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This Doesn't Mean I'm Back.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I was googling my name, trying to gauge how popular i am around the interwebs and google spat out my old blog link in the results page. It's been such a long time since i've last been here, in fact i think nobody actually used blogspot anymore since the arrival of twitter and facebook and such. Microblogging is much easier they say.

Nobody's going to read this anyway, maybe just some random people or people who googled my name?

5 minutes later and im already out of words. I no longer see the point of posting my thought on the internet anymore now. What the use? i prefer telling it to someone face to face. :)

I Feel

Saturday, November 07, 2009

I feel hungry at this very moment, despite the fact that i've taken lunch, evening snack, supper and a cup of milo. I figured milo would make the hunger go away but instead it made me even more hungry now.

Im feeling sleepy too. Slept early last night woke up late this morning and had an additional 2 hours of sleep after lunch and yet, im already half asleep right now.

What's going on in the world today!?!?

Christmas is in a month's time. I'll be back for three weeks hopefully everything will go well. No plans yet but im pretty sure there'll be loads of activities since many of them are back. Damai, bbq, fishing and so forth. Yay!

So far i dare say that this year has been amazing. Amazing would be an understatement. Awesome more like it. Never had a year that went past as fast as this. Time flies when you're having fun. That's what they always say.

I've had too much fun. Way too much.

Now im not so looking forward for next year in particular. I am looking forward for the future in general but not so much the first half of next year. She'll be in Kuching.

Im closing in onto the end of my training and things are just simply getting scarier and scarier by the day. There's just so many things to learn that at times, i wonder how is it even possible to know so much. I not only need to know about aircraft, i have to know things like Air legislation, and company procedure. That i hate. Company procedures. Who's who and what's what and how you get things done in MAS. Not really my cup of tea. It's gotta be done though.

Clock's reading 11.27 now. I should be studying now. There's so many things we should be doing. I want to do other things not studying. Oh no.

Pictures! maybe i shud put more pictures in my blog!? i've always wanted to to those photoblogs things but never had a camera with me. Now i have a camera phone but im still lazy. Maybe next year? once im done with my exams and shit.

Photoblog... now that's a fine idea..

All I Wanted

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I feel like blogging but got nothing significant to blog about. Oh maybe there's this one big exam im sitting next month. Yea it's like Spm, only so much more tougher.

Need to study everything that i've studied in the past 3 years now.

Because of that i feel time is running out, for the exam... and also for other things.


What's gonna happen next?


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I realised that everyone wishes many things. I do that too. I wish i was good at many things, things im no good at, like writing. I wish i was good at writing, but i never was. I guess it has something to do with how i look at things or how i see things in my head so thanks to that i've never been good at writing.

I envy those who can write, those who are able to express things through simple selection of words. I'd write and think it's good but once i read it over, it just feels Bleh. Sigh.

There are many other things i wished i was good at. But im not. So i think in life we're better off being good at what you're already good at instead of wondering and wishing on things that'll never happen.

So who's with me?

Time for me to sleep!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

There's a sudden urge in me to revive this old blog of mine, but it's been far too long that i've practically forgotten how to exactly blog properly ( not that i've blogged any good before).

This year's Eid has been pretty good, been to a few open houses, which is definitely more than previous years. Had good food especially. Love them!

Now i just can't wait for Christmas

Cause' I Had A Bad Day

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Does two mishaps constitutes as a bad day?

I don't know.. but it really does feel like so.

So How Long Has It Been?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oh wow i just realized i haven't blogged some quite some time now due to unforeseen circumstances.. i.e.. lazy and busy with other things.

So what have i been up to lately huh? A lot of things i'd say. Living life... and oh yea.. Was at Singapore about a month ago! Surprise! I bet none of you ever visit here anymore and boy oh boy i'd like to see the look on your faces to finally see an update... after 6 months!

This post to proof that im still alive to all you stalkers out there.