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Idup Ah Chai

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I remember reading Kenny Sia's blog not too long ago on ahbeng and hokkien blogs and how terrible their english are or how amazingly they are able to write in hokkien. I believe u can find blogs in various languages, but i bet you will never see a blog in Sarawakian BM.

Hari tok cuti merdeka. Mok bangun lambat tapi sik dapat, mok pergi umah darren pergo jam. Ada perfomance sabtu tok jadi, practice lah nak? Pas' jamming, kamek ngan Darren pergi sekolah main bol. Hari tok dah lah panas, kamek lupak mbak air. Aduh, bloeh mati ko tauk sik?.
Pas' main bol kamek balit rumah. Kemak na.. lelah kedak apa pas main bol! Kamek mandi pas ya tidur. Pas tidur baru la lega nak? Tapi... kamek boring la.. sik da apa mok molah kat rumah. Bab ya lah kamek kinek tok main online.. Chatting la apa gik nak? Bodoh na.. Dahlah bodoh bodoh GIK!
Owh.. kamek tadik baca Stanly pun blog. Kamek terbaca pasal Ah chai. Ko tauk sik siapa ya? Nya 'best friend'' kamek semua dolok dolok. Kesiannya kamek madah.. STanley tikam nya dari tingkat 2 sekolah kamek. Kimak.. nya sik sakit. Nya diam ajak ko tok sik? AAh.. kesian kesian.. tapi sik apa.. nya kinek tok dah gi tempat best gik. Nya apa? kedak ong puteh madah.. '' rest in pieces''? eh!? 'kan'kan.. ''rest in peace''. aah.. nya dah mati.. mbiak kecik Rc buang Ahchai pas' Bilit klinik tukar tahun lepas.

People I Know

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I logged off a tad bit earlier last night just to make time for chemistry. Have a test on thursday and i have not even started yet. I'm always sleepy during the day so i thought might as well study at night since im always sleeping at 4 am this week. Instead of studying, i ended up writing/composing this: ( i have most of the stuff done)

hit the lights
its too bright
right in the hallway

deceives me
the past seems so surreal

songs are always about
lifes we made up
and how it always ends
with a happy ending

im sure for one thing
what feelings it brings
passing the letter
things will get better
there'll will be no other but they

this is a song forthe poeple i know
i have something to say before they go
this is just a tribute to the people i've seen bofore
i promise you i will never forget.
the people i've met

things are
always overrated
it just seems like
life's not fair

remember the time
when we sat outside the gate
listening to
silhouette serenade

im sure for one thing
wad feelings it brings
passing the letter
things will get better
the'll will be no other but they

this is a song for the people i know
i have something to say before they go
this is just a tribute to the people i've seen bofore
i promise you i will never forget.
the people i've met

here i go again
erasing the pain
drowning in the sound of the rain
it's all the same

* P.S : IAN! you ower me another ..

Memories Deceives Me

Friday, August 26, 2005

I closed my post window twice already, keep forgetting i have my post still in progress. Nevermind, i'll try to salvage what i got going on.

I was able to chat with Champton today. It's been a long time since we chat. Usually when he's online, he'll be playing dota, cause frankly, msn is so boring these days. Besides that, he got no connection in his area, something wrong with the wireless (he said). To tell you the truth, it's hard to think of stuff to write in my blog when there;s no inspiration, when i don't do anything, so because of that particualr reason, i asked Champton about what i should write for my blog today. I only asked because he bragged bout updating his blog. He told me about this idea, he wanted me to list down events or memories that has a significant place in our heart/mind/brains/wadchagonnacallit. Then he'll continue down the list in his blog, and perhaps, if its REAL good.. other friends will do it too.. and call it '' Our Own lil' Project'' .. heehee.. ( feel just like a nine year old). It takes time to list it down so here it goes. They are not in any particular order Ah. :
  • First day i got my motorbike licence, Roger and I traverse across the city, but to me more exact (heheheh) we looked for Gloria's And Jacintha's house. We did found it, and we found AGapeLand too.... Met up with Champton and Yew Inn later that day, and he insisted on me showing them the houses as well. STALKERS!
  • The day i got my licence was 2 days before CNY. So probably might ahve guessed, i rode my bike during CNY. It was great i tell you, visited poeple's house non-stop. Owh.. that was also when Norman thanked us for bringing him to Line's house. Hmm.... U R WELCOMED!
  • Going to library has got to be the most time-killing activity that i've ever ''participated'. That is where i had a chance to meet Daniel and James; 2 korean sibling, who, in my opinion, gotta be the MOST annoying lil' children in the world. They wouldn't stop bothering us, no matter how many tiems we told them to buzz off. One of them broke Champ's earphones. He bit the wire off or something like that. And worst of all, despite all their annoying behaviour, i couldn't help pitying them, after hearing the kid telling me that his aunty beat them with a cane for being naughty( no surprise there). The big brother always gets the blame... ( he showed me the bruise).
  • On one Saturday, Champton and i, Gloria and her little sister was in the library, so the girls wanted to show us a trick. I found out what they were doing while they were still showing us the trick, and it ended up only fooling Champton. AHaha... how pathethic is tat???? LOSER!
  • You know the phrase '' nature's call'' ?? Well one day i was in the library, i wanted to show nature was calling, literally, so what i did was renaming Champton to Nature. He called my phone and guess wad!??!?!?? NATURE Called me!! HE changed my name in his phone too after that, and now in our phone we're called Nature.
  • Just today someone asked me about my name, about why poeple call me by my surname; James. You can blame Ian for that, in form 1 he deliberately started calling me James for no reason at all. To think about it, he was kinda nasty before. He liked to give away my home number to girls before. I gues he ''matured'' now. It's been a long time since i;ve gotten a hang-up.
  • I think it was in either form 5 or form 4, Jolynn (there! i said your name!) wanted Stanley to send a snailmail. Dum dum....He did send the mail!

