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Enjoy Your Eggs & Ham

Friday, September 30, 2005

Exams' finally here. REJOICE! COME TOGETHER! REJOICE! Had Muet full paper today. Overall, it was okay, my essay ended up being 2 pages long, all about why i admire Mother Theresa.
How i wish the rest of the exams would be as easy as MUET. I'm suppose to study PA now, but look what im doin, bloggin. How How? I havent even touched MATHS or chemistry.
Byebye.... time to study now... ( sure die people). REmember.. study early early ah~

Friends Forever?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

''Friends forever''. That got to be one of the most cliched line you will ever hear in your whole life. Number one most cliched line is '' I'm on top of the world''. Someone told me that before. Friends play a very important role in life. Without them, you'll be nothing. With them, you are what you are now. A socialite with ambitions, passion, compassion and so on.

Finding true friends is very hard. It could even be harder than finding true love. I think it's quite true. A true friend always share secrets, stick up for you or keep you company when you're in the lowest of lows. In my life so far, i've had a number truely, real 100% true friends and im real thankful for that. How often can you find people who are on the same ''wavelength'' to say. Thinks, loves, enjoys, interested in the same things as you are. Hence, you have no problem in conversing with one another.

But we are only humans. Sooner or later you'll find faults in them and you'll end up hating them for that once they did something wrong towards you, no matter unintentionally or intentionally. I've had my fair share of that. It's bad i know, but it's hard not to hate. Just the other day for no reason i happened to have some ''flashbacks''. Remembered some things that was done towards me by friends a long time ago. One thing they have in common. they always tend to hold back some things against me. Even small things, insignificant things they'd refrain from telling me. Back then i could not care less, but now, i wonder why they ever do that? And to think they are my good friends...

One occasion i can remember clearly was when i was in primary 6. Around that time the digimon crazy was just kicking in and if im not mistaken Digimon Pendulum was just out. People who bought them are always trying to figure out ways to cheat. So one day my friend found out from his friend how to fast forward digimon. It was interesting i admit, but i asked him to show me, he didn't want to. Back then we used to have this tree near a football field. We build a treehouse there and always hung out up there whenever we were free. So what he did was he climbed up with his friends while modifying the digimon. I could not climb up coz they were up on of the higher part of the trees. It just so happened to be that i wasnt a good climber.

There's plenty more of these kind of situations. In fact, A LOT more, but if i were to list everything down, it would take a few hours. What i don't understand why people you call friends would ever do this? Whatever happen to friends who can ask you anything or asnwering any questions with a straight honest answer? Whatever happen to friends who tells you anything and everything and everything else for that matter? Its just so hard to find anyone like that these days. As you grow up its harder to trust anyone. It's as if like everyone who comes to you and strike a conversation has a hidden agenda in mind.

But of course i dun hate any of my good friends. They are one in a billion. It would take me more than a million years to find someones who could replace them. Too bad i'll only live up to 80 years or so. And by now you people might wonder what the moral of the story is, well i don't have the slightest clue. Just felt like getting it off my chest. Before i end this, just wanna make sure anyone who reads this please take no offence, i mean you no harm. I'm just saying what i think is true. No one's perfect. And owh yeah! L6A has just started the DIGIMON craze once again( maybe thats why i thought about today's entry?) Tomorrow i wanna battle and Jogress! :)

Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

Friday, September 23, 2005

Let me sum of my week. Let see, what did i do? School, sleep, tv. That's about it. So now you know why i rarely write about what i do. ( don't let me get into that)

Exams in about a weeks time and i've barely started on anything yet. It's always hard to get the momentum goin whenever im suppose to study. I've always wondered how the smart people are able to concentrate for hours at time. Maybe thats why they get the highest marks in class?

Everytime when exams are just around the corner, i'll always feel really afraid and nervous. I will almost certainly find an an excuse to miss the papers, in order not to fail them. But the irony is, once i sit for the paper, i'll feel relieved and tell myself how stupid i was for thinking ways to skip it in the first place.

* this picture has no relevency of any kind with today's entry.

Moving on, you know when you're feeling very very bored you'll always find something to do just to kill the boredom? And for most people, they'll just go online. The thing is, you'll end up just as bored as you were in the first place.

That happened to me last night, right after i tried to study physics. Damn waves, the formulae are just damn hard. So as i was saying, i was bored and needed something to do. I decided to read old blog entries. Since my blog's like only 2 months old, that means i dont really have OLD entries. I went to daphne's and read some of her 2004's entries. Its funny how reading old entries would bring you back exactly to that moment. She was talking about the physics quiz thing that i happened to have sat as well last year. My stupid teacher forced everyone to join. I remember halfway through the paper, someone at the basketball court turned on their radio full blast. That was the only good thing that happened during the whole ordeal.

