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Wow Wee

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Yay! Holiday's just around the corner, in a couple of days, i'll be having those blissful carefree days that i've been craving for 5 months.. The best thing is.. everyone's back. It's gonna be just like the good ol' days....

It's Not All Sugar Coated.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

You would think the days leading up towards holidays would be a lil' more relaxed and laid back. Well children, bad news, you are so so oh so wrong. Adding to the agony, i'm sick right now, and i cant even skip school. Why? Well, let me tell you

... One day in the lovely class of L6A....

Physics: Arr ARrr.. orait! i want to take your PA classes this week orait?
People: ..... Uuugh... hmmmmmf...
Physics: Arr Arrr 7th to 11th... extra classes.. orait? orait?
People: .. Uggh.... (why oh why)
... Then chemistry came into the picture during PA..
Chemistry : very easy today's lesson... u only need to listen, then u sure will understand
people : zzzzz*snort* *snort*.. *drool*drool*
Chemistry : Good news.... im taking MUET next year.. after your MUET EXAM. Isn't that just wonderful?
People : uh? what? NOoooooo ( several students died on the spot)
Chemistry : this week also. did i tell you that?
People : Nooooooo *snort*ZZzZZ*
Chemistry : 7th to 11th... 730 am.. Chemistry.. 930 MUet.. 1030 Physics. See.. we're so kind... we know you people would miss school..so we give you more school!!
* AT that very moment.. a piece of everyone just died .

Sweet November

Saturday, October 22, 2005

* nai chen has posted this picture, but i feel it fits today's entry.

It's about time i updated my blog. Havent been trying to scribble any gibberish here. Lost the will you might say.

Well, what should i talk about? aaah! yea! DAMAI. Holidays!. One more week of school left and after that, CUTI! wow wee! cant wait. ahah.

Ah.. lazy wanna type anymore... ill post something interesting when interesting things happens to me. ok? DEAL!

Light, Camera Action!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

What's that you ask me little children? Well, that's easy! Easier than your ABC! It supposed to be the logo for Fatfish Studio. Our very own self-proclaimed film studio. Specialising in filming and editing revolutionary short films, all for your viewing pleasure.

Fatfish now is sort of, ''dead''. The only work or ''promoting'' is doen by lai jeng. And he's in kl. But we owe him, without him, fatfish would surely die. Disappear form the face of the earth, be only a part of our memory. He's now involved in some activities which requires him to edit short clips. He used those opportunities and inserted FAtfish in the beginning of every clip.

I remember how we were before. He sort of had the ''passion'' for it. Din last that long, only managed to make one GREAT film. The rest were all short experimental clips.

I though of this not too long ago. Its of course would be impossible, but if it were ever made, i'm telling you first hand it'll be GREAT and MEMORABLE! no kidding! ahah.. maybe not lah, but still.. it will for me. Give or take 5-6 years? Where will we all be? probably everywhere rite? noh? Yeah as i was saying, we would plan the plot of the movie online, and shoot the clips on various places. Whereever we would be, we'd shoot our scenes there. Then in the end we'd piece everything together and VIOLA! a great movie!

Haha.. ambitious is it not? just my imagination, i've always had this picture in my mind that fatfish, or even my band would make it big someday, even though i know im just fooling myself. Too bad... too bad... ill just day dream now

So Long Sweet Summer

Monday, October 10, 2005

Exams Over! Well... sort of. We're gonna resit our Damn physics. Apparently, MR. Taigar Chong had made our paper so damn hard that probably 90% of the class got like less than 20 and it is safe to say almost EVERYONE failed (i know i did).

This has got to be the worse Exams i've even sat for. I did really really Terribly Horribly Bad. practically failed on almost on all the important subjects. What can you expect right? For a person who never studies, never does any work of what so ever, it was an obvious death-wish. I dug my own grave and now im stuck in it. Thank God im not alone, though it feels kind of shitty.

I was hoping that after exams, we'll be more relaxed (my mind's all set up on Holiday Mode), but i doubt that will ever happen. Even the holidays wont be like what i used to be, how it was a long long time ago in a land called Form 2. Need to brush up on everything. Maths and Physics especially.

Aah well.. holidays coming, won't let the exams get the best of me. And for now.. Time To Relax. I deserve it. (NOT)

Life, Universe & Everything.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

From digimon to crushes, tamagotchi to roller shoes, pokemon and magic cards and so much more! i think my blog has finally entered that category. Just another craze, whiched seemed so much fun when everyone's using it, but after a while.. it gets dull. Im bored of digimon too! Stop playing last week. Knew it would'nt last.

In the beginning i always tried to find new material to write about for my blog, anything ranging from daily musings or just some significant event that might have caught my eye. Too bad now i am not like dat anymore. So.. from now onwards i'll probably update it very oh so seldom. Sorry.... Dota better.. heee