel+roller coaster ride called Extreme, two times and i still feel like riding it.

Had a blast at theodore's house for new year's eve. BBQ and Fine Wine goes well together!

Tomorrow's school and for the first time in my life, i actually don't mind going. Weird huh....