I can't really remember what i did next but if im not mistaken, i think there was some prefects meeting later that day. Owh yea! i remember one more thing. Somewhere during that test, there was some girl who started sms-ing me, and i din't know who the hell that person was! I think her name was something like Anastacia or Anabella? All i can recall is that she had some weird name. To tell you the truth, that was freaky. Someone, some stranger started sms-ing you out of the blue.

So yeah.. my point is, if you ever feel bored or even lonely, give it a try, reading old entries from your own blogs or even others.

Zipadeedoo DAH

Monday, September 19, 2005

I think i've figured out how to post a comment on my blog, though its not the easiest way. All you have to do is to go to archives. Click on one of the previous posts. At the bottom of it you can read and post comments.


Sunday, September 18, 2005

Yes peeps.. had so much time in hand so i decided to write more ''songs''. Took me a long time to find a suitable theme for the chords i got. After a week or so.. i managed to finish it. So enjoy, and if you don't too bad not my problem. Only reason i write is that i always have this ''hope'' or ''dream'' that maybe one day i might perform it, or record it in a real studio or just really impress people. Call me an idiot for living on a hopeless dream, but sometimes its fun and it keeps me going on.

how i wish
there's place like neverland
where we don have to grow up and be a man
we can live like kids till the end of time
but i know, thats not possible, its just in my mind

how i long, when nights were longer than the days
with my six-stringed pleasure
thats how i killed time, with the others
gazing up the stars, waiting for a shooting star
i wish we stay as we are
cause we all know...
time goes on
it will never look back
cause time waits for no one
and things, they cant be undone

as i wonder blearily down the street,
happily i wait for the light to change
you can callme crazy or call me insane
but i am wat i am
weekends we end with just a smile on our face
cause we know there'll always be tomorrow
theres nothing much left to say
im ending this just this way
cause we all know...


cause we all know
when there's nowhere else to go
one place you know best
thats home



Hi. My name is Al. You can call me L. Yes that's right, L i am! I am going to tell you a little something about my life. YES! Specifically me adolescence ERA. You might wonder, how can i have memories of my adolescence when im only 9? Wel, that's the wonder of IMAGINATION.

I would write about my first 18 years of life, but that would just be too long and it'll be quite a bore. I lived my life just like any kid would live. Kindy, primary school, secondary school, etc,etc.

My adventure, or whatever you would want to call it started all when i discovered that magic REALLY do exist. That magic i know so well is what we call MUSIC. Instead of wands ( like in Harry Potter) i used my magically inclined KAPOK Guitar. ( OOoo.. chimes start to ring)

People always say music can move you, change your moods, takes your blues away, or even make you fall in love. Have you ever wondered about that? Its pretty simple dun think? It all because of magic of course.

But my story isnt all about magic. Only part of it is. So lets forward to right after one of life's greatest test, SPM. In every great story there's always a main character, or hero and there'll be characters who surround this main character to give the story a little depth. And of course there's be an antagonis character. Plot, hidden meaning, moral values, and more and more. Well, since this is not a great story, probably there wont be any. You see, i still have no idea how to write what i want, but let time take its place and see where it will bring me.

Ok so where was i? Owh yea.. im AL. After SPM it was and that's when my wonderful adventrue began and seemed like never ending but.. ill have to continue some other time yea? when i ahve more ideas and more time. And if i dun finish it, i guess it'll just be too bad?

What's The Matter??

Friday, September 16, 2005

Crap crap crap. Something wrong with my blog again. I can read comments. Its a broken link, and i cant fix it. Crap crap crap. Happened before, so i reset my template again. Worked fine for a while i guess. So peeps, no need comments. Just message on my tagboard

If You Look Too Hard Its Hard To Find

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I tried too hard last night. I tried to find something to write for my blog. I spend an hour or so for this riff i got. Nothing came out. All crap. I think im running out of ideas. Just moments ago, i had a brilliant idea, ill simply browse through my photo album, and how knows, i might find something nice to write about. Pictures are worth a billion words or something like that.

I opened my folder and so i found screen shots from our Matrix spoofed short film, with its revolutionary non-editing method of filming, aptly named Matrix Reformatted.

YEah! Shooting that film was fun as well as tiring, but once you've got it done, kina makes you proud. I don't know how to explain, but it just seem that whenever i make something by myself, take for example, my song, art and anything like that, it makes me feel proud or satisfied. Its different compared to when you do something related to science or maths. Thats why i prefer creativity.

