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Gems Of the Internet

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Throughout this whole holiday i've been spending a lot of time watching channel 13 on astro. My particular favourite show is ''Attack of the Show" which previews new gadgets, revies, tech news and cool stuff on the internet. One particular segment is called '' Gems on the internet'' where the hosts would show REAL good sites which has various uses for the users, but mostly its jsut for fun.

Today ill give 2 of my all time favourite site, or links.

* this is a fun and very addictive game which challenges your hand-eye coordination and concentration. Try it and post your scores on my tagboard.

* this is a DAvinci code-ish file that has some very interesting ambigrams and subliminal images stuff. check it out!

Holla Hollaback Y'all!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Hey hey hey!!! All right allright, i'm going to use this opportunity to holla to all my friends all around the world!!! I'm going to start off with all my Red Crescent leaders friends, stanley khoo!!! who now i think is in labuan probably doing his physics homework, erm next i like to holla to kong nai chen who is actually online btw, but im too lazy to talk to him but anyways HULLO HULLO to him!! Orait!! Azlan Azlan!! wassup.. wassup... i knoe u in the US dawg.. on the west side wat up!!!?!? Next i'd like to wish Kevin a happy skool day tml and especially on thurs coz he has a test!!! Tml no dota for you yea yea!?!??! He has been bugging me to go out every single nite!!! WUIH!!! I also forgot to wish ROGER BOBSON!!!?!! Ada sponge, bob!?!? WAKAKAKAK! norman norman, pee papa palapop!! Champton champton!! Wassup Dan!?!?!?! He's in kl right now but he got a surprise!?!?!?!? MUAHAHAHAH, Yew inn ah!!!! wasup.. no message for you!

HAhah.. orait orait!! Now i'd like to wish DAphne a good and safe trip to singapura!! yea yea!! have fun at orchard road muh man!! AND to line!!! YO Yo...

ok ok.. im running out of names.. and wanna watch tv liaw. bye!

My Pitch

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Movies. It's one of the most popular past time and a source of entertainment for the young and old ever since it was first made about a century ago ( i think? ). A few days ago i was given a copy of six degrees, which i have not seen for almost a year and something weird happened.

You know how it is, when something you've not heard or had or seen for a long time, you'll tend to remember it in a way which might actually be not wad it really is. For example food, u might remember something fairly mediocre but once you've got a chance to try it again, it is actually Fantastic. So like i was saying, i watched six degrees. I do remember it being quite good for our standards, but after watching it again i was Amazed! I don't remember it being that good. Im not saying that its DAMN GOOD, but considering our experience and what we had at that time, it blardy hell was good !

So anyway, after watching it i had a brainstom. I've been looking for a solid idea for a video to make while my frens are back here. All i got so far then was a few short skit like a trailer for a super cliche-ed super hero movie with heroes aptly name '' Fastforward guy'', ''Mr Masculinity'', ''Human Man' and their arch nemesis, ''Dr Evil Villain'' who just like all the villains, wants world domination. Another is one idea we made a year ago which is about a football match, where each team consists of all look alikes.

I knew making those wouldn't be good but what i had in mind was to make something which would have a sentimental value when we're much older. Something to remember by. My idea was completed when i received an sms from champton, he reminded me that the video must be for friends.

So the film starts off with a guy coming home from work. The guy suppose to reperesent one of us in the near future and what i wan is to create a sense of loneliness in that person. So after arriving, he'll take a shower then since he has nothing to do for the night, he decides to watch over some old dvd.

While he flips through the dvd's he noticed a cd marked ''FAtfish''. Not knowing what it was, he pops the cd in the player and watches it. Next thing the camera zooms in into the television and you would be watching wads on the cd as well. So the cd would have all the stuff we made over the past 2 years also, including 6 degrees, matrix and the other small skits made by the u6a students. In between each clips maybe put like random footage of all of us playing and joking around and finally in the end, put a message to ourselves for the future.

Finally after watching the cd, the guy picks up the phone and calls up one the his old friend.....

Walla Walla Bang Bang

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Its about time i updated my blog.

Can You Spot The Differences?

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Allright now... can you spot the differences? Well if you cant then let me tell you why, its because there isnt any! HAHAHA. Actually i made this picture for a 3d effect. I don really know how to explain it but if you're able to do it, its quite amazing really.

First of all i think u shud copy this image and save it, so that u can zoom it later and test it out yeah.

What you're suppose to do in the first place is you place yourself prolly around 30 cm from your computer screen or so ok. Then i want you to cross your eyes, so that you'll get a double image like the example on top. ( its looks like crap cos' i took less than a minute to do it).

