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It's Something Unpredictable

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wow-Wee, the days leading up to my birthday is getting better and better! The closer it gets to theend of August, the more lively im becoming. Why u ask me? AAh.. well, lets see.. i've just found out i din get my scholarship, then this week two of my best friend's are leaving. So that leaves like less than 5 good friends to hang out with. What else? Hmmm, i've never been so lost in school. Have not a slightest clue what teacher's teaching. Seriously, there were moments in class where i wanted to just punch or break something.

Ah crap. Only thing good is that i just finished recording our song at ian;s house yesterday. The song to me is fine, but the quality ain't that great anyway, u wont find it like the kinds u get from cd's or anything, but im contented with it. Gene, Darren, u better watch out! Friday's Off Going Mainstream!! muahahah (rite...i wish). hope friday's jammign session would go all nice and smooth.

Have not jammed for such a long time now. I think i'm a little rusty. I'm thinking of anything fun to talk bout. Hmm.. there's just isnt enough going around. I just wish Ian and theo good luck i guess.. and God Bless! ( a lil too cliche ?). Thats all for today, i'll write more stuff when i have something interesting.

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