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Memories Deceives Me

Friday, August 26, 2005

I closed my post window twice already, keep forgetting i have my post still in progress. Nevermind, i'll try to salvage what i got going on.

I was able to chat with Champton today. It's been a long time since we chat. Usually when he's online, he'll be playing dota, cause frankly, msn is so boring these days. Besides that, he got no connection in his area, something wrong with the wireless (he said). To tell you the truth, it's hard to think of stuff to write in my blog when there;s no inspiration, when i don't do anything, so because of that particualr reason, i asked Champton about what i should write for my blog today. I only asked because he bragged bout updating his blog. He told me about this idea, he wanted me to list down events or memories that has a significant place in our heart/mind/brains/wadchagonnacallit. Then he'll continue down the list in his blog, and perhaps, if its REAL good.. other friends will do it too.. and call it '' Our Own lil' Project'' .. heehee.. ( feel just like a nine year old). It takes time to list it down so here it goes. They are not in any particular order Ah. :
  • First day i got my motorbike licence, Roger and I traverse across the city, but to me more exact (heheheh) we looked for Gloria's And Jacintha's house. We did found it, and we found AGapeLand too.... Met up with Champton and Yew Inn later that day, and he insisted on me showing them the houses as well. STALKERS!
  • The day i got my licence was 2 days before CNY. So probably might ahve guessed, i rode my bike during CNY. It was great i tell you, visited poeple's house non-stop. Owh.. that was also when Norman thanked us for bringing him to Line's house. Hmm.... U R WELCOMED!
  • Going to library has got to be the most time-killing activity that i've ever ''participated'. That is where i had a chance to meet Daniel and James; 2 korean sibling, who, in my opinion, gotta be the MOST annoying lil' children in the world. They wouldn't stop bothering us, no matter how many tiems we told them to buzz off. One of them broke Champ's earphones. He bit the wire off or something like that. And worst of all, despite all their annoying behaviour, i couldn't help pitying them, after hearing the kid telling me that his aunty beat them with a cane for being naughty( no surprise there). The big brother always gets the blame... ( he showed me the bruise).
  • On one Saturday, Champton and i, Gloria and her little sister was in the library, so the girls wanted to show us a trick. I found out what they were doing while they were still showing us the trick, and it ended up only fooling Champton. AHaha... how pathethic is tat???? LOSER!
  • You know the phrase '' nature's call'' ?? Well one day i was in the library, i wanted to show nature was calling, literally, so what i did was renaming Champton to Nature. He called my phone and guess wad!??!?!?? NATURE Called me!! HE changed my name in his phone too after that, and now in our phone we're called Nature.
  • Just today someone asked me about my name, about why poeple call me by my surname; James. You can blame Ian for that, in form 1 he deliberately started calling me James for no reason at all. To think about it, he was kinda nasty before. He liked to give away my home number to girls before. I gues he ''matured'' now. It's been a long time since i;ve gotten a hang-up.
  • I think it was in either form 5 or form 4, Jolynn (there! i said your name!) wanted Stanley to send a snailmail. Dum dum....He did send the mail!

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