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Happy Birthday To you, You Were Born In A Zoo...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Birthdays.... Whats the big deal about it? All my life, my family never really made a big fuss about it. When i was little i enjoyed it a bit, cause' thats when my parents would buy my lots of toys or money. But these past few years, its nothing. It just means you're a year older.

A couple of weeks to go, and ill be 18!1 the big 1 8. By then, it'll be legal to do lots more stuff than you can now( well legally tat is). I knew all this while , that my birthday is coming. You know, how can u not know..? but a friend of mine, last week, reminded me of it,and she said that ill be 18, and how fun it would be to be 18. Just then it occured to me, eighteen... REAlly cant believe it had been that fast u know. Just a few years ago i was only 15, sitting for Pmr, or just last year, studyin for SPm. Now ill be 18, and it'll be a lousy birthday as well, no one to celebrate with. EVeryone's gone.

It's kind of freaky... wouldn't u agree? I dont know why, but it is! It's like now you're and adult, you'll have to be independant, you're no longer a teenager. Maybe you've always been independant since before or smth, but just the status of being and adult, tells you that u can never go back, im afraid ill grow old like this. With nothing to do.

I have no idea what else to say, this past few days has been quite dreadful, and now i cant express anything on my blog. I thought it'll be easy for this, ive given some thought bout this. I'm really running out of inspiration. It wont be for long before i stop blogging. Cant't find anything original to do

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