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This Never Felt So Good.

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

For one week my internet was down. During that time i found the real meaning of boredom. Each night i had to suffer reruns shows i never did like watching .

Anyways, i got my connection back and it feels rather good. It feels good to be able to waste away 3 hours of my life every night once again. I though one week would give me something nice to write about for my blog. I guess not.

Introducing The Band..... EMO!

Friday, November 18, 2005

More on the topic relating to the underground scene. My previous post emphasises on the unknown brands. Today i'd like to talk more on the underground music scene. Not so much about the local scene, but more on a certain genre, called punk emo.

Throughout my lifetimes i've undergone several changes in my musical taste. I still remember back before adolescence i used to listen to backstreet boys, n'sync and britney spears, all when pop was the in thing and rock is just another alternative genre which was only enjoyed by those rebelious and troubled teens who were still finding themselves and surviving the horrible life of a teenager. After that, i enjoyed heavy rock and some hip hop and then after i was introduced to the underground music scene by some of my friends.

Just a few years ago i came to know some bands that i've never heard before such as dishwalla, guster and mew and of course many more. I think it was only in form four Champton started giving me songs of the emo genre. Until now, i think i've got like 100 plues different artist coming from that genre. It is amazing how many bands that you would never have heard before exists. A small victory, rufio, the starting line, relient k, acceptance, rise against, spitalfield, waking ashland and the list goes on and on and on. And the best part, most of their songs are really good. Their lyrical content mostly are bout girls and related to love and emotional, thus! its EMO!

One thing you'll realise about any musical genre that after a while, they all sound sort of the same. I joked just a few weeks ago that emo is actually just one band, consisting of a lead guitarist, bassist , drummer and 3 vocalist. One would be the whiney one, one would have the lower voice and lastly he would do all the screaming bits in most of the emo songs. Sadly, emo is becoming more and more mainstream with the likes of relient k and fallout boy enterting billboard charts and sortf. Pretty soon it'll be just liek any otherr genre. And i dun like that.

I Cant Think Of Any Witty Title Today

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Adidas, Nike, Fila, Body Glove, Giordano, Converse, and the list goes on and on and on and before i continue on, Yes everyone, i AM updating my blog. Back to the topic, i am pretty sure that everyone have heard or own once of these items, or at least have heard of them once before in their lifetime. Where am i getting at you might wonder? Well, i am proud to say that i own almost none of those brands. Yes, almost none, cause' i think i have a pair of giordano clothing somewhere in my household. Other than that, i don't have any of them.

Just a month ago or so, i purchased a new wallet and after paying it i realised i paid RM 20.00 for a wallet! Haha, yes as you might have guessed, it is fake. Soon after realising it, it got me thinking. I have no branded goods at all. And i wonder why oh why dun i buy them? First and the most obvious of course is their price. 100 bux for a pair of shirt, 150 for a pair of pants and 300 bux for a pair for street soccer shoes which would only be worn like once a week at the most when i can get a shirt for udner 40 bux which is equally as good as a nike shirt, only thing missing is the brand or logo.

I somehow like unknown things just like i enjoy listening to underground music scene. Sort of hate the mainstream music. Too manufactured, not enough passion. Same goes to these brands. These big corporation take advantage of their popularity and jack up their prices to ridiculously high prices which to my surprise, able to find a lot of consumers.

I sort of think the poeple who owns branded stuff are vain and just plain show off, mostly. Wont let some bad apples ruin the whole harvest you might say. To me, owning nike or adidas just shows them how gullible they are to the media, and to my opinion, a lame attempt to fit in. They might think by purchasing a nike basketball shirt makes them cool and up a notch in their social status or something like that. Not to me it doesnt! I prefer something subtle or not too indiscreet. It sort of gives a mysterious element in a person. For instance, u know how they would say that they can knoe a person through what they wear. So if you meet a person wearing all adidas things, of course right away u knoe he's rich, spoilt perhaps and also just maybe an Adidas freak.

And if i could, i'd prefer designing my own t-shirts. Ah but, i cant, so im left to buying cheaper and just as good as any other branded shirts. All right, if that's not good enough of a reason, what about "Support the local industry", or "Belilah barangan buatan Malaysia!" ?

Can I Have A Cup Of Bliss?

Monday, November 07, 2005

Last week has got to be the most fun week i've had since a very long time. Monday we had Lan party where we played DOTA the afternoon.. and for FREE as well... Now, whats better than dota? Free Dota of course! WOW Wee

On wednesday i paid a visit to damai with my old school buddies and some new friends too! They are from Miri you know! The most memorable part bout the trip was the night. I did a lot of crazy thigns, kicked DArren and STan's Ass in Football on the ps2.. and Champton, Ian Fish and I ended spending the whole night talking crap.. and when i say crap.. i seriously mean CRAP. Not one single meaningful topic talked bout that night. All crap and BS!

Friday we had another Lan party... didn't sleep the whole night once again...(screwed up my biological clock liaw). Unfortunately.. good things have to come to an end... this week.. is a whole week extra classes.

Everyone has gone back during the weekends and now.. im back at square one. Back to living my dull life with not much to do during the day... and doing the same stuff over and over and over and over and over again.

What can i do right? things come and go., and i guess i just have to be contented with losing.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Did i mention everyone's back?!!?