Once you've done that i want you to try to adjust the distance between the double images until it partially overlaps all right?
All you need to do now is try to make the two halves of the images to overlap right exactly on top of each other so that in the end there shall be only 3 images left all right? If you get it right then your eyes will focus quite automatically then the image will have a sort of a 3d effect on it.

Hope you can do it but if not, ask me online yeah!

P.S : i have a few more 3d pics if u want.

When Seriousness Meets Dumbness

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to mix something so totaly of the opposite together? Like oil and water or fire and ice? Well, i think what it would look like if u just happen to have a camera at that exact moment.


Yes sir.. but im not complaining, right? Wow wow wee wow!

The End To A Picture Perfect Story

Monday, December 05, 2005

Actually i lied. No marathon tonight folks. i'm going to sleep soon and im saving the rest of my ideas for tomorrows entries. So good night.

* Remember to smile always!

Dr. Love Is In The House

This is my second attemp for my ''blog marathon''. I think i shall have a word on relationship. I'll use simple but understandable lingo for that everyone can understand me. Orait?

To have a lasting relationship ok, is like having a big tree. First ah, u buy the seed rite? the seed of the tree then you must plant it, if not how to grow? correct or not? or am i just rite?

Next step is to plant it. To plant it ah, u must plant deep deep, as deep as u can. Before you plant u need to find good soil you know.. with good food for the seed. Why you ask me why? when the seed is deep, teh roots can grow also deep deep wan u know. DEEp i tell you DEEP.

The reason why we need it to be deep is that when the trees grows in the future, it will have a good foundation u know? With good foundation you wont have any worries about it tumbling down by a gust of wind. Strong wind also, or any other forces of nature wotn bring the tree down.

So you see, relationship is liek a tree, a big tree.

From The Top Of My Head

I just won a hamper worth around maybe 20 bucks but who's complaining? What the hey, when its free its free, yea...

Enough bout what i did today, lets talk bout wad i did during the weekend shall we? On thursday i went to damai for our Vigil nite rovers.. wait.. i think i talked bout this on my previous post? But anyway, yesterday i had a day trip to damai AGAIN with my frens and it was fun as well. I mean... how can u not have fun in damai?

Honestly, i have nothing really deep and insightful to ponder upon today cos i've been too busy to think bout it. The original reason for starting a blog was because of me always being bored but nowadays, im actually having a lot of fun. And with all the fun ive realised something, its been quite a while since my last JIWANG entry. Thanks God for that. hee

Orait.. i think since tonite im going to be online for a long time, i plan to do a blogging marathon, by posting an entry every 30 mins or so orait? So you kids shud just wait and see. Wait and be amazed by my magnificent blogging skills. YEAH! MALAYSIA BOLEH!

Cerita Ini Tiada Kena Mengena Dengan Yang Hidup Atau Yang Mati.....

Friday, December 02, 2005

You knoe ah.. last time.. once upon a time lidat my friend he went fishing u knoe. HAHa.. knsccb he lousy wan, dunno how to fish.

He spent like so many hours ah to fish but catch no fish wan. Then after that he ask me why. Actually i dunno also but i told him because he dunno how.

But actually ah.. truth ah.. his fishing rod lousy lei.. and his worm worm no good. very short and skinny wan. how fish wanna eat lidat, not nice la hor?

So now u ppl got lesson to learn ok? go fishing, must use long fishing rod, and big worm and only then fish will come and bite the bite.

Creativity Is Stunted When You're Being Forced

Ish. I've been reminded a couple of time to update my blog. You people think easy ka? need inspiration you know? Need spiritual enlightenment also and not forgetting need to feel it, be in the moment as well. I'm not going to point my fingers but its all GOH YEW INN's fault.

Let's see, what shall i be pondering about today? Owh yes, i want to talk bout my trip to damai yesterday. It was suppose to be a Vigil Night, or a somewhat rites of passage for my Scouts in School but unfortunately, there wasn't anything vigil-ish or rites of passage-ish that i felt.

The day was started with the purchase of 7 packets of Kolo mee which was meant for the reast of the members who were already at that time, on the way to damai. Arrived at damai around nine and then we began our journey up to Mt Santubong.

Took us a hell of a time to climb up 2/3 of the mountain when we had to start descendin because of rain. What a waste i tell you. I was really looking forward to achieve spiritual enlightenment or Nirvana. Nawps. it had to rain.

After that, you know lah, bathe, eat, talk crap, jiwang, sleep and all that that we always do whenever we go to damai with our friends. SO yea.. word up.

P.S : i feel like climbing the mountain once again and this time, up to the summit, so you know what i mean.. *hint*hint*