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Heavy In The Heart

Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's been a while since i last updated my blog... i really nothing good to say about, in fact i can only think up of sad and depressing things. Now, i dun want my ''audience'' to be sad or anything right? Ah Hell! who cares. I' ll just write what i feel like writing about.

Had a pretty fine weekend. Spent a night at Theo's house cos he needed transport to the airport, owh yeah, since he was leaving on sunday and all. Sent ian and theo last sunday. I remember a couple years back when Nick left for Aussie. I asked A friend of mine whether he cried. I teased him actually, for crying. Haha.. Now, i wish i could take it back. Seriously. It din hit me instantly. When they entered the hall, i felt pretty fine. Once i was in the car getting ready to go home... i suddenly felt this void inside of me(jiwang yes i know). It's like death in some way, all those good old fun times i spent with them sort of flash before me.

I don't know how many of you guys know this, but i've known ian since like wad? primary one.. and theo was my good friend since primary four. I remember back in primary four theo taught me how to ''cry''. He said you're suppose to yawn, and then tears will come out. Too bad i cant do it anymore. Ahhaa.. i dun think ian would remember this, but in primary three, ian edawrd and i made up this '' club''. Ed made each of us an ''ID'' card with our own nickname. Mine was ''Vine'', though come to think of it, its REALLY dumb. Aah.. the memories. It'll sound cheesy or a lil' cliche, but no one can descrive the fun we've had.

I said this in my previous post i think, something bout being relieved that we've managed to record ONE song as a tribute to Our band.. I lied, since we finished that song, i cant stop thinking of new ideas, riffs for more new songs. Im not saying im good at it, just that its fun to try u know? I enjoy making stuff with my own ''hands'' so to speak. Hopefully can get more done when ian comes back in 2 months. Man, 2 months thats so long.

It's official now, Friday's off is DEAD. No more vocalist. Like they say, a band's most important member is the vocalist. Owh yea.. fergot to mention it, we jammed for the last time last week too! Brought me back to the time we performed in form 4. Thats was GREAT. Missed it so much, really really love performing. I hope in the future i can reunite the band or smth. I think.. if i ever leave this rotten place, and when i meet new friends, i'd form a new band. Music, how can u live without it??

Moving on, let me count how many friends i got left, jsut for kicks! 1..... err ....errr.....2....err...
YEaps. Thats about rite. EVeryone's gone.~ Only got like less than 10 good friends left. ANd from all of that, like 3 of them i go out and hang out with. SAd isnt it? Now ive got a big problem.... Can;t think of anything else to do on weekends from now on besides from DOTA. Movie, dota...... thats all... Someone help me?

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