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I've Come To A Realization

Saturday, August 20, 2005

What i want for my birthday? Cant think of any material things that i really need. Well, i might be buying a new wallet. But what i really want, is something new. Something to ''spice'' up my life you might say? I thought, that life after spm would be great. Enjoyment would not be limited only to be had on weekends. Weekdays! YEA.. go hang out on weekdays. Such freedom, you don;t get very often do you? All those priviliges died out in a matter of months. Pretty soon everything seemed like routine. One things i'm grateful, though a lot of ppl might think its not a good thing to happen, well, i'd like to thank the person who introduce DOTa. YES DOTA. I SAID IT AGAin. Without it, weekends would be emptier. Weekdends would only be movies.

Today's blog, i've decided to be on things i've realised in the past 8 months of life without school. Want to try something differrent on my blog. For starters, lets talk about my blog(maybe everyone's). Most of my honest posts gives readers the impression that im depressed, and when those readers know me personally, they'd be surprised! I admit it, its true, i sort of live a double life. But think about it, if all of my posts are expressed verbally to ppl i know, how would that sound? FReeky. They will say im a wuss!

What else? MSN. MSN seems SO SO SO quiet these days. No one ever goes online. Whats the matter?!?!?!?!? If i;m online, why cant you?!? AHAh... when i say no one comes online, that includes all the people who aren't off studyin somewhere else, such as form fours,form fives. Are the poeple borned in the year 87' the hippest trend Everrr.??

When i say kuching sucks, or boring, my friends who arent here always say "" Kuching is not boring'', '' I miss kuching'', ''i want to go back so bad''. Yes yes i hear ya, but ive been here all my life, and this past few months has been quite lonely, when everyoen wants to come back, why am i the one who wants to leave? I want to leave Kuching so that i can be one of those poeple who misses kuching and wants to come backto eat local food that everyone craves for.

Life's aint fair. That sentences says it all

Everything is overrated. I think things tend to be over rated. Everyone thinks that if you have something oh so rarely, it gotta be great or just plain ol' good wholesome fun-lovingly kick ass worthy enjoyment. Its not.

People think im Depressed. Im not (entirely). Im just bored.

Dota. Dota, however wasteful, bad, how distracting it is, but i still like it. It kills 4 hours a week of my life.

When im with my friends, we only talk bout dota strategies.

I don't talk bout dota very often, only i tend to mention it when friends who don't like it are around (girls), cause it annoys them. Remotely, maybe sub-consciously, i enjoy it.

Things never turn out as you wished it would have been. Go figure, just added it cause i'm runnign out of things to write.

End. When u say end, it doesnt actually end, it just means there's a short pause( you might say) before you start all over again.

* As the great Band Semisonic once said '' every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...''

  1. Blogger Nick said:

    Kuching does suck and I've been there. That just proves that Sibu sucks more.

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