I've Come To A Realization

Saturday, August 20, 2005

What i want for my birthday? Cant think of any material things that i really need. Well, i might be buying a new wallet. But what i really want, is something new. Something to ''spice'' up my life you might say? I thought, that life after spm would be great. Enjoyment would not be limited only to be had on weekends. Weekdays! YEA.. go hang out on weekdays. Such freedom, you don;t get very often do you? All those priviliges died out in a matter of months. Pretty soon everything seemed like routine. One things i'm grateful, though a lot of ppl might think its not a good thing to happen, well, i'd like to thank the person who introduce DOTa. YES DOTA. I SAID IT AGAin. Without it, weekends would be emptier. Weekdends would only be movies.

Today's blog, i've decided to be on things i've realised in the past 8 months of life without school. Want to try something differrent on my blog. For starters, lets talk about my blog(maybe everyone's). Most of my honest posts gives readers the impression that im depressed, and when those readers know me personally, they'd be surprised! I admit it, its true, i sort of live a double life. But think about it, if all of my posts are expressed verbally to ppl i know, how would that sound? FReeky. They will say im a wuss!

What else? MSN. MSN seems SO SO SO quiet these days. No one ever goes online. Whats the matter?!?!?!?!? If i;m online, why cant you?!? AHAh... when i say no one comes online, that includes all the people who aren't off studyin somewhere else, such as form fours,form fives. Are the poeple borned in the year 87' the hippest trend Everrr.??

When i say kuching sucks, or boring, my friends who arent here always say "" Kuching is not boring'', '' I miss kuching'', ''i want to go back so bad''. Yes yes i hear ya, but ive been here all my life, and this past few months has been quite lonely, when everyoen wants to come back, why am i the one who wants to leave? I want to leave Kuching so that i can be one of those poeple who misses kuching and wants to come backto eat local food that everyone craves for.

Life's aint fair. That sentences says it all

Everything is overrated. I think things tend to be over rated. Everyone thinks that if you have something oh so rarely, it gotta be great or just plain ol' good wholesome fun-lovingly kick ass worthy enjoyment. Its not.

People think im Depressed. Im not (entirely). Im just bored.

Dota. Dota, however wasteful, bad, how distracting it is, but i still like it. It kills 4 hours a week of my life.

When im with my friends, we only talk bout dota strategies.

I don't talk bout dota very often, only i tend to mention it when friends who don't like it are around (girls), cause it annoys them. Remotely, maybe sub-consciously, i enjoy it.

Things never turn out as you wished it would have been. Go figure, just added it cause i'm runnign out of things to write.

End. When u say end, it doesnt actually end, it just means there's a short pause( you might say) before you start all over again.

* As the great Band Semisonic once said '' every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end...''

Defence Of The Ancients

Friday, August 19, 2005

Give me a Dee! Give me an OH! Give me a Tee! And Give me an Eh! What does it spell!??! Yes YEs Kids! DOTA!.. Dota Dota Dota.. That's all i can think of. That's all that i do.

Happy Birthday To you, You Were Born In A Zoo...

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Birthdays.... Whats the big deal about it? All my life, my family never really made a big fuss about it. When i was little i enjoyed it a bit, cause' thats when my parents would buy my lots of toys or money. But these past few years, its nothing. It just means you're a year older.

A couple of weeks to go, and ill be 18!1 the big 1 8. By then, it'll be legal to do lots more stuff than you can now( well legally tat is). I knew all this while , that my birthday is coming. You know, how can u not know..? but a friend of mine, last week, reminded me of it,and she said that ill be 18, and how fun it would be to be 18. Just then it occured to me, eighteen... REAlly cant believe it had been that fast u know. Just a few years ago i was only 15, sitting for Pmr, or just last year, studyin for SPm. Now ill be 18, and it'll be a lousy birthday as well, no one to celebrate with. EVeryone's gone.

It's kind of freaky... wouldn't u agree? I dont know why, but it is! It's like now you're and adult, you'll have to be independant, you're no longer a teenager. Maybe you've always been independant since before or smth, but just the status of being and adult, tells you that u can never go back, im afraid ill grow old like this. With nothing to do.