Owh, thinking bout the shooting of the film, i recall leaving cause i had to get my BIKE. YEaps, that was when i got my bike. Its funny how remembering one memory reminds you of other memories as well.

Prolly no one would notice it, but during the movie, we purposely made a lot of mistakes, like one scene i wold be opening the door, but the next camera engle would show that nai chen was opening the door. Funny as it sounds , its funnier thinking about it.


チャンピオン、私はまた日本語に私にblog を書くことができ。それについて自慢するか。か。いいえ! * 笑う* 私は確実訳者を使用して以来、im いかにしかしなることを行くこれでない。それにもかかわらず、私はi の人と証明することを公正な試みること傾ける日本語に話しなさい書きなさい、そうすることができるである!

Oh crap! ahah.. After translating my post into Japanese, and back again to English, got this:

In addition the champion, as for me to be able write blog on me in Japanese. You brag concerning that? ? Calling obtaining! * You laugh, but * I how since using the secure translator, im, becoming this which goes it is not. In spite even to that, I i person proving the fair thing which is tried do to speak to Japanese which it can tilt write, so can do is!

AAh.. but the post was suppose to be like this :

Eh Champ, I also can write me blog in japanese.. and do i brag about it?? No! *Laughing* I'm not sure how this going to turn out though, since im using a translator. Nevertheless, i'm jsut trying to prove that even i, a person who cant speak nor write in japanese, is capable of doing so!

Don't Wake Me Up

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Had one hell of a day today. Was out the whole freaking day and im not complaining, im just glad. Hadn't had this kind of day for a long time. About time i tire myself. Woke up around 10 to go to Darren's house. We had like only to put finishing touches on our performance.

Then, after that, we rushed to St Thom for rehearsal, after having to bring all the equipments from Darren's house. Amps, drums and guitar as well ( got to drive darren's Wira.. heh heh heh). After rehearsal i returned to his place and managed to play a game of Dota. Later that night we had our performance. Darren, Eugene, Adrian and Gerard performed with me. It was quite fun, have not performed for quite some time. Too bad only had 3/5th of Friday's off today. Well.. what to do rite?

After the thingy.. had to bring all of darren;s stuff from the hall, down to his car and back to his house. Owh my God.. the stuff.. are damn Heavy and bulky. AS i was saying, we went to supper after that at Cili padi. We were joined by Lai Jeng, Darlene and Stan.

Got home like 20 mins ago and im now half asleep. ......

Aim Snap Fall

Friday, September 02, 2005

You've probably noticed that my blog is not very personal. I don't usually include other people; families and etc in my blog. Most of the time i'd just write what i felt about at that moment. you know what i mean? Well today i was thinking of doing something different. What im about to write might come as a surprise to most of you, even close friends. This is a part of me i seldom reveal. I don't know why, but when it comes to this matter, i tend to be very self conscious. I've taken a lot of teasing earlier in school before whenever a girl likes me or i like a girl. So since then, i rather keep it to myself.

Let's see.. where do i start? Hmm.. i probably wont talk bout how i met her and how we go together cos' frankly, it's kinda dull and long. Fast forward back to the present. She came back last weekend. She only has one week holiday this time, so we figured we'd used it for the best. Spend some time together.. you know.. togetherness. I picked her up last saturday night to go for a movie. We went dinner first you know, catch up with things. It's been like how 2 months plus since we've last met? And you can only say so much through Sms's and phone calls.

Like i was saying, we had dinner, then watched '' Charlie And The Chocolate Factory''. She seemed to enjoy it and i did as well, even though she only found out later that i've watched the previous week with my friends. Had and embarassing moment after the movie, we stumbled upon some friends of mine from school. They appeared surprised. I wonder why? She asked me on MSN later that night and i had to ''spill the bean'' cause' she made me. Forced me. Women, they are really good at blackmail.

After movies, she wanted to go for a walk, so we ended up walking about waterfront for at least an hour. It those kinds of memories that makes you wish you could turn back time u know? Its something totally different from the ones u have with your friends. If i was cheesy, i'd say its heavenly and she's Angelical, but im not(cheesy that is).

Tuesday night we went out as well, just to hang out, since she was leaving on Wednesday evening. Class starts on thursday. Didn't do much, just had dinner and she gave me my Birthday present too. Ahha.. not going to tell wad she gave, Nye nye nye!

And That's is! i don't to go any further... and prolly you want read anymore stuff on this. I dont like to talk about this. I don;t why today i felt like it.

*P.S please don't say anythign or give any comments about this post on my tagboard. Thanks!