I have no idea what else to say, this past few days has been quite dreadful, and now i cant express anything on my blog. I thought it'll be easy for this, ive given some thought bout this. I'm really running out of inspiration. It wont be for long before i stop blogging. Cant't find anything original to do

Heavy In The Heart

Thursday, August 11, 2005

It's been a while since i last updated my blog... i really nothing good to say about, in fact i can only think up of sad and depressing things. Now, i dun want my ''audience'' to be sad or anything right? Ah Hell! who cares. I' ll just write what i feel like writing about.

Had a pretty fine weekend. Spent a night at Theo's house cos he needed transport to the airport, owh yeah, since he was leaving on sunday and all. Sent ian and theo last sunday. I remember a couple years back when Nick left for Aussie. I asked A friend of mine whether he cried. I teased him actually, for crying. Haha.. Now, i wish i could take it back. Seriously. It din hit me instantly. When they entered the hall, i felt pretty fine. Once i was in the car getting ready to go home... i suddenly felt this void inside of me(jiwang yes i know). It's like death in some way, all those good old fun times i spent with them sort of flash before me.

I don't know how many of you guys know this, but i've known ian since like wad? primary one.. and theo was my good friend since primary four. I remember back in primary four theo taught me how to ''cry''. He said you're suppose to yawn, and then tears will come out. Too bad i cant do it anymore. Ahhaa.. i dun think ian would remember this, but in primary three, ian edawrd and i made up this '' club''. Ed made each of us an ''ID'' card with our own nickname. Mine was ''Vine'', though come to think of it, its REALLY dumb. Aah.. the memories. It'll sound cheesy or a lil' cliche, but no one can descrive the fun we've had.

I said this in my previous post i think, something bout being relieved that we've managed to record ONE song as a tribute to Our band.. I lied, since we finished that song, i cant stop thinking of new ideas, riffs for more new songs. Im not saying im good at it, just that its fun to try u know? I enjoy making stuff with my own ''hands'' so to speak. Hopefully can get more done when ian comes back in 2 months. Man, 2 months thats so long.

It's official now, Friday's off is DEAD. No more vocalist. Like they say, a band's most important member is the vocalist. Owh yea.. fergot to mention it, we jammed for the last time last week too! Brought me back to the time we performed in form 4. Thats was GREAT. Missed it so much, really really love performing. I hope in the future i can reunite the band or smth. I think.. if i ever leave this rotten place, and when i meet new friends, i'd form a new band. Music, how can u live without it??

Moving on, let me count how many friends i got left, jsut for kicks! 1..... err ....errr.....2....err...
YEaps. Thats about rite. EVeryone's gone.~ Only got like less than 10 good friends left. ANd from all of that, like 3 of them i go out and hang out with. SAd isnt it? Now ive got a big problem.... Can;t think of anything else to do on weekends from now on besides from DOTA. Movie, dota...... thats all... Someone help me?

Life As It Is

Friday, August 05, 2005

Have nothing much to say for today, so i guess i'll just paste up the lyrics for the song ian and i did last week

isnt it funny
how a 15 minute silent movie
can make you stop and start to wonder
all your past and your future
the spaces and time between
or how this journey's never ending

isnt it funny
what's honest can sound so fake
or something you could give or take
but we take it as it is

3 more weeks and things will change
all the changes they never end
do you remember the time we drove all night
it was the best day of my life

nothing lasts forever
all the time we spent together
i'll never forget this moment
a friday i'll forever remember

what if
the world doesnt revolve around you
or there's nothing left to do
just sit out under the summer's night sky
without stopping to wonder why
there's no time for us to lose

3 more weeks and things will change
all the changes they never end
do you remember the time we drove all night
it was the best day of my life
and everything feft so right

windows down radio's on
singing along to the song
sucking up the cool night's
enjoying how wonderful life's been

It's Something Unpredictable

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wow-Wee, the days leading up to my birthday is getting better and better! The closer it gets to theend of August, the more lively im becoming. Why u ask me? AAh.. well, lets see.. i've just found out i din get my scholarship, then this week two of my best friend's are leaving. So that leaves like less than 5 good friends to hang out with. What else? Hmmm, i've never been so lost in school. Have not a slightest clue what teacher's teaching. Seriously, there were moments in class where i wanted to just punch or break something.

Ah crap. Only thing good is that i just finished recording our song at ian;s house yesterday. The song to me is fine, but the quality ain't that great anyway, u wont find it like the kinds u get from cd's or anything, but im contented with it. Gene, Darren, u better watch out! Friday's Off Going Mainstream!! muahahah (rite...i wish). hope friday's jammign session would go all nice and smooth.

Have not jammed for such a long time now. I think i'm a little rusty. I'm thinking of anything fun to talk bout. Hmm.. there's just isnt enough going around. I just wish Ian and theo good luck i guess.. and God Bless! ( a lil too cliche ?). Thats all for today, i'll write more stuff when i have something